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Uda booklet 0612_june12lr

  1. 1. C I T Y O F WAT E R L O O
  2. 2. Mayor’s MESSAGE Dear friends, on behalf of the Members of Council, the Urban Design Awards Jury and staff, it is my great privilege to congratulate the City of Waterloo Urban Design Award Recipients who represent the highest standard of urban design excellence in the City of Waterloo. During the last decade, Waterloo has experienced tremendous growth particularly within our planned intensification areas including the Uptown, along major transit routes and employment areas. These areas are planned to accommodate the City’s long term growth needs. To support this type of intensification, the City has introduced a range of design policies and guidelines that promote design excellence including the reinstatement of the City of Waterloo Urban Design Awards program. As Waterloo continues to evolve as a vibrant and dynamic city, it is important to recognize industry leaders in urban design excellence who are playing an important role in transforming our City in the public and private realm. Together, it is the integration of the public and private realm that is making our city such a great place to live, work and play in. This Jury Report is a milestone event marking a decade of urban design excellence. During this period, these projects have set a new bar for design excellence. The City wishes to thank all participants, particularly the nominated projects and to the Urban Design Jury members, for their interest and contribution in the pursuit of design excellence. Thank you. Brenda Halloran, Mayor City of Waterloo
  3. 3. The UdA Awards PROCESSAfter a ten year period, The City of Waterloo has reinstated its Urban Design Awards (“The UdA”) program.This program recognizes industry leaders that have achieved the highest standard of design excellence basedon the City’s urban design objectives and through an Urban Design Jury review process.During this period, the City has transformed from a predominantly low rise community to a more compact andhigher density community set out through the Height and Density Policy Study and a defined urban growthboundary. To accommodate this type of growth, the City approved a series of urban design tools to promote designexcellence. These policies and guidelines are helping to shape the physical design of the City and form part of theUdA selection process.In total, the City received 26 nominations for the UdA program. The Urban Design Jury selected 8 projects thatfall under the following UdA categories:The William G. Dailey Award of Excellence: presented to a project(s) that demonstrates the highest standard of designexcellence for the best overall project(s) in the City. This Award is named in honour of Mr. William (Bill) G. Dailey,a former long standing member of the City of Waterloo Site Plan Review Committee and former teacher at theUniversity of Waterloo School of Architecture program.The Reurbanization Award: presented to the best infill or redevelopment project that best fits within the surroundingcontext and contributes towards a sense of place and creative city building.Award of Merit: presented to a well-designed project that demonstrates at least one or more element of design excellence.Based on the eligibility criteria, each project can only be subject to one Award category and can only be nominatedone time. The UdA Jury reviewed each nominated project, and based on select criteria and thoughtful evaluation,determined the Award winning projects. Of note, any project that was not fully complete would be eligible to applyto the next UdA program.
  4. 4. William G. Dailey Award of ExcellencePERIMETER INSTITUTE OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS PROJECTPerimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics is a state-of-the-art facility located at the southern edge of Waterloo Park‘s Silver Lake.This landmark building is known for its architecture, harmonious balance of private spaces, quiet public space, courtyard andreflecting pool.The building design is defined by an iconic slate-black geometric pattern, punctuated windows and open glazing to the north andsouth sides. The design takes inspiration from the wide-ranging, abstract concepts that make up the subject matter of theoreticalphysics, rich in information and of indeterminate form and substance. A reflecting pool abuts the north side of the building andprovides a clear demarcation of the Institute from the park while offering an added perspective of reflection and tranquility.A central landscaped courtyard enhances the quality of natural lighting within the building.Overall, The Perimeter Institute represents the highest standard of design excellence. OWNER/CLIENT Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics PROJECT TEAM + Saucier & Perrotte Architects + Stantec Consulting + Blackwell Engineering Ltd. + Crossey Engineering Ltd.
  5. 5. The design is brilliant and audacious.With its two distinct faces on the uptownand park, PI is an iconic project in theCity and Canada.
  6. 6. The Reurbanization AwardSEAGRAM LOFTS PROJECTSeagram Lofts is an adaptive reuse project of the former Seagram’s Distillery, transforming two of the bonding warehousesinto residential lofts with flexible ground floor office space.The original structure was built as a warehouse for aging whiskey in wooden barrels. The redevelopment project created 103 loftunits characterized by high ceilings and arched windows with shutters. Complementing these features are original brick walls andbarrel-wood, evoking the old warehouse feel rich in character. Great efforts were made by the Barrel Works Group Ltd. to reusethe original brick and barrel-wood salvaged during the selective demolition process.The Seagram Lofts includes a rooftop garden on each building which offers expansive views of the Uptown and thecity beyond. This development has raised the bar for reurbanization in the City of Waterloo. OWNER/CLIENT Barrel Works Group Ltd. PROJECT TEAM + L. Alan Grinham Architect Inc. + Kiwi Newton Construction + Terra View Homes + Wendy Shearer Landscape Architect + Sze Straka Engineers Ltd.
  7. 7. A unique part of the City’s heritage that hasbeen magnificently transformed into urban loft living.The buildings are an example of living history and providea wonderful backdrop to an urban park space.
  8. 8. The Reurbanization AwardTHE BAUER BUILDINGS & BAUER LOFTS PROJECTThe Bauer Buildings and Bauer Lofts involved the conversion of the former Bauer Warehouse into commercial space,the construction of a new four-storey office building with ground floor retail and a 15 storey mixed use high rise building.This brownfield redevelopment includes loft residences, street front stores, indoor marketplace, office space, two levels ofunderground parking and a central courtyard activated by an outdoor patio and shops. An interesting skyline and scale ofdevelopment is achieved through different building heights, upper storey stepping, modulating lines and a human scale format street level. The project is further enhanced through high quality materials, large windows and terraces overlooking theEuropean inspired courtyard.This project exemplifies “sensitive urban infill” by recognizing the historical significance of Bauer Industries to theCity of Waterloo and integrating the original architecture with modern construction and new urban forms. OWNER/CLIENT Lawrence Development PROJECT TEAM + Roth Knibb Architects Inc. + Stantec Consulting + MHBC + ProjectBuildings.com Inc.
  9. 9. This redevelopment has successfullyrevitalized a former industrial buildingcreating a high density, lively mixed-useproject with a central courtyard spaceand prominent ground floor shopping.
  10. 10. Exemplary Main Street DesignAWARD OF MERIT: THE SHOPS AT WATERLOO TOWN SQUARE PROJECTThe Shops at Waterloo Town Square is a redevelopment of an enclosed 1960’s Shopping mall into a pedestrian friendly districtwith street-oriented buildings. The project includes two new buildings with office and retail space facing King Street Southand the redevelopment of the mall includes a new public square facing the main street. The design of wider sidewalkssupports active uses such as street cafes, social interactions, strolling and shopping.The scale and architectural details of the buildings and unified urban design features, the appearance of the street frontageand the provision of public spaces contributes to the overall streetscape. The Shops at Waterloo Town Square has addedvibrancy in the uptown. OWNER/CLIENT First Gulf Corporation PROJECT TEAM + Joseph Bogdan Associates Inc. + Mark L. Dorfman Planner Inc. + MTE Consultants + Stephen Popovich Associates Inc.
  11. 11. This main street development extends a vibrantuptown with its active storefronts, engagingcanopies, artistic signage, expansive windowsand contemporary materials.
  12. 12. Sensitive and Contextual Infill DevelopmentAWARD OF MERIT: 7 FATHER DAVID BAUER DRIVE PROJECT7 Father David Bauer Drive is a three-storey mixed use building that represents the highest standard for contextuallysensitive infill design achieved through building form, design and finish. The design and finish of the building ishistorically reminiscent of the original Seagram Distillery and is reinforced with a strong tower feature and roof linethat results in a monumental appearance. A variety of architectural details enrich the building including functionaldormers, pilasters, strong lintels and headers and a prominent brick entrance. OWNER/CLIENT Sunvest Financial Corp. PROJECT TEAM + Robert Dyck Architect & Engineer Ltd. + Planning and Engineering Initiatives Ltd. + Gateman-Milloy Inc.
  13. 13. An urban infill project whoseexceptional contextual design reflectsthe memory of a former building onthe Seagram site.
  14. 14. Innovative & SustainableStudent Accommodation ProjectAWARD OF MERIT: 116 UNIVERSITY PROJECT116 University Avenue West represents the highest standard for innovative and sustainable building design for a studentaccommodation project. Located on a corner lot, this project introduces a modern aesthetic that is layered with contemporaryglass screens, horizontal windows, with brick and concrete exterior finish that relates to both street frontages. This is the first“LEED Platinum” certified student-oriented housing project in the City of Waterloo. This project has set a high standard forsustainable building practices including natural landscape materials, externally and internally insulated solid concrete walls,double glazed low-e windows and an outdoor rooftop amenity space. OWNER/CLIENT Zvonko Ilic and Dr. Maria Ilic PROJECT TEAM + Ivan Ilic + MacKinnon & Associates + Corche Technical Services Inc. + Mindscape Innovations
  15. 15. This modern and LEED Platinum projectsets a new standard of design excellencefor student accommodations.
  16. 16. Innovative & Sustainable Designin a Master Planned DevelopmentAWARD OF MERIT: ACCELERATOR CENTRE& INNOTECH BUILDING PROJECTThe Accelerator Centre and the InnoTECH buildings are both located in the David Johnston Research + Technology Park.The Accelerator Centre is strategically located in the Research and Technology Park as a multi-tenant office facility and acts as thegateway building into the Park. Incorporated in the design is an extensive green roof system, bio swales within the parking areaand contemporary building design elements.The InnoTECH building was designed as a sister building to the Accelerator Building, and provides a gateway compositionto Waterloo’s David Johnston Research + Technology Park, sharing similar massing and exterior shading devices.The building aesthetic is minimal, with the architecture of the building celebrating the literal and figurative qualities of water.The building’s palette of materials was selected to emulate the reflective and shimmering qualities of light on water.Sustainable initiatives and technology used within the building include a rainwater catchment overflowing to the site’s wetlandlandscape, and a grey water system. InnoTech has achieved LEED® Gold New Construction (NC) Certification makingthis project the first multi-tenant building within Waterloo Region to achieve the LEED Gold NC status. OWNER/CLIENT The Cora Group Inc. PROJECT TEAM + Robertson Simmons Architects Inc. + Roth Associates Landscape Architecture Inc. + Schorn Consultants Inc. + Stantec Consulting + Ball Construction
  17. 17. These two projects incorporateunifying and sustainable elementsthat reinforce an important gatewayin this master planned park.
  18. 18. Significant Public SpaceAWARD OF MERIT: BRIGHTON PARK PROJECTBrighton Park was created as part of the redevelopment of a former school site. The park design was sensitive to the relationshipwith the adjacent properties and preservation and enhancement of the landscape buffers. The Park connects to the local trailsystem and provides barrier free accessibility across varying topography and access to surrounding neighbourhoods.This neighbourhood park is a place for reflection, relaxation and children’s play area. Some main features within thepark include facilities such as basketball net, play equipment, swings and chess boards. OWNER/CLIENT The City of Waterloo PROJECT TEAM + MacKinnon & Associates
  19. 19. This attractive neighbourhood parksuccessfully adds valued amenities andactivities for residents and communityto enjoy.
  20. 20. The Urban Design AwardsJURY MEMBERS RICK HALDENBY Rick is an associate professor and the O’Donovan Director of the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo, a graduate of the Waterloo School of Architecture and has been its Director since 1988. Rick is also the founder of the Rome Program, a teacher in Iconography Theme Area and a recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award. He has also been involved in archeological work in several countries and runs the mid-size city research program. Rick has sat on numerous urban design juries and his research interested include: Mediterranean archeology, design and management of historic landscapes and sites, design in mid size cities, and community / university partnerships. ANNE MCILROY Anne is a principal of Brook McIlroy/Pace Architects Inc. Anne graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Fine Ares and a Bachelor of Architecture. Anne has over twenty years experience as an urban designer for master plans and urban design projects across Canada and the United States and has particular expertise in the development of master plans and design standards for communities, universities and other institutions. She is a recognized expert in the facilitation of design workshops and public consultation forums, is also the founding member and previous Chair of the Urban Design Working Group, a sub-committee of the Ontario Provincial Planning Institute and has been appointed to numerous design and revitalization panels across Ontario. Anne speaks regularly on sustainable community design. DAVID THOMPSON David is a principal of David Thompson Architect Ltd. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban and Economic Geography and is also a graduate of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s syllabus program. For more than twenty years, David’s expertise has grown to include institutional, recreational, housing, urban design, sustainability and a sincere concern for the public good. David has worked for firms in Toronto, Vancouver and Kitchener before establishing his own practice in 2004 in downtown Kitchener. David is currently the Chair of the Grand Valley Society of Architects. He has won numerous professional awards, has been on numerous juries and has had works shown in several exhibitions.
  21. 21. The Urban Design Awards JURY MEMBERS CAMERON RAPP Cameron is the General Manager of Development Services at the City of Waterloo. He is a graduate from the University of Waterloo and has over 25 years of experience with the City of Waterloo. Cam has worked with a variety of groups including Council, citizens, the development and building industry and other agencies, to help ensure that Waterloo develops and grows as a dynamic and prosperous community. Cameron has made presentations locally and to international audience groups regarding intensification as well as teaching engagements at the University of Waterloo. JAN d’AILLY For seven years (2003-2010), Jan sat as a City of Waterloo Councillor. During his term, Jan supported the City’s urban design initiatives and sat as the Development Services Department Council Liaison and was Chair of the Finance and Strategic Planning Committee from 2003 to 2008. Since 2004, Jan had held leadership positions including the Chief Executive Officer at Organic Energy Inc. and with marketing positions for several well-known companies. Jan is currently employed at Coreworx Inc. Jan earned an MBA the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western and is a graduate from McGill University. THANK YOUThe City of Waterloo wishes to thank each Jury Member for their valuable contribution to the 2000-2010 UdA.Special acknowledgement is also given to the City of Waterloo Building Division for financing the UdA program,Corporate Communications, to the staff involved with the UdA and the nominated projects and their project teamsfor their pursuit in design excellence in the City of Waterloo.
  23. 23. LEGEND 1. Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics 2. Seagram Lofts 3. The Bauer Buildings and Bauer Lofts8. 4. The Shops at Waterloo Town Square 5. 7 Father David Bauer Drive 6. 116 University 7. Accelerator Centre and InnoTECH Building 8. Brighton Park