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Most Popular Skin-Hurting Habits

  1. Most Popular Skin-Hurting Habits Taking good care of your skin is merely common sense, but you can be doing things that are damaging your skin without you realizing it. WoodooSkin
  2. ABOUT WoodooSkin came into existence on 2nd October 2020 with a vision to create Magic for your skin. It has a simple ideology – Create skincare products that works like magic. Just like magic is fast, natural, powerful, Amusing, Certain and makes one Astonish. WOODOO SKINCARE does the same to your Skin. We want you to believe that Woodoo can heal your Skin. We want you to believe in Magic.
  3. USINGHOT WATER According to one study, repeatedly bathing in hot water can harm your skin’s protective layer. Hot showers harm the keratin cells in your skin’s outer layer. WoodooSkin
  4. DIRTYCELL PHONES You take your cell phone with you to the dirtiest locations, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Spending a lot of time on your phone exposes you to the bacteria and other debris that is present. WoodooSkin
  5. LACKOF SLEEP When you are sleeping, your body repairs and renews your skin at a specific moment. Your skin is rejuvenated and restored when you are sleeping deeply at night. WoodooSkin
  6. INTAKEOF SUGARYFOOD Consuming too many sugary foods and beverages hastens to age. This explains why some people appear to be older than they are simply because they consume a lot of sugary foods and beverages. WoodooSkin
  7. CONSUMING UNHEALTHYFOOD Your skin is a living organ, and in order for it to look good and perform at its best, it needs essential nutrients. WoodooSkin
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