American cities of the future


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American cities of the future

  1. 1. regIONsamerIcaN cItIes Of the future American Cities of the Future 2011/12 Winners IN the fIrst ever fDI raNkINg Of cItIes acrOss the amerIcaN cONtINeNts, New YOrk has beeN crOwNeD the leaDINg amerIcaN ‘cItY Of the future’ fOr 2011/12. Jacqueline Walls repOrts ON the leaDINg perfOrmers acrOss the regION N ew York been ranked as the top Markets database, which tracks city in fDi Magazine’s first crossborder greenfield investment, ‘American Cities of the Future’ Santiago has attracted 84 FDI pro- ranking. The city also claimed top jects since 2003, with almost a fifth position in the sub-category ‘North of these projects involving a capital American City of the Future’ for the investment of more than $100m. second year running, with Chilean Lima (Peru), Monterrey (Mexico), capital Santiago being awarded the Bogotá (Colombia) and San José (Costa ‘Latin American City of the Future’. Rica) completed the top five Latin Cities based in the US and American Cities of the Future. Mexican Canada dominated the overall cities made up four of the top 10 cities American Cities of the Future rank- in the Latin America category, while ings, with New York, Chicago and the Colombian cities of Bogotá and Houston claiming the top three posi- Barranquilla also featured, ranking tions. The new ranking combined fourth and eighth, respectively. fDi’s existing North American Cities of the Future ranking with a new Latin America ranking. top 10 Overall amerIcaN cItIes Of the future (aND NOrth amerIcaN cItIes Of the future) 2011/12 New York shines again RANK citY StAte couNtRY The top three ‘North American Cities 1 new York city new York us of the Future’ remained unchanged 2 chicago Illinois us from the previous ranking, as New 3 houston texas us York, Chicago and Houston main- 4 toronto Ontario canada tained first, second and third posi- 5 atlanta georgia us tions, respectively. New York topped 6 montreal Quebec canada many sub-categories, including eco- 7 boston massachusetts us nomic potential, infrastructure and 8 austin texas us business friendliness. This success 9 miami florida us can be partly attributed to the large 10 san Jose california us number of FDI projects into the city over the past decade. Alt hough Canadian cities Toronto and Montreal did not appear top 10 latIN amerIcaN cItIes Of the future 2010/11 in the top 10 in the North American RANK citY StAte couNtRY Cities of the Future ranking in 2009, 1 santiago santiago chile both cities improved in 2011 to claim 2 lima lima peru fourth and sixth place, respectively. 3 monterrey Nuevo leon mexico Atlanta and Boston also re-entered 4 bogotá capital District colombia the top 10, ranking fifth and sev- 5 san José san José costa rica enth, respectively. 6 guadalajara Jalisco mexico 7 Querétaro Querétaro mexico Santiago top in Latam 8 barranquilla atlantico colombia S a n t i a g o w a s c r ow n e d f D i 9 hermosillo sonora mexico Magazine’s first ‘Latin American City 10 são paulo são paulo brazil of the Future’. According to the fDi28 October/November 2007 april/may 2011
  2. 2. regIONs amerIcaN cItIes Of the futuretop 10 maJOr cItIes Of the future top 10 maJOr cItIes ecONOmIc pOteNtIalRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 new York new York us 1 new York new York us2 chicago Illinois us 2 são paulo são paulo brazil3 houston texas us 3 toronto Ontario canada4 toronto Ontario canada 4 san Jose california us5 atlanta georgia us 5 buenos aires buenos aires argentina6 montreal Quebec canada 6 montreal Quebec canada7 boston massachusetts us 7 mexico city méxico mexico8 austin texas us 8 chicago Illinois us9 miami florida us 9 los angeles california us10 san Jose california us 10 san francisco california ustop 10 maJOr cItIes cOst effectIveNess top 10 maJOr cItIes humaN resOurcesRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Rosario santa Fe argentina 1 new York new York us2 córdoba córdoba argentina 2 san francisco california us3 mendoza mendoza argentina 3 san Diego california us4 managua managua Nicaragua 4 los angeles california us5 santa cruz santa cruz bolivia 5 boston massachusetts us6 tegucigalpa francisco morazán honduras 6 san Jose california us7 lima lima peru 7 houston texas us8 Quito pichincha ecuador 8 atlanta georgia us9 león guanajuato mexico 9 washington District of columbia us10 arequipa arequipa peru 10 chicago Illinois ustop 10 maJOr cItIes INfrastructure top 10 maJOr cItIes QualItY Of lIfeRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 new York new York us 1 Washington District of columbia us2 los angeles california us 2 san francisco california us3 chicago Illinois us 3 calgary alberta canada4 baltimore maryland us 4 vancouver british columbia canada5 toronto Ontario canada 5 Ottawa Ontario canada6 san francisco california us 6 austin texas us7 montreal Quebec canada 7 boston massachusetts us8 boston massachusetts us 8 toronto Ontario canada9 houston texas us 9 edmonton alberta canada10 miami florida us 10 san Jose california ustop 10 maJOr cItIes fDI strategY top 10 maJOr cItIes busINess frIeNDlINessRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Houston Texas us 1 new York new York us2 chicago Illinois us 2 miami florida us3 miami florida us 3 atlanta georgia us4 austin texas us 4 são paulo são paulo brazil5 toronto Ontario canada 5 lima lima peru6 montreal Quebec canada 6 los angeles california us7 april/may 2011 atlanta georgia us 7 buenos aires buenos aires argentina8 New York New York us 8 san francisco california us9 boston massachusetts us 9 austin texas us10 calgary alberta canada 10 houston texas ustop 10 large cItIes Of the future top 10 large cItIes ecONOmIc pOteNtIalRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania US 1 seattle Washington US2 halifax Nova scotia canada 2 windsor Ontario canada3 charlotte North carolina us 3 portland Oregon us4 mississauga Ontario canada 4 Querétaro Querétaro mexico5 las vegas Nevada us 5 charlotte North carolina us6 victoria british columbia canada 6 mississauga Ontario canada7 windsor Ontario canada 7 las vegas Nevada us8 st louis missouri us 8 raleigh North carolina us9 hamilton Ontario canada 9 cincinnati Ohio us10 Quebec Quebec canada 10 pittsburgh pennsylvania us October/November 2007 29
  3. 3. regIONsamerIcaN cItIes Of the futuretop 10 large cItIes cOst effectIveNess top 10 large cItIes humaN resOurcesRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 asuncion Gran asuncion Paraguay 1 Plano Texas US2 san salvador san salvador el salvador 2 sacramento california us3 Neuquen Neuquen argentina 3 long beach california us4 san pedro sula cortes honduras 4 riverside california us5 san luis potosí san luis potosí mexico 5 stockton california us6 hermosillo sonora mexico 6 seattle washington us7 piura piura peru 7 fresno california us8 tuxtla gutiérrez chiapas mexico 8 raleigh North carolina us9 matamoros tamaulipas mexico 9 anaheim california us10 torreón coahuila mexico 10 pittsburgh pennsylvania ustop 10 large cItIes INfrastructure top 10 large cItIes QualItY Of lIfeRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 seattle Washington us 1 Halifax Nova Scotia Canada2 Newark New Jersey us 2 plano texas us3 long beach california us 3 arlington texas us4 Oakland california us 4 victoria british columbia canada5 windsor Ontario canada 5 seattle washington us6 halifax Nova scotia canada 6 saint paul minnesota us7 hamilton Ontario canada 7 Quebec Quebec canada8 brampton Ontario canada 8 las vegas Nevada us9 mississauga Ontario canada 9 portland Oregon us10 sacramento california us 10 sacramento california ustop 10 large cItIes fDI strategY top 10 large cItIes busINess frIeNDlINessRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Victoria British columbia canada 1 Orlando Florida us2 charlotte North carolina us 2 las vegas Nevada us3 pittsburgh pennsylvania us 3 seattle washington us4 lexington kentucky us 4 portland Oregon us5 hermosillo sonora mexico 5 Denver colorado us6 windsor Ontario canada 6 tampa florida us7 april/may 2011 anchorage alaska us 7 st louis missouri us8 colorado springs colorado us 8 charlotte North carolina us9 Quebec Quebec canada 9 saint paul minnesota us10 Nashville tennessee us 10 raleigh North carolina ustop 10 small cItIes Of the future top 10 small cItIes ecONOmIc pOteNtIalRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Richmond Virginia US 1 sunnyvale California US2 santa clarita california us 2 ann arbor michigan us3 columbia south carolina us 3 fremont california us4 richmond hill Ontario canada 4 Irvine california us5 huntsville alabama us 5 cary North carolina us6 Ontario california us 6 Durham North carolina us7 Norfolk virginia us 7 boise Idaho us8 Jersey New Jersey us 8 bellevue washington us9 Dayton Ohio us 9 sherbrooke Quebec canada10 mobile alabama us 10 madison wisconsin ustop 10 small cItIes cOst effectIveNess top 10 small cItIes humaN resOurcesRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Pilar Buenos aires argentina 1 irvine California US2 potosi potosi bolivia 2 sunnyvale california us3 comodoro riva. chubut argentina 3 pasadena california us4 colima colima mexico 4 thousand Oaks california us5 guaymas sonora mexico 5 fremont california us6 sobral ceará brazil 6 ann arbor michigan us7 maracana rio de Janeiro brazil 7 Naperville Illinois us8 coquitlam british columbia canada 8 fullerton california us9 longueuil Quebec canada 9 torrance california us10 Indaiatuba são paulo brazil 10 cary North carolina us30 October/November 2007 april/may 2011
  4. 4. regIONs amerIcaN cItIes Of the futuretop 10 small cItIes INfrastructure top 10 small cItIes QualItY Of lIfeRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 elizabeth new Jersey us 1 naperville Illinois US2 Oakville Ontario canada 2 arlington virginia us3 tacoma washington us 3 thousand Oaks california us4 Yonkers New York us 4 cary North carolina us5 Jersey New Jersey us 5 sunnyvale california us6 pasadena texas us 6 Overland park kansas us7 alexandria virginia us 7 fremont california us8 guelph Ontario canada 8 bellevue washington us9 richmond british columbia canada 9 Irvine california us10 vaughan Ontario canada 10 columbia south carolina ustop 10 small cItIes fDI strategY top 10 small cItIes busINess frIeNDlINessRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Huntsville alabama us 1 Fort lauderdale Florida us2 Dayton Ohio us 2 salt lake city utah us3 richmond virginia us 3 Dayton Ohio us4 santa clarita california us 4 alexandria virginia us5 mobile alabama us 5 richmond virginia us6 Norfolk virginia us 6 Irvine california us7 april/may 2011 Ontario canada 7 birmingham alabama us8 cambridge Ontario canada 8 bellevue washington us9 st Johns Newf’dland canada 9 arlington virginia us10 grand rapids michigan us 10 scottsdale arizona ustop 10 mIcrO cItIes Of the future top 10 mIcrO cItIes ecONOmIc pOteNtIalRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Greenville south carolina us 1 Waterloo Ontario canada2 fredericton New brunswick canada 2 greenville south carolina us3 waterloo Ontario canada 3 plattsburgh New York us4 greenville North carolina us 4 greenville North carolina us5 bismarck-mandan North Dakota us 5 heredia heredia costa rica6 pocatello Idaho us 6 wilmington Delaware us7 april/may 2011 Idaho falls Idaho us 7 meridian Idaho us8 lyons kansas us 8 santa ana san José costa rica9 kamloops british columbia canada 9 poughkeepsie New York us10 santa fe springs california us 10 ajax Ontario canadatop 10 mIcrO cItIes cOst effectIveNess top 10 mIcrO cItIes humaN resOurcesRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 alajuela alajuela Costa Rica 1 santa Fe Springs California US2 heredia heredia costa rica 2 poughkeepsie New York us3 santa ana san José costa rica 3 south gate california us4 campana argentina argentina 4 gahanna Ohio us5 kamloops british columbia canada 5 plattsburgh New York us6 chatham Ontario canada 6 greenville North carolina us7 ajax Ontario canada 7 beloit wisconsin us8 Niagara falls Ontario canada 8 Yuma arizona us9 brantford Ontario canada 9 greenville south carolina us10 wooster Ohio us 10 waterloo Ontario canadatop 10 mIcrO cItIes INfrastructure top 10 mIcrO cItIes QualItY Of lIfeRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Wilmington Delaware us 1 north Vancouver British Columbia Canada2 campana buenos aires argentina 2 meridian Idaho us3 Nanaimo british columbia canada 3 waterloo Ontario canada4 waterloo Ontario canada 4 Delta british columbia canada5 pickering Ontario canada 5 Nanaimo british columbia canada6 Delta british columbia canada 6 fredericton New brunswick canada7 ajax Ontario canada 7 langley british columbia canada8 santa fe springs california us 8 red Deer alberta canada9 terrebonne Quebec canada 9 repentigny Quebec canada10 south gate california us 10 pickering Ontario canada October/ april/may 2011 2007 31
  5. 5. regIONsamerIcaN cItIes Of the futuretop 8 mIcrO cItIes fDI strategY top 10 mIcrO cItIes busINess frIeNDlINessRANK citY StAte couNtRY RANK citY StAte couNtRY1 Fredericton New Brunswick Canada 1 Waterloo Ontario Canada2 kamloops british columbia canada 2 santa fe springs california us3 greenville south carolina us 3 wilmington Delaware us4 pocatello Idaho us 4 Idaho falls Idaho us5 greenville North carolina us 5 Ogden utah us6 Idaho falls Idaho us 6 poughkeepsie New York us7 bismarck-mandan North Dakota us 7 plattsburgh New York us8 lyons kansas us 8 meridian Idaho us 9 pocatello Idaho us 10 wooster Ohio us JuDGiNG MetHoDoLoGY fDi Cities of the Future Business Friendliness. A sev- enth category was added to importance to give the over- all scores. pANeL shortlists are created by an independent collection of data by the fDi Intelligence the scoring – FDI promotion strategy. In this category, 100 cities submitted details The fDi Intelligence division compiled the majority of the data for the DoN HoLbRooK managing partner, site division on 405 cities across about their promotion strat- American Cities of the location and public North and South America. egy and this was judged and Future ranking with the incentives, the vercitas This information was set scored by our independent exception of the FDI promo- group under six categories: judging panel. tion strategy. For this cate- E c o n o m i c Po te n t i a l , Cities scored up to a gory information was sub- Human Resources, Cost maximum of 10 points mitted by individual cities DANieL MALAcHuK Effectiveness, Quality of under each individual crite- and scored by our inde- senior adviser, business Deployment Life, Infrastructure and ria which were weighted by pendent judging panel. & Global Direct Investment JuDGiNG cRiteRiA • Corporation tax – country (Information collected by fDi benchmark) • Total companies within high-tech service sector ecOnOmic POTenTial • Total companies within the knowledge MiGueL NoYoLA • Population Human ResOuRces based sector principal, Baker & • Population forecast • Unemployment rate • Proportion of companies within high- mckenzie llp • GDP • Number of ‘world top-500’ universities tech manufacturing sector per 100,000 • GDP per capita • Number of colleges and universities population • Unemployment rate • Top business schools • Proportion of companies within high-tech • Total outward FDI • Labour force with tertiary education service sector per 100,000 population • Proportion of outward FDI per 100,000 • Brain drain • Proportion of companies within the population (Information collected by fDi benchmark) knowledge-based sector per 100,000 • Total inward FDI population JAMeS M • Proportion of inward FDI per 100,000 qualiTY OF liFe • Growth of companies within high-tech uNDeRHiLL population • Life expectancy at birth manufacturing sector ceO for the americas, • Number of patents • Infant mortality rate • Growth of companies within high-tech • Growth in number of patents • Hospital beds per 1000 population service sector Cushman & Wakefield • SAT scores • Growth of companies within the • Proportion of patents per 100,000 population • Tertiary education knowledge-based sector • FDI in R&D and DDT • Adult literacy rate • Number of jobs created by all inward FDI • FDI in manufacturing • GDP (PPP) per capita • The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks • Number of mega projects (capex) • Unemployment rate • Days taken to start a business JAcqueLiNe WALLS • Number of mega projects (jobs created) • Percent below poverty line • Firing costs senior investment • Capital expenditure on R&D projects • Household income • Ease of Doing Business Index analyst, fDi • Global competitiveness index • Perception of corruption • Economic Freedom Index • Inflation • Crime rate • Corruption Perception Index Intelligence • Download speed • Free-trade agreements (Information collected by fDi benchmark) (Information collected by fDi benchmark) • Strength of Investor Protection Index cOsT eFFecTiVeness • Credit rating • Average ann. salary for unskilled worker inFRasTRucTuRe (Information collected by fDi benchmark)citY SiZe cLASSiFicAtioN • Average ann. salary for semi-skilled worker • Average ann. salary for a skilled worker • Upload speed • Download speed FDi PROmOTiOn sTRaTeGYmaJOR ciTies • Average ann. office rent for a prime city- • Number of airports serving the city • Number of staff dedicated to promoting Population more than 750,000 centre location • Distance to the nearest airport and facilitating inward investment and • Average ann. rent for a factory/ • No. of international destinations served systems/programmes in place to trainlaRGe ciTies industrial unit in a prime location • Port size staff and measure performancePopulation more than 250,000 but less than 750,000 • Average price of three-bedroom house • World port rankings – cargo volume • Key initiatives implemented • Cost of electricity • World port rankings – container traffic • Information on high-growth sectors small ciTies • 3-star/4-star hotel room price • Logistics performance index offering potential for inward investmentPopulation more than 100,000 but less than 250,000 • Petrol prices • Network readiness index • Incentives available to inward investors • Minimum wage • Environmental performance • Major infrastructure and planning projectsmicRO ciTies • Cost of registering property (Information collected by fDi benchmark) • The vision for achieving the location’s full population less than 100,000 • Cost to export fDI potential and why it is a location of • Cost to import Business FRienDliness the future • Cost of establishing a business • Total companies within high-tech (Information provided by cities and judged • Corporation tax – state manufacturing sector by our judging panel)34 april/may 2011