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Habits bosses hate & love


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You strive to make a positive impression on your boss. That is a great attitude to have but it is not enough.

Your personal and work habits may or may not please your boss. Do you know what habits does your boss hate and love?

I have just read two great articles by Ross Bonander at AskMen and I would like to share them with you via powerpoint presentation, under my Managing Your Boss Series.

Hope you like it.

Wong Yew Yip


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Habits bosses hate & love

  1. 1. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)Prepared by : Wong Yew YipHabits Bosses . . .Hate LoveSource : Ross Bonander,
  2. 2. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)As an employee, you bring along yourpersonal habits or have acquired habits thatmay or may not please your bossHabits that bosses hate are avoidable habitsthat bore a shared consequence: they devouryour boss’ time and energyHabits that bosses love to see in theiremployees also share a single, largerconsequence: they save your boss time andenergyAs a result, both you and your boss come outlooking better and more competentRemember : Good habits generally require aneffort to develop, whereas bad habitsgerminate in their absenceHabits Bosses ...2
  3. 3. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You don’t show initiative13 No boss wants the burden of havingto chronically tell you what to do It’s time-consuming, exhausting andhe’ll lose confidence in your abilities Don’t wait to be told what to do,particularly during downtime When you give the impression thatyou’re not motivated, you send aclear message of disinterest to yourbossHabits Bosses Hate
  4. 4. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You show too much initiative24 On the other hand, you should also beconcerned with showing too much initiative It doesn’t matter if it stems from excessiveambition, motivation, energy, or even abasic desire to please, it’s one of manyhabits bosses hate Be careful not to overdo tasks andassignments; it’s generally unnecessary Instead of giving the impression that you’rehard-working and creative, it has thepotential for seeming inefficient When you go above and beyond the call ofduty, there’s a chance that you’ll step onsome toesHabits Bosses Hate
  5. 5. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You make excuses35 One of the most annoying habits bosses hate If you give your boss an excuse, it means thatyou have overlooked some responsibility andare now offering a defense for that oversight Whether or not that statement is true, what yourboss hears is: “It’s not my fault” Address your mistake by acknowledging it andby taking steps to correct it - it’s the only thingyour boss cares about and it’s the only thingyou should expect him to care about Resist the urge to embellish on an excuse or toflat out fabricate one - you will have createdanother issue for which to be accountableHabits Bosses Hate
  6. 6. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You complain46 Moaning, b*tching and whining are allreasonable synonyms for complaining No one, especially your boss, has anyinterest in hearing them; it’s just one ofthose habits bosses hate Before you open your mouth, know thedifference between a complaint and acritique. Complaints are personal andanyone can complain. Critiques require aneffort because they tend to be constructive,meaning they aim to correct something If the comment about to leave your mouthdoes not feature a proposed solution, save itfor happy hour, your girlfriend or your blogHabits Bosses Hate
  7. 7. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You ask too many questions57 Asking questions to clarify is encouraged butasking too many questions, especially too manystupid questions, is among the habits bosseshate and can quickly become aggravating They are a fundamental waste of the boss’ time,an emblem of inefficiency, reflect very poorly onyou, your intelligence and on the perceptionsothers will develop about you A boss will think twice before assigning you animportant job, remembering how the last timeyou practically needed someone to hold yourhand all the way through The bottom line is that bosses value employeeswho are resourceful enough to figure somethings out on their ownHabits Bosses Hate
  8. 8. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You show accountability18Your boss has more to do than ensure that yourwork gets done accurately and on time; he hashis own work to do and he has a boss whoholds him accountable to that work as well asthe work you doWhen you deliver on, or before, deadlines andproduce results, you contribute to the smooth,efficient workings of the office without drawingnegative attention to yourselfAccountability also means that you be a man atwork and take responsibility for your failures asmuch as you would for your successesAccountable people don’t offer excuses -period. Rather, they do what needs to be done -and that’s why accountability is one of thehabits bosses loveHabits Bosses Love
  9. 9. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You’re prepared29Luck or success is the outcome ofpreparation meeting opportunity - so beprepared alwaysHabits bosses love come in many shapesand forms, but when he doesn’t have tohold your hand and explain new conceptsor strategies to you, because you stayabreast of your position and industry, he’llmake you his star employeeBosses appreciate employees who areprepared for a variety of reasons: it showsdedication, self-motivation and confidence -three factors that happen to play a hugerole in getting you promotedHabits Bosses Love
  10. 10. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You work smart310 There are only so many hours in the workday, andyour boss shouldn’t expect anything more out ofyou than to make the most of those hours Efficiency is one of the most important habitsbosses love - you would benefit greatly if you learnto maximize your time with good timemanagement, where you will learn to comprehendthe working difference between efficiency andeffectiveness Working late does not necessarily give your bossthe impression that you’re working hard - in fact,the more common perception is that you’reworking with some degree of inefficiency If you need more time to get work done, you’llmake a better impression if you come to work earlyHabits Bosses Love
  11. 11. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You stay current411 Staying current - in news, technologies and skillsets - is always beneficial, but it is all the moreurgent in today’s fast-paced business climate Sign up for email alerts and newsletters pertinentto your industry and keep an eye out for classesyou can take to keep your skill set current Staying current is one of the habits bosses lovebecause it shows him that you’re motivated,intelligent, interested, and self-confident If you can suggest new and emerging ideas toapply to your current profession, you help keepyour employer on the cutting edge, you make yourboss look like a genius for hiring you, and youcome out looking phenomenal in the processHabits Bosses Love
  12. 12. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012)You make your boss look good512 This is something of a catch-all category, onethat can be achieved on some level by adoptingall of the previously listed habits bosses loveand striving to eliminate the hated ones In trying to make the boss look good, there is ahuge potential to be perceived as a kiss-ass - aperception that won’t help you at any stage ofyour career, your boss does not find thisbehavior appealing and you are not likely to berewarded - so be very careful Learn to resist the urge to trumpet yoursuccesses, rather, take satisfaction in theknowledge that these successes are scoringyou points with the higher-ups, and that you’ll berewarded accordinglyHabits Bosses Love
  13. 13. Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (December 2012) 13Some employees, even longtime veterans of the workforce, continue to exhibitthe kinds of habits bosses hate. These habits tend to devour the space andtime of your boss that aren’t yours to occupy. By squandering his time youhave delayed him elsewhere and he’ll likely remember the reason why.In conclusion . . .On the other hand, learning to exhibit the kinds of habitsbosses love and successfully adapting to the situationaround you - a trait that, once developed, has applicationsthat will help you secure the promotion you worked so hardfor and will go well beyond the workplace.