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Worcestershire.Business.Central Brochure

  1. 1. All your business needs. All in one place. www.business-central.co.uk 0300 123 14 40 info@business-central.co.uk
  2. 2. What is Key services from Worcestershire.Business.Central? Worcestershire.Business.CentralIn response to feedback from businesses, partners came together to offer a single pointof access for all your business needs, whether it is funding, inward investment, start-up Online finance finder Finditinworcestershire An easy-to-use online funding finder will help you quickly Find more customers, local contracts and local suppliers.help, support for a growing business, business property or training. explore the range of finance on offer – complete with The initiative works to match buyers and suppliers via a a summary of eligibility criteria and the application free-to-use website, email alerts for contract opportunitiesWe listened and Worcestershire.Business.Central is the result: procedures. and free monthly networking meetings. All your business needs. All in one place. Loan Fund Worcestershire Property Search Finance is available to entrepreneurs who can show that Help finding commercial land and property. Worcestershire. they have a viable business plan but cannot secure all the Business.Central works with commercial agents to hold a finance they need from mainstream sources – loans from comprehensive database of available premises and land. Benefits of Worcestershire Who is involved? £5,000 to £50,000. Business Central (WBC) Enterprising Worcestershire Partners in the initiative include: Grants Support to encourage business start-ups and help small All the information needed to start or grow Worcestershire County and A range of grants are available – supporting businesses to and medium sized businesses to grow and thrive. Whether start and grow, or for particular initiatives such as investing you need pre start, start-up, post start or growth assistance a business, all in one place. District Councils in energy efficient processes. - advice, workshops and online help are available. Business response desk: Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership Events calendar Inward investment service One point of contact for all Details of business support and networking events for WBC advisors support inward investors and developers to business enquiries. Herefordshire and Worcestershire businesses in Worcestershire. find a suitable site and link with planning and highways authorities, land agents, key local companies and sources Chamber of Commerce Directory One route to access the services, of support. Employment sites awaiting development can be programmes, funding and initiatives Herefordshire, Worcestershire A free-to-use business directory for Worcestershire based viewed through an interactive web-based map. businesses to expose you to a new customer base. from Worcestershire’s County and and Shropshire Training Providers Sources of support: District Councils and other partners. Association Advisors can connect you to relevant services and support programmes available from our partners and others. National Apprenticeship Service JobcentrePlus www.business-central.co.uk 0300 123 14 40
  3. 3. Starting a business Expanding your businessYou can find everything you need to know and a range of What support is available from Worcestershire.Business.Central?support via Worcestershire.Business.Central: Business growth support New marketsAdvice on getting started Promoting your business Through the Enterprising Worcestershire programme Could export be an option? Worcestershire.Business. you can access advice and a consultancy service to Central connects businesses with organisations that Information to guide you through the process of Worcestershire.Business.Central website includes a The help you refine and implement growth plans. can help you explore new markets and take the first starting a business - what steps to take and in what wealth of information and services to help you market steps into exporting. order. your business. Finance Explore options for diversification or taking Links to useful organisations – including those on a franchise. a listing in the free business directory, information Get Business growth grants. specifically supporting young people and mature entrepreneurs. about attending an event or networking meeting, Online finance finder. learn about becoming a council supplier, join Locate new or bigger premises Finditinworcestershire to access contracts and localWorkshops and 1-2-1 support businesses – and more! Find new customers Worcestershire Property Search helps businesses to find new premises or land. Specialist advisors help you develop your business Links to networking groups and an events Advisors can link you to agents, planning plan and give your business idea the best chance Social enterprises calendar of meetings. authorities and explain the features of locations of success. Ideas for promoting your business. Access a guide to starting a social enterprise, around the county. information on funding schemes and support availableGrants locally and nationally. New products Enterprising Worcestershire programme includes The Links to finance and support for research a grant to help you take the first steps in starting a Franchising and innovation. business (eligibility criteria applies). Worcestershire.Business.Central website explains The Information on product testing services available in options for starting a business, including franchising – Worcestershire – and how to protect your ideas. what it is, the benefits and how to proceed. www.business-central.co.uk 0300 123 14 40
  4. 4. Recruitment and training Why Worcestershire?Are you ready to recruit? Events to help you recruit and train: Thinking of expanding here or moving to the county? web based checklist enables you to see The what you need to consider. Employer engagement conferences are held to: Raise awareness of the benefits of enhancing skills If you are considering Worcestershire Worcestershire is a great place to live, Explore different options for finding staff as a business destination information work and do business. and demonstrate options and solutions. – and decide what is best for you, for example apprentices, graduates or contractors. Bridge the gap between recruitment and training is available on: With quality schools, housing options, leisure and sporting providers who can help. Towns within the county – what facilities and facilities it is no surprise that most people who work in Worcestershire also choose to live in the county. IconicSupport to employ a graduate Explain support schemes and sources of industries you can find where brands, a history of innovation and a diverse mix of key Access higher level skills to improve your firm’s financial assistance. Local businesses – possible customers, suppliers or sectors offer a wealth of business opportunities. competitiveness and financial performance. competitors! Jobs FairsUnderstand apprenticeships Available commercial property and land Hundreds of local residents attend Jobs Fairs every Understand the process for finding, recruiting and year which connect local businesses with those Economic and demographic data training an apprentice. seeking a new job or career progression. Support available to recruit graduates and apprentices the online tool to calculate the return on Use investment if you employ an apprentice. Schools, local services and leisure activities, if you are considering relocating to the county. Advertise your vacancy with the National Apprenticeship Service. Worcestershire.Business.CentralTraining and skills support for yourworkforce All your business needs. All in one place. Worcestershire.Business.Central connects you with local colleges and training providers to help find Great connections Great quality of life the right solution to up-skill your workforce and management team. Great business Great names www.business-central.co.uk 0300 123 14 40
  5. 5. Interested in what you see? Have a look at the website foreven more information and help. www.business-central.co.uk 0300 123 14 40 info@business-central.co.uk