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Woodbridge University is an accredited online institution offering degree, diploma and certificate programs. The brochure is an overview of the University’s unique features, educational philosophy, and student and career services amongst others.

For more details visit our website: http://www.woodbridgeuniversity.com

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Woodbridge University Brochure

  1. 1. woodbridgeU N I V E R S I T Y www.woodbridgeuniversity.com
  2. 2. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comWOODBRIDGE UNIVERSITY FEATURING the fee structure, grants and scholarships offered to the students at Woodbridge ! AN OVERVIEW into our simple admission procedure at Woodbridge . Apply now and start your journey towards academeic excellence HIGHLIGHTING AN INSIGHT everything you need to into our unique range know about of student and alumni Woodbridge , our services Programs, and our unique advantages
  3. 3. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Woodbridge University delivers education with the aim of nourishing and promoting the personalgrowth of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university stands strong on its educationalphilosophy - to provide affordable yet quality education to the students through their state of the art online education environment, excellent teaching techniques and 24/7 available academiccounseling. Woodbridge Universityexpects its students to fully understand the academic knowledge being taught to them during their association with the university and implement them tocomprehend, analyze and solve personal,professional, economic and social constraints. The students of Woodbridge are being taught only with the purpose of transforming their personalities into influential individuals that lead others in all aspects of life.
  4. 4. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com
  5. 5. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comTABLE OF CONTENT03. Welcome to WU 15. Tuition & Finance 23. Student and Alumni Services04. About Woodbridge University 16. Tuition and Fee Structure 24. Easy-to-use personalized student area05. Global Presence 17. Grants & Scholarship 24. Credit Transfer06. International Recognition 18. Fee Reducing Methods 24. Prior Learning Credits07. Faculty 19. Payment Options 25. Career Placement Services08. Affiliated Universities 25. 24/7 Consultancy09. Partner Employers 20. Become a Student at Woodbridge 26. Personalized alumni area10. Programs Offered 21. Application Procedure 26. Lifetime credentials verification service11. Schools & Majors Offered 22. Eligibility Criteria 26. Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs12. Student Consutlants 22. Woodbridge Advantages 27. Apostille and Embassy legalization Services13. Woodbridge Career Centre14. Woodbridge Alumni- Achieveing Great
  6. 6. Welcome to Woodbridge University Mission Woodbridge University believes in acknowledging the students with skills needed to overtake the challenges and become an exponential figure in all walks of life. This will be achieved by delivering quality, flexible and affordable education to those who seek it, thus benefiting the personal, economic and social aspects of individual lives globally.3
  7. 7. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comAbout Woodbridge UniversityConvenience, flexibility and affordability are some of the reasons that have attracted students from all over theworld to become a part of Woodbridge University. By attending classes on your preferred time and schedule, you will beearning an accredited online degree that will take you wherever you want to go. With Woodbridge s accredited programs,success lies a short distance ahead.Complete your Degree at Your Prepare for a Succesful FutureDesired Pace at Woodbridge UniversityWoodbridge University’s accredited online degree programs are offered to At Woodbridge , you are prepared for a promising future . Our graduatesthe students in a highly convenient and flexible manner, allowing them to currently hold top managerial positions at several renowned organizationscomplete their degree program according to their preferred pace and worldwide. They are considered an asset by their employers because ofschedule. With our efficient educational system, you can maintain a perfect their positive contributions to their organizations. Woodbridge s studentsbalance between work and study. To ensure that your academic journey at are taught by faculty, having more than fifteen to twenty years ofWoodbridge goes smoothly, you will be provided with complete support experience infrom our consultants and support department. their respective fields. In addition, the challenging curriculum helps the students stay up-to-date with the ongoing trends in the market and thus, when they enter the corporate world, they are easily able to achieve their professional goals. 4
  8. 8. Woodbridge Universityis present in: America Asia Africa Europe Middle East Australia Global Presence Woodbridge University is present simply everywhere and anywhere, allowing students to study from all corners of the world. Over the years, Woodbridge has created its presence in many regions of the world. As a result, no matter where you are, as long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can access your virtual classrooms and finish your graduation.
  9. 9. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comInternational Recognition ly R e c o g lWoodbridge University enjoys outstanding global recognition with scores of international students a n bgraduating and signing up for their desired degree, diploma and certificate programs every year. iz oPresently, 126,000 students from 200 countries are enrolled at Woodbridge Universityfor a variety of G l e ddegree and non-degree programs. Moreover, our faculty members also come from different parts ofthe world making Woodbridge ’s educational experience truly global.Every student who chooses to study at Woodbridge becomes a part of a tradition dedicated toexcellence and innovation that produces thousands of professionals in various fields every year. As anadded advantage, all Woodbridge students also benefit from the university’s strong links withinternational institutions, the business world and professionals. 6
  10. 10. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Our Faculty Will Be Your Source to Success! Woodbridge University has some of the worlds best stimulating and productive online sessions. They faculty members on its panel. These faculty members will be your perfect guide and will take you to your are working professionals who have extensive success, both in the classroom and in your career. knowledge of their respective fields. All of our faculty members are dedicated teachers with passion to instill the knowledge they have learned through their experience. Their excellent academic and professional background allows them to conduct I enjoy my time here as a faculty. I get to interact with students from all corners of the world through one platform. The idea that my knowledge is being delivered worldwide motivates me to perform better in each class. Dr. Anastasis Petrou Applied Arts7
  11. 11. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comAffiliate Universities &InstitutesWoodbridge University continuously strives to provide qualityeducation that is easily accessible to students around the world. Toachieve this goal, Woodbridge has developed strategicpartnerships and affiliations with well known universities andeducational providers worldwide. These institutes are now able tooffer quality online education to their students. This is highlybeneficial for working adults who find it difficult to attend campusbased universities. These individuals can now complete theireducation through the virtual classrooms of WoodbridgeUniversity.Woodbridge University’s high approval rating among partnereducational institutes worldwide is another sign of the confidenceand trust the global education industry has on the largest onlineuniversity in the world. 8
  12. 12. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Partner Employers Woodbridge has partnered with top employers from Our partnered employers also refer their employees around the world in order to facilitate the universitys to enroll at Woodbridge University. Their employees internship and career placement program. This has are eligible for our Employer Tuition Reimbursement helped students attain internships and lucrative jobs Program, their tuition fees are directly transferred to at reputed organizations. Employers prefer the by students respective employer. graduates of Woodbridge University because of their strong communication, analytical and leadership skills. Our graduates are successfully employed at managerial levels at many well-known national and multinational companies. I am glad my employer referred me to Woodbridge Universityfor the completion of master’s degree. With the universitys self-paced and flexible online educational system, I was able to maintain a perfect balance between work and studies and completed my program in less than one year! Harry Thomson Masters in Social Services9
  13. 13. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comWoodbridge University ProgramsWoodbridge University, an internationally accredited higher education institute, offers Degree,Diploma & Certificate programs in exclusive and renowned schools. Millions of students around theworld have benefited from our globally accredited recognized academics programs, designed to honetheir academic and professional skills. Our degree programs are designed by faculty members whocombine both academic and industry knowledge into courses that ensure quality and rigor.Our degree programs are the first choice of working adults across the globe for several appealingfactors such as ease and affordability, financial assistance, flexible duration and quality of education. Degree Certificate Programs Diploma Programs Programs Undergraduate Certificate Assiciate Degree Undergraduate Course Certificate Undergraduate Diploma Bachelors Degree Graduate Certificate Graduate Diploma Masters Degree Graduate Course Certificate Doctorate Degree 10
  14. 14. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Schools and Majors Offered Woodbridge University holds expertise in many diversified schools and programs. From Business & Management to Engineering to a degree in Computer Science or Mass Communication, the university around offers 1,100 programs in 16 schools of study. These schools have been designed and developed according to the modern trends and needs of the current and future economies. Such a diversified school profile of Woodbridge allows students to pursue their education in the field they desire. Whether you want to be a creative artist, a nurse or a lawyer, Woodbridge caters to all your academic need. Renowned Schools Exclusive Schools Business and Management Engineering Our 10 renowned schools offer Criminal Justice Occupational Safety and degree programs in all the Nursing Fire Sciences in-demand fields whereas our 6 Social Services Social Sciences exclusive schools offer degree Health Sciences Applied Arts programs in fields which no other Education Performing Arts online university offers. Law and Legal Studies Natural Sciences Political Science and Public Administration Psychology Computer Science11
  15. 15. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comRelentless Support ServicesWhen you set goals for your career and your education, we‘re here to help you achieve them. We provide a dedicatedteam of advisors to our students to support them from the day they enroll to the day they graduate.Enrollment Advisor Academic Advisor Career AdvisorYour enrollment advisor will walk you Your academic advisor will available for you A career advisor will be available for youthrough the entire admission process and throughout your association with if you decide to benefit from career services.answer all your questions about programs, Woodbridge . S/He will not only help you The advisor will help you enhance yourfees, financial assistance and everything you select your courses, but will also activate the employability by helping you draft yourneed to do before you begin your classes. online classrooms and schedule your classes resume, build your professional network,S/He will also give you relevant information as per you plans. S/He will be there to give you interview tips, improve your salaryabout transfer of educational and prior support you at every step of the way from negotiation skills and much more!learning credits. Together, you and your the day you enroll to the day you graduate. Additionally, he will also keep you updatedadvisor will create an educational plan Additionally, he will act as a financial about the job vacancies available in yourthat will help you earn your degree advisor, telling you everything you need to preferred region through job positing.according to your own terms. know about the financial options available to you, including scholarship, grants, fee payment options and other services. 12
  16. 16. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Woodbridge Career Centre Woodbridge University offers its students excellent career development services and improves their employability through a number of ways. We aim to provide not only an outstanding learning experience but also ensure that professional ambitions are met. We offer our students the following exclusive services, and are certain that they will help them succeed both academically and professionally. Job Placement Resume & Cover Career Counseling Services Letter Services Services Through a number of channels, Woodbridge A well written, professional resume and Choosing or evaluating career choices can University assists students to get a job that cover letter are your ticket to your dream be a daunting task. Being a student or meets their requirements and has ample job. They are your written representation in working adult, you might not be fully room for growth. Students are given regular the corporate world, and play a significant prepared to realize your ambitions and updates about employment opportunities role in making a good impression on aspirations and choose a career path that is present in their preffered regions through prospective employers. And with us, your perfect for you. online job portals, alumni network perfect resume, cover letter and dream job corportate employers and other resources. are just a click away. To help you in this regard, Woodbridge Additionally, we have on our panel a large offers career counseling services that will number of corporate employers who Woodbridge Universityoffers resume and equip you to fully utilize your potential and willingly hire Woodbridge graduates every cover letter writing services, without realize your ambitions. Additionally, you will now and then. charging any extra cost. We have industry also get downloadable guide that reveals experts who would draft a professional secrets to successful interviews. resume and a cover letter as per your requirements.13
  17. 17. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comWoodbridge Alumni- Achieveing Great ThingsOur alumni have achieved many inspiring milestones in their proffessional life. While some are successful professionals, hailingfrom prominent multinational corporations, others are entrepreneurs effectively managing their businesses and executivesworking at small and mid-sized companies around the world.Woodbridge Universityrigorous academic programs hone the proffessional skills ofthe students, helping them reach newer horizons. Our graduates use theknowledge they have learned during their years of association with Woodbridgeto move forward in their career and enjoy a greater standard of life. The field of hotel management requiresWe are proud that our alumni is not only satisfied with our quality of a deep understanding of differenteducation, but also find Woodbridge Universityprograms useful in their cultures and especially discipline- all ofproffessional careers. They refer Woodbridge Universityto others and also re-enroll which I strengthened through myto earn additional degrees. degree at Woodbridge University Bill Colbert, PhDAs a Woodbridge graduate, you will have lifetime access to our exceptional and Woodbridge Graduatefree of cost career services that will help you with your career planning and jobsearches. 14
  18. 18. Tuition & Finance Woodbridge is driven by its sole mission to provide low cost and high quality education to students across the globe. Our well-structured, well thought-out fee plans and outstanding education enable people from all walks of life to acquire a quality education irrespective of their financial and geographical constraints.15
  19. 19. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comTuition Fees Per Program Programs Offered Total Program Fees ** Degree Programs Associate Degree Programs Associate of Arts $ 6000* Bachelor Degree Programs Associate to Bachelor’s Degree $ 8400* Bachelor’s Degree $ 14400* Master Degree Program Masters Degree $ 12000* Doctorate Degree Programs Doctorate Degree Program (Applied) $ 18900* Doctorate Degree Program (Research) $ 18900* Diploma Programs Undergraduate Diploma $ 3600* Graduate Diploma $ 6000* Certificate Programs Undergarduate Certificate $ 1800* Undergarduate Course Certificate $ 600* Graduate Certificate $ 2400* Graduate Course Certificate $ 1200** You can further reduce this fee with the help of Presidential Scholarship and other different fee reducing methods.** Program fees are subject to change over time. Please call 1-866-534-5513 or visit www.woodbridgeuniversity.com for current fee structure. 16
  20. 20. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Woodbridge Presidential Scholarship Woodbridge is driven by its sole mission of providing affordable and high quality education to students across the globe. The University is far more affordable than other top-rated universities of the world, both online and campus-based. To further our mission, we offer Presidential Scholarship to students with competent academic and professional accomplishments. Who Can Apply? With Woodbridge Presidential Those who can apply for scholarship include: Scholarship Program, I earned 16% Working Adults discount in my entire program fee. Veterans Thankyou Woodbridge for giving me the Homeschool scholarship or it would have been Military Officials impossible for me to earn a college Job Seekers degree. Jack Thomas How to Apply? 1. You can express their interest in scholarship when you apply 2. Specify the category for which you quality. For example, if you are a working adult, select that option when asked. 3. Complete your admission formalities. If you qualify for the scholarship, you will be notified in your program overview and also through email. Your scholarship amount will also be communicated to you in your personalised students area.17
  21. 21. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comFee Reduction MethodsIn addition to a scholarship, Woodbridge University has introduced many ways through which a student canget a substantial reduction both in his program fees and time needed to complete the education.Credit Transfer Prior Learning Credits Employer Tuition ReimbursementGet a reduction in your total program fee Woodbridge University gives you theand time through credit transfer. opportunity of turning your life experience ProgramWoodbridge Universityoffers the facility of into college credits. It allows you to equatetransferring credits to students so that they relevant work and life experience into Many employers around the world offer thecan continue their education with flexibility college credits through our Prior Learning benefit of reimbursing educational tuitionand complete their degree in time. Assessment process. Professional training, fees. Your employer has the option of payingWoodbridge has an efficient stream line such as seminars and courses provided by your tuition fee directly and he can ask youprocess of transferring credits which is employers may be eligible for PLA. Licenses, to make the initial payment, reimbursing youdesigned to assist students in acquiring certificates and transcripts from colleges and at the end of the semester, each course ortransfer credits in most of the courses institutions may also be eligible. Transferring after you have received your grades. Also,possible. All you need to do is submit your PLA credits allows students to study with your employer may agree to bear yourtranscript mentioning the number of courses ease and earn their degree on time with a additional expenses such as cost of yourwith course titles which you have studied substantial reduction in their tuition fee. books, supplies and equipment. In any caseand you wish to transfer. We will accept the scenario, if your employer decides to helpcredit hours of those courses and reduce the you with your tuition fees then we canequivalent from your program. prepare your case for this benefit through our consultant. 18
  22. 22. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Fee Payment Options With Woodbridge fee payment option you can pay your program fee according to your budget. You can choose Complete Fee Fee Payment in 2 Discount up to Payment Option Installments 14.5% To minimize your financial burden you can benefit from our complete fee payment option. If you pay the fees for 7% discount You can choose to pay your full fee in 2 easy installments. Using this option will entitle you to a 7% discount on your full your program at once, you will get a program fee. discount up to 14.5%. What I pay for one year at Woodbridge , is what I paid for one quarter at the other college. When Woodbridge states that they are affordable they actually mean it! Linda Henry Masters in Business Management19
  23. 23. AdmissionsStudents can enroll at Woodbridge University onlineglobally and access to quality education with ease andflexibility. Applying at Woodbridge is simple, all youneed to do is fill in the form with your personal andacademic details and start your educational journey anytime of the year. 20
  24. 24. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Admission Procedure Admission Keeping flexibility and ease in view, Woodbridge University has kept Requirements its admission process simple, allowing students to enroll in a few Minimum eighteen years of age with simple steps: proof of high school graduation or GSE/equivalent. Step 1 - Fill out the Step 2 - Choose Credit Apply Now Form Transfer and Scholarship Constant access to a computer with Internet access and Microsoft Once you decide to enroll at Woodbridge , Select the courses you wish to transfer Vista/XP operating system and the first thing you have to do is fill out the credits for. You can earn credits up to 75 % Microsoft Office 2003 or higher. apply now form and tell us a little about of the total program courses, from which a yourself, including your name, contact maximum of 25% of courses can be had Capacity to devote 10 to 12 hours details and the program you are interested from prior learning credits. Also, decide if per week per course to coursework. you wish to apply for a scholarship. Students applying for a master’s degree program should have a Step 3 - View Program Step 4 - Pay Enrollment bachelor’s degree from an accredited Oveview and Tuition Fees university or college. Once you complete your admission To start your studies right away, you have to Students applying for a doctorate formalities, a program overview is drafted pay the enrollment fees and the total degree program should have a for you. Program overview will give relevant program fees. After which, you will be given master’s degree from an accredited information about your finalized credit access to our virtual classrooms where you university or college. transfer courses, prior learning credits, can finish your program at your desired pace. financial aid and total program fees.21
  25. 25. Web-based and mobile-phoneWoodbridge based classrooms. We offer cutting edgeAdvantages technology mobile and web based classrooms which makes it easy for you to learn even when you are on the go! Outstanding Flexible schedule. Dynamic learning faculty. Our flexible online experience. You expect our faculty to programs let you attend You want classes that are hold advanced degrees in classes on your schedule, relevant, interesting and the fields they teach, and allowing you to work challenging? That’s what our they do. They are also highly full-or part-time. highly interactive online trained to facilitate a learning model delivers. dynamic online learning experience which centers on your success. 1100 More than grams 16 specialized Affordable degree pro rom schools offering 71 tuition fee. to choose f e. majors. Woodbridge Universityis g Woodbridudents in a st Woodbridge Universityallows competitively Caters to its sive manner students to choose from 71 priced with most state comprehen e offering onlin majors in 16 schools of study, universities, and is about possible by which include 6 exclusive loma & half the cost of most private Degree, Dip schools of study, not offered rograms. colleges. Certificate p commonly by any other online university. Superior student Financial options. support. Financing and financial aid is Receive individualized available to those who attention from instructors qualify. Woodbridge and proactive student Universityprograms may also coaching throughout your be eligible for employer program. tuition reimbursement.
  26. 26. Student and Alumni Services Woodbridge University takes pride in offering the most comprehensive student and alumni services. The student services, designed keeping in mind the requirements of our current students, allow them to study with complete ease. Whereas, our alumni services help our alumni to stay connected with us as we assist them in enhancing their career opportunities. Availablity and easy accessibility of the services to all the students is one of the main reasons why Woodbridge is the first choice of working adults across the globe.23
  27. 27. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comStudent & Alumni Services Easy-to-use personalized Credit Transfers of Woodbridge University student area already studies courses offers a large variety of Once you enroll as a Woodbridge student, Woodbridge University provides credit quality support services to its you get access to the easy-to-use transfer service to all students. If you already students, making their personalized student area, where you can possess credits relevant to your education, academic experience at study and manage your complete program we will accept these credit hours and reduce Woodbridge smooth and without any hassle. After graduation you can the equivalent from your program. So you use your ID and Password to access the won’t have to study those course again. This perfect. The services are Alumni area where you can enjoy all the will reduce both your tuition fee and time designed to meet the needs benefitts we offer our alumni. required to complete your education. of the students, helping them get used to the educational Prior Learning Credit system of the university and Transfer I opted for Woodbridge University learn career oriented skills to because they were willing to transfer my the maximum. Woodbridge University offers working adults credits at an affordable cost, allowing me an easy way to acquire a degree of their to earn my Bachelors degree within a choice. The University is giving students a year. I would recommend Woodbridge chance to earn credits for the courses that to all the students wishing to get a cost match their professional experience. This friendly degree. way, they would not have to study those courses, allowing them to reduce their Mary Hathway tuition fee and earn their degree on time. Bachelors in Business Management 24
  28. 28. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Student & Alumni Services Career Services - Free Consultancy: Over the years thousands of Securing a Better Future Available 24 hours a day students have earned the of the Students and 7 days a week rank of proud Woodbridge Woodbridge University provides career Woodbridge educational consultants are at alumni and have successfully placement services to students to increase your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. graduated from Woodbridge. their employability and facilitate professional They guide you throughout your association In addition to providing them growth. with Woodbridge University, right from the with exceptional learning moment you register to the time you receive Our alumni keeps sharing various job your degree and choose to take advantage experience through our opportunities that aWoodbridge in their of our alumni services. various academic programs, professional network. These updates are, we also support our alumni in then, circulated amongst our students to help You are free to discuss everything regarding a variety of ways by offering them explore more opportunities. your program with these consultants, Accordingly, Woodbridge ’s counselors anytime you want. No matter which part of them exclusive Alumni create personalized recommendation for the world you are our consultants will services. employment resources for the students. This always be there to guide you. results in placement prospects in accordance with the student’s profile. I really appreciate Woodbridge career services. My career counselor helped me Additionally, Woodbridge University also develop necessary skills required to be a offers exclusive cover letter and resume successful professional. He also helped writing services free of cost. We have a team me draft an impressive resume and also assisted me in getting my dream job! of professionals who create your cover letter Lorie Ramond and resume according to your experience and Bachelors in Nursing aspirations.25
  29. 29. www.woodbridgeuniversity.comStudent & Alumni Services Personalized alumni Lifetime credentials Our academic programs do not area verification service only educate students but also As a Woodbridge alumnus, you will be Woodbridge University provides free nourish their skills so they can provided full access to your personalized, lifetime credentials verification service to all enhance their career prospects easy-to-use alumni area, as soon as you students. All the documents of Woodbridge and gain recognition in the graduate or secure your desired certification. students can be verified by employers The area allows you to request required directly from Woodbridge University corporate world. documents, get recommendations on which education consultants. Our alumni appreciates the programs and request other alumni services quality education they recieve such as apostille and notarization services. throughout their years of association with our University Employer Tuition and are also much content with Reimbursement Working in different shifts, I didnt have the services that are offered to time at all to go a traditional online Programs university. Luckily I heard about them. Woodbridge Universityfrom a couple of Many employers around the world offer the friends. I just loved the option to earn my benefit of reimbursing tuition fees. Some degree through an online learning also reimburse the cost of study materials. program. I prepared myself and passed You can ask the HR department of your the test and am now a proud university organization about this. If you need any help graduate. in preparing your case for this benefit, you can contact our consultants anytime on our Tom Clair toll free number 1-866-534-5513 Bachelors in Philosophy 26
  30. 30. www.woodbridgeuniversity.com Student & Alumni Services Apostille and Embassy legalization Services Woodbridge University Woodbridge University is an accredited, globally recognized university that believes in providing maintains its relationship wide range of student and alumni services. Likewise, Apostille and Embassy Legalization service with its Alumni through the is another service provided by Woodbridge University to ensure recognition and acceptability of wide range of services the educational documents of their current students and alumni for their international use in all nations. The services can be benefited at the time of applying for the degree and even after the offered to them. degree delivery. At Woodbridge, we do not only ensure that students If required by your employer or institute, we can provide services for Apostille and Embassy pursue their academic goals Legalization whenever you want. The documents will be attested and sent directly to your employer/institute. but we also make certain that their career goals are met. Quality, affordability, flexibility and ease in I recommend Woodbridge University scheduling learning plans because of its exceptional student and alumni support services. My consultant makes Woodbridge the first was with me at every step from choice of students from all enrollment to online classroom over the world. activation and getting me a job I currently work at. Matt Linderman Bachelors in Physcoloy27
  31. 31. Yes, you can earn your college degree. To contact WoodbridgeGet into college and accelerate your career. Take the next step. University,Call us today. Before you know it, you’ll have your degree and the knowledge, Call 1-866-534-5513skills and credentials you need to excel in your career. Vist our website: www.woodbridgeuniversity.com
  32. 32. CONTACTCall { 1-866-534-5513 } Website: www.woodbridgeuniversity.com