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How To Make Google Love Your WordPress Site - Kate Toon


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We know that WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly CMS platforms out there.
So why do so many website developers build websites that make Google cry?
And why do business owners think that applying SEO to a WordPress site is as simple as installing the Yoast plugin?

In this presentation, I'll tell you the tips, techniques and tactics that I use to help make sites 100% Google lovable, including:

The impact of hosting and domain choice
Integral set up steps that boost SEO friendliness
My top 10 Plugins to improve SEO
Easy peasy content formatting
What to consider when offering on going SEO packages

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How To Make Google Love Your WordPress Site - Kate Toon

  1. 1. @recipeforseo The recipe for SEO SUCCESS How To Make Google @recipeforseo Love Your WordPress Site
  2. 2. @recipeforseo Who am I ?
  3. 3. @recipeforseo
  4. 4. @recipeforseo
  5. 5. @recipeforseo Let me sum up WordPress SEO in one slide…
  6. 6. @recipeforseo Install Yoast!
  7. 7. @recipeforseo Search Engine Optimisation is the process of influencing natural search results so that your website pages rank well for your chosen keywords What is SEO?
  8. 8. @recipeforseo 5 Important factors Speed Responsiveness Blocks Security Content
  9. 9. @recipeforseo Choosing a good host Location Speed Uptime
  10. 10. @recipeforseo Choosing a good domain AA MM RReputable VAILABLE EMORABLE
  11. 11. @recipeforseo The six essential SEO steps
  12. 12. @recipeforseo Step 1: Check privacy settings
  13. 13. @recipeforseo Step 2: Optimise Permalinks
  14. 14. @recipeforseo Step 3: Set up Google Search Console
  15. 15. @recipeforseo Step 4: Install Yoast All in One SEO Pack
  16. 16. @recipeforseo Step 5: Configure your SEO plugin
  17. 17. @recipeforseo Step 6: Set www or no www
  18. 18. @recipeforseo Step 7: Choose an SEO friendly theme
  19. 19. @recipeforseo My top 10 plugins for SEO
  20. 20. @recipeforseo Great SEO content production isn’t about finding the perfect keyword, it’s about focus!
  21. 21. @recipeforseo Title tags
  22. 22. @recipeforseo Meta description
  23. 23. @recipeforseo Write for humans first and Google second
  24. 24. @recipeforseo Images
  25. 25. @recipeforseo Offering SEO packages No charge Minimial charge Ongoing charge Outsource
  26. 26. @recipeforseo AAQQ&&
  27. 27. @recipeforseo The next steps
  28. 28. @recipeforseo The next steps
  29. 29. @recipeforseo @katetoon / @recipeforseo About me
  30. 30. @recipeforseo Thank you