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LINs AD 2014 - CSR


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Published in: Business, Spiritual, Technology
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LINs AD 2014 - CSR

  1. 1. CSR  PROGRAMME  MAY  2014   Date:  18th  of  May  2014   (Sunday)   Time:  9.00  am     Tzu  Chi  
  2. 2. ObjecHves   •  To  recycle  old  and  unwanted  clothings  and   newspapers   •  To  provide  supporHve  materials  for  people  in   needs   •  Act  as  a  reminder  for  all  staffs  to  appreciate   what  do  they  have  right  now    
  3. 3. Tzu  Chi  Recycling  Center    
  4. 4. What  did  we  donate?  
  5. 5. LINs  AD  and  the  team   SIX  HUNDRED  AND  SIXTY  ONLY     660.00   RM  560  for  Tzu  Chi     RM  100  for  Life  release   18/05/2014  
  6. 6. Moral  values  and  learning  outcomes   •  Be  A  part  to  Save  the  World  –  Eco  green!   •  Learn  how  to  classify  unwanted  and  recyclable  items  at  home.   •  Learn  how  to  differenHate  items  that  contain  important  and  useful  material.   Eg:  -­‐  Shampoo  boCles  &  mineral  water  boCles  are  recyclable  items  because  it  can  be  reproduced  as   elasKc  clothing  such  as  sport  pants.  
  7. 7. RM100  donated  to  the  weekly  –  Life  Release  (fang  seng)  acHvity  by  Buddhist   community  at  The  Mines,  Waterfront.  (nearby  Crab  Restaurant)     Thousands  of  fishes  &  birds  released  weekly  -­‐  giving  them  a  second  chance  of  living.     To  understand  more  about  the  true  meaning  of  this  pracHce,  log  in  to:     hap://