Note 1489891 hotfixes for sap gui for windows 7.20


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Note 1489891 hotfixes for sap gui for windows 7.20

  1. 1. SAP Note 1489891 - Hotfixes for SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 Note Language: English Version: 1 Validity: Valid Since 16.07.2010 Summary Symptom This note contains information about individual corrections for SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 (so-called "hotfixes"). Other terms prepatch; hotfix; special build Reason and Prerequisites SAP GUI for Windows patches are delivered every 6-8 weeks (see SAP note 1053737 for more information on expected delivery dates of the patches). In case an urgent correction is required to address a production down issue this timeframe may be too long. Therefore as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 we have implemented the capability to deliver additional corrections on top of shipped patches ("hotfixes"). As of SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 the hotfixes are shipped via SAP Service Marketplace and can be downloaded by all customers. Hotfixes for release 7.10 are shipped on an individual basis (have to be requested). Solution FAQ o Q: What is a "hotfix" for SAP GUI for Windows? A: A hotfix is an extension of an existing patch of SAP GUI for Windows in which one or multiple important corrections has / have been added in addition to those fixes already being part of the original patch. Hotfixes are only shipped for especially critical and urgent corrections. o Q: What is the advantage of a hotfix? A: A hotfix can be shipped regardless of the shipment schedule of the regular SAP GUI patches and it only contains one or at least very few correction(s). Therefore the risk of introducing regressions is lower. o Q: What is the content of the files "gui_720_<Patchlevel>_<Hotfixlevel>.exe" and "gui720_pdb_<Patchlevel>_<Hotfixlevel>.exe" and what do these names mean? A: The term <Patchlevel> shows the patchlevel of the patch the hotfix is valid for and <Hotfixlevel> contains the index of the hotfix. An example would be "gui720_1_3.exe" - hotfix 3 for patchlevel 1 of SAP GUI for Windows 7.20. The files "gui_720_<Patchlevel>_<Hotfixlevel>.exe" contain the 14.09.2010 Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. SAP Note 1489891 - Hotfixes for SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 hotfixes while the files "gui720_pdb_<Patchlevel>_<Hotfixlevel>.exe" contain the PDB files for the hotfixes - these are only required in case an issue occurs with the hotfix. o Q: How do I apply a hotfix? A: A hotfix can be applied just like a standard patch (local application or via SAP Installation Server). Of course we recommend to apply all patches using an Installation Server infrastructure. o Q: What is the support status of hotfixes? A: Hotfixes are fully supported (just like standard patches). o Q: How can I see what is contained in a given hotfix? A: Have a look at the info file that is shipped together with the hotfix. This file lists all notes and corrections that are part of the hotfix. o Q: What happens when I install a newer patch over a hotfix? A: That depends on the corrections which have been included in the hotfix. You need to check the notes of the corrections which have been added to the hotfix before installing a new patch. The notes will give you information on which patches contain the same corrections. Our recommendation is that you install at least the patchlevel which contains all the corrections from the hotfix. Header Data Release Status: Released for Customer Released on: 29.07.2010 12:10:09 Master Language: English Priority: Recommendations/additional info Category: Consulting Primary Component: BC-FES-GUI Graphical User Interface Secondary Components: BC-FES-CTL SAP GUI for Windows Controls Valid Releases 14.09.2010 Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. SAP Note 1489891 - Hotfixes for SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 Software Component Release From To and Release Release Subsequent BC-FES-GUI 7.20 7.20 7.20 X Related Notes Number Short Text 1053737 Expected release dates for SAP GUI for Windows & ITS Patches 14.09.2010 Page 3 of 3