Ultisolar working station catalogue


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Ultisolar working station catalogue
Available at http://shop.ultisolar.com

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Ultisolar working station catalogue

  1. 1. 目录Contents 1 工作站系统装配图 System assembling of solar station 2 工作站单管路与双管路示意图 Overview of solar station, single pipeline and double pipelines 3~4 工作站部件介绍 Components description of solar station 5~6 工作站部件参数 Components technical data 7~10 工作站细节介绍 Characters of solar station 11~12 工作站参数功能对照表 Parameters and functions contrast        企 业 介 绍 Company introduction China Ultisolar New Energy Co.,LTD was established in 2003. We are a new technology Enterprise and we engage in producing and selling automation controls and other Single Chip Micyoco products. The Ultisolar intelligent Controller for Solar Hot Water Heaters is our premiere product, that we brought to market after extensive testing. Our solar controllers adopt single chip micyoco ( SMC) technology from Japanese NEC company. It is designed with PID comparison, integral calculus, differential calculus regulation principle, and with many real world imitating experiments to help optimize the controlling software. As a result our solar controllers work automatically and trouble free. With our solar controllers you can achieve full automation of your solar thermal systems. With great effort and support of our customers, we strive for perfection of our products. With increased quality , ratio of performance to price of our products is rised further. And due to our quality control and our professional service, We achieve more and more loyal customers , which provides us with strong support for further development and producing of newer higher quality solar controller. Ours engineers have strong technical, development and research abilities, which ensures that we are able to develop a new product that caters to the requirements of our customers in a shorter period of time. Also we can provide OEM products according to customers’ request. "Ultisolar"solar controller will give you a new expression of high automation and convenience for maintenance and operation, it will ensure you with a comfortable hot water supply.It will be a great honor, if our products can bring great benefits for your work and life.
  2. 2. 工作站系统装配图 该项系统 装配简单,安全性高 Assembling of solar system installing easily, high reliability 1 2 工作站单管路与双管路示意图 Overview of solar station, single pipeline and double pipelines 双 管 路 double pipelines 单 管 路 single pipelines
  3. 3. 3 4 工作站部件介绍 Components description of solar station 1. Front protection cover of solar station. 2. Operation panel of controller 3. Front insulation cover 4. Air saperator including manual release valve (not exist on solar station with one pipe) 5. Connection from collect,made thread G1/2,(not exist on solar station with one pipe) 6. Upper mounting hole 7. Connection to collector, male thread G1/2 8. Safety valve,6bar 9. Solar circulation pressure gauge, measure range 0-10bar 10. Connection to expansion tank,male thread G1/2 11. Flow temperature sensor, NTC10K,B=3950 Gravity valve ( flow direction) 12. Gravity valve ( flow direction) 13. Digital water flow meter 14. Solar circulation pump 15. Liquild filling connection 16. Connection box of controller 17. Bottom mounting hole 18. Connection from tank, male thread G1/2 19. Connection to tank, male thread G1/2 (not exist on solar station with one pipe) 20. Return pipe temperature sensor, NTC10K, B=3950(not exist on solar station with one pipe) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  4. 4. 5 6 工作站部件参数 Components technical data 工作站部件参数 Components technical data
  5. 5. 意大利原装进口QR安全阀,使用更放心 Italy manufactured QR safety valve, more reliability 大屏幕液晶显示屏控制面板 Big size LCD display and control button panel 微泡管路 Air-seperator 国家专利抽出式接线盒,安装更简便, 专利号:200920234916.8 National Patented draw out wire connection box, easy for installation, Patent Nr.: 200920234916.8 7 8 工作站细节介绍 Characters of solar station
  6. 6. 电子流量计,流量检测更精确 Digital water flow meter, flow controlling more accurated. EPP黑色保温保护盖,环保又阻燃 EPP black insulation protection, enviroment friendly and flame retarted 外壳采用汽车钣金喷涂工艺 Auto Spray technology used on cover surface. 德国威乐超静音循环水泵 Wilo pump, very low noise. 9 10 工作站细节介绍 Characters of solar station
  7. 7. 11 12 工作站参数功能对照表 Parameters and functions contrast