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Honey - You're Not Even Responsive - Sharon France

How I learned to stop worrying and love WordPress: a beginner's tale

Three years ago I decided to wrest back control of my website and what better way to do that than to build a WordPress site?

So I did that, with a little help from a coding friend, and there it has sat, like a lump ever since: not updated, not doing anything, definitely not responsive (does it need a shot of adrenaline?) and definitely my own personal testament to fear of both web design and the internet's unceasing affair with change (shudder).

But today that changes. Today I commit to resuscitating my website and on the way I shall do my best to chronicle the journey: the good, the bad and the ugly… hopefully there is not so much ugly!

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Honey - You're Not Even Responsive - Sharon France

  1. 1. WordPress WordCamp Sydney Saturday 24 September 12:35pm session (beginners) Presenter: Sharon France
  2. 2. ‘Honey, you’re not even responsive!’ ❤ ❤❤ ❤ … or how I learned to stop worrying and love …
  3. 3. 2013 Cascade a personal vCard WordPress theme from envatomarket NOT RESPONSIVE AND SELDOM UPDATED
  4. 4. some hints and tips … so this is the story of how I finally overcame my fears of web design^ where I started the steps I took the theme I befriended
  5. 5. where I think I sit in the WordPress community … people who blog developer s designer s ❤ word and imagry wizards form and function gurus people who, well, design: sometimes in this space scary people with all the mad skilz speak fluent html, css and all the other tlas literally plugg-ed in experts probably not frightened of spiders people with amazing stories to tell rugged individuals working on their own ideas mostly using probably own casual and formal pajamas
  6. 6. setting the scene ➀overwhelming need to update my company’s website ➁no funds to pay someone else ➂25+years in publication design ➃unrealistic, self-imposed timeframe (by 1 August) ➄own and use Adobe CS: Photoshop Illustrator ➅happy with my existing strong brand ➆perceived lack of control in the web enrironment ➇faced with the Rumsfeld conundrum
  7. 7. the first steps I took ➀went to WP WC Sunshine Coast May 2016 ➁finally went to the WordPress Meetups ➂watched online WordPress vids and pored over many themes ➃lost 8 weeks to a ‘stuck’ and the Federal election ➄set-up local hosting using MAMP ➅story-boarded the site ➆flirted with a couple of themes but then found THE ONE! ➇prepared all my image collateral
  8. 8. from design to launch (+) ➀build the front‑end overnight and the whole site (locally) in 5 days! ➁discover my web host (of 12 yrs) does not support WP updates ➂my trial MAMP expires the same day my Optus service dies ➃set up new hosting with Oz-based Crucial (uber helpful) ➄I get help to ‘migrate’ my site: it takes more than 5 hours ➅discover that all my image assets are HUGE and the wrong format ➆painstakingly replace all images ➇install essential plug-ins for security, back-ups + child theme
  9. 9. the theme I befriended: divi
  10. 10. drag and drop page builder
  11. 11. myriad layout options
  12. 12. heaps of great modules
  13. 13. great support (everywhere) affordable pricing pre-made layouts savable templates
  14. 14. great support (everywhere) affordable pricing pre-made layouts savable templates … yep, I’m in love ❤ ❤❤ ❤
  15. 15. 2016 DIVI ‘powerful, flexible, beautiful’ from elegant themes
  16. 16. 2016 DIVI ‘powerful, flexible, beautiful’
  17. 17. 2016 DIVI ‘powerful, flexible, beautiful’
  18. 18. 2016 DIVI ‘powerful, flexible, beautiful’
  19. 19. 2016 DIVI ‘powerful, flexible, beautiful’ … responsive!
  20. 20. 2016 DIVI ‘powerful, flexible, beautiful’ … great for my portfolio
  21. 21. some specs on my site one home page with five sliders, five menus & seven pages 33 projects in the portfolio— listed under six categories approx 224 image assets added: .png for line art .jpeg for ‘photos’ images derived from the public domain, Librestock and sampled PDFs fonts used: Raleway Light & Trebuchet plugins: WordFence WP backup to Dropbox 1-click child theme (Google analytics) costs incurred: MAMP: $80 themes: $360 consulting: $120 (hosting: $199 dropbox: $139) for someone else to build this site? $3000+ what I learned? PRICELESS
  22. 22. some hints and tips ➀join your local WordPress Meetup group ➁look before you leap— assumptions can be costly ➂find web pages and designs you love and make a ‘scrapbook’ ➃don’t quit— someone will know the answer to your questions ➄be legit! there is no reason to steal words or images ➅be organised: develop a naming system and leave breadcrumbs ➆don’t build a huge site locally ➇fonts have a personality: choose wisely
  23. 23. a few resources IMAGES/ICONS unslpash pexels librestock flickr nounproject ONLINE TUTES (Morten Rand- Hendriksen is a hoot) HELP isVAST (more geared towards bloggers?) Slack Channel DIVI divi theme documentation FaceBook groups DESIGN Robin Williams Non-Designers Design Book Peachpit Press FONTS KEEP CURRENT smashing CODEX codex.
  24. 24. I blogged :)
  25. 25. • thank you … questions …