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Presentation to Jump Start Your EFT practice group. Dec 6 2011

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  • Good afternoon ladies. My name is Michelle Castillo. And the topic I am going to speak about today is Secrets of a Successful Online Marketing PlanNow, I could speak about the topic for 30 hrs but all I have is 30 minutes so I will focus on one layer of internet marketing, which online marketing research which I believe is fundamental to everything else you do online.The reason I have picked this topic is that I run into many business owners who have a web site that was created without any market research. I will show you a technique of doing market research on a shoestring budget that will provide you with immediate results, even if you already have a website.
  • So what is your online market?People who search the internet for your product or service.People who get to your site through a link pointing from another website to you site ( Could be listing site, facebook, yellow pages a discussion forum you belong too etc )Direct traffic – People who found your site through a referral, your business card or have been here before and book marked your site
  • Jump start-your-eft-dec 06 2011

    1. 1. Online market – what is it? Search Bounce Engines Desired Referring Your Website action Sites Look Around Direct and leave Traffic
    2. 2. What is keyword research? Based on statistics that is gathered by Google Tells you what people are interested in, and in what relative numbers. Better yet, it reveals the actual language people are using when they think about those topics, which provides you with insight on how to converse with them.
    3. 3. Why do keyword research?By knowing what people search for you are able to: Create content that answers your market expectations Optimize your web pages so that they are found when a potential client searches the web for the services you offer Create efficient paid search campaigns
    4. 4. Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Tool
    5. 5. Keyword Research with Google Keyword Tool eft tapping for weight loss - 260 eft for weight loss -1900 eft healing - 880 eft manual free download - 320 eft en español - 1600
    6. 6. How to start Make a list of every possible search term that people might use when searching for whatever you’re selling. Avoid stand-alone words that are too general, such as “travel”. Put yourself in your Customer’s Shoes, ask yourself: What problem does my product or service solve for my typical customer? Check out Your Competition Use Google Keyword Tool to find out search volumes, keywords ideas and competition Pick the top 10~20 keywords
    7. 7. A word about Search Engine OptimizationSearch engines have a selfish interest in providing thebest search results possibleYour job is to make YOUR Web pages the mostrelevant pages available for your business relatedkeywords.External links help Google validate the quality andrelevancy of your website .
    8. 8. Keywords & Content Good Content Repeat Better Visits SEO Keywords More More Links Traffic
    9. 9. Content is king: Write better copy Creating fresh, engaging content helps build a loyal following and attract links. Good content creates natural links Good content bring repeat visits Good content likely to cover long tail keywords that your market is looking for The secret for writing great website copy is simple: use keyword, the words people use when they search, within your website copy
    10. 10. Google Webmaster Tools
    11. 11. Google Analytics – Visitors Stats
    12. 12. Google Analytics – Traffic Sources
    13. 13. Google Analytics - Keywords
    14. 14. About your domain name The domain name of your website can have a significant impact on the results you achieve. Good keywords in the domain name can assist in ranking higher in the search engine. Ideally you would want to have the exact match keyword in your domain name.Examples EftForWeightLoss.com EftForWeightLoss.ca EftPractitioner.com EftPractitionerVancouver.com
    15. 15. About Websites I highly recommend WordPress  SEO Friendly by design  Our clients love WordPress because it allows them to freely edit all of their site content, images, documents, videos, navigation and more without being a web developer or having a technical knowledge  Easy integration with social media  Easy to expand as you grow
    16. 16. Resources Google Webmaster Tools: www.google.com/webmasters/tools Google Keyword tool adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Key word research guide by Wordtrackerhttp://www.wordtracker.com/academy/keyword- research-guide
    17. 17. Special offer – Website setup Gold Package Keyword Research  Bonus Help you pick and register a domain name Help you plan the content of your site Guide you through registering your domain Walk you through web hosting set up• Setup email account (you@yoursite.com) Install a premium template of your choice Basic customization theme header & colors Create a Favicon for your site Setup the basic search engine optimization features and instruct you how to use them 45 minutes WordPress orientation session Setup and integrate Google Analytics Account Setup Google Webmaster account Free email support for four weeks Social media integration features
    18. 18. Price and scheduleRegular prices is $895 (+taxes for Canadians)Bonuses:  Keyword Research  One year free hosting value - $66Payment options: 3 instalments of $300 each or 5 instalments of $185 eachNot included: Domain name ($13 / year) , Hosting : $5~6 a month, copySchedule: Work will start within 3 business day after first payment. Your website will be up within 3 weeks.
    19. 19. Connect With Me:Email: Michelle@CastilloMediaGroup.comLinkedInTwitterFacebook ( Feel Free to Like us  )Website: WordPressInsider.org