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Convenient, catalog contains descriptions of the wide variety of products and services offered to patients and healthcare providers from Women's Health America. Covers: Restore Program, Membership Program, Testing, Compounded Prescriptions, popular over-the-counter creams and supplements, educational materials, and dosage forms.

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The Natural Hormone Experts

  1. 1. the Natural Hormone expertsRestore® Clinical ServicesMadison Pharmacy Associates, LLC Madison Biodiagnostics Laboratory Women’sR Health A M E I C A
  2. 2. Welcome to Women’s Health America We started our company nearly thirty years ago when little was known about hormone imbalance. Back then, symptoms associated with PMS were frequently ascribed to other causes or were thought to be “all in your head.” As we listened to women and categorized symptoms, we discovered patterns that led us to research underlying hormone imbal-“I just wanted to let you know ances and formulate natural, bioidentical prescrip- tions to restore much I appreciate thepersonal care you give and all The results were astounding!the work you and the others at We had no idea that what we were doing would become an international business. We simplyWomen’s Health America do listened to the needs of one woman and another and another and another—responding just as we do today,on behalf of women’s health. one woman at a time. Word spread and before we knewIt’s making a very big differ- it, we had worked with more than 10,000 physicians and 300,000 women and had become the nation’sence in my life.” bioidentical (natural) hormone experts, specializing in personalized prescription care.—LaVonne We have maintained that position by combining what we learned about women’s needs with scientific research and technology. The result? Innovative products and programs designed to restore balance on an individual basis, naturally and precisely. Our comprehensive line of high quality, over- the-counter health and personal care products compliments our hand-compounded prescription formulas. And we still listen and respond—one woman at a time. We are glad you found us and look forward to serving you. In good health, Women’sR Health A M E I C A Women’s Health America, Inc. Marla Ahlgrimm, Madison Pharmacy Associates, LLC Registered Pharmacist PO Box 259690 Founder and CEO 1289 Deming Way Madison, WI 53725-9690 Monday – Friday, 8:00am ­ 5:30pm CST – phone: 800.558.7046 fax: 888.898.7412
  3. 3. S ince the first woman suffering from premenstrual syndrome walked through our doors in 1979, our mission has been one thing and one thing only—to provide women with options for supporting healthy hormonal balance and promoting health and wellness for the rest of their lives— one woman at a time.CONTENTSOur Products and Services............................................................................. 2Self-Care....................................................................................................... 4Women’s Health America Top Products.............................................................5Special Services...............................................................................................8When Self-Care is Not Enough .......................................................................10Specialized Pharmacy Services.......................................................................12Feel Like Yourself Again with Restore®.......................................................... 14Education ................................................................................................... 16Copyright © Women’s Health America, Inc., 2009. All rights reserved. Material isprovided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure,or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Always seek theadvice of your healthcare provider with questions or before undertaking any diet,exercise, or other health program.
  4. 4. Our Products &Ten WHA and Services Our Products Topand Services Our Products ServicesWomen’s Health America was c SELF-CARE SOLUTIONSfirst in the United States to: The foundation of good health starts with self-· Identify PMS. care. Our clinically tested, proprietary formulas are designed specifically for women concerned· Use natural progesterone therapy to with PMS, perimenopause and menopause. manage PMS. They include ProCycle® nutritional formulas, Restore® BioBalance for individual bone loss· Educate women about the importance of assessment and management, AMAVI™ and diet, lifestyle and supplementation options DermaFex® advanced therapeutic for hormone balance. skin care. We also offer a full· Create a continuum of care that starts with line of nutritional education and self-care and includes lowest supplements effective dose prescription therapy only and unique when it is needed. women’s health· Recognize and use a case management products. approach for identifying and managing the hormonal transitions a woman experiences through life.· Combine diagnostic testing with c INDIVIDUALLY customized hormone therapy, introducing individualized COMPOUNDED PRESCRIPTIONS treatment and paving the way Our specialized PCAB Accredited for the current trend toward pharmacy, Madison Pharmacy Associates, lowest effective dose. can fill any prescription, including· Develop innovative even-release oral tablets, sublingual dosage forms for natural tablets, topical gels and creams and patches. We specialize in personalized, hormone medication. low-dose hormone therapy using only· Create a free educational natural (bioidentical) hormones. resource for women Madison Pharmacy Associates tests experiencing PMS. the quality of prescriptions using sensitive HPLC (high performance· Offer free follow-up liquid chromatography) to assure the hormone and bone loss prescription you receive is exactly testing for hormone what your doctor prescribed. therapy patients. 2 | • phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412
  5. 5. c RESTOREMD®.COM: HEALTHCARE c EDUCATIONPROVIDER REFERRAL RESOURCE Women’s Health America providesIf you’re looking for a healthcare the most current women’s healthcareprovider to help you manage symptoms information at www.womenshealth.comof hormone imbalance so you can feel through website articles, online mini-like yourself again, our online referral courses and an electronic newsletter.resource is a great place to start! Log in Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph., Women’s Healthat to answer a America Founder and CEO, is available tofew simple questions and one of our answer your specific questions online atPatient Care Coordinators will be happy Ask Marla. Our Health Library has manyto assist you in finding a Restore® Program articles of interest and our Book Store carriesprovider in your area. recommended books, including The HRT Solution and Self-Help for Premenstrual Syndrome, co-authored by Marlac RESTORE® TESTING & SCREENING Ahlgrimm, R.Ph.Our full line of laboratory servicesincludes saliva testing for hormone levels, c CUSTOMER SERVICE, PATIENT CAREurine testing for rate of bone loss and COORDINATION, AND Restore® HEALTHblood spot testing for thyroid imbalance. EDUCATIONThese tests help assure that the dosagestrength and form of each patient’s Expert Customer Service Representatives,hormone therapy delivers supplemental Patient Care Coordinators, Restore®hormones in the exact amount needed, Clinical Services Specialists and Registeredwithout over dosing or under dosing. Pharmacists are available to answer your questions and assist you in ordering. Noc RESTORE® MANAGEMENT & MONITORING question is too big or too small—we’ll always help you find the answer.Our innovative Restore® program takesthe guesswork out of natural, bioidentical c ENJOY THE BENEFITS — AND SAVINGShormone therapy by integrating the verylatest in leading laboratory technology and — OF A CIRCLE OF FRIENDS® MEMBERSHIPpharmaceutical science while maintaining In addition to one free compoundedthe traditional healthcare values of listening prescription and product per year, Circleand responding to your individual needs. of Friends® members save up to $200 a year with a 20% discount on most compoundedRestore® brings together a collaborative prescriptions and products, as well asteam of registered nurses, health educators shipping. registered pharmacists to work withyou and your healthcare provider inmonitoring hormone levels and rate of boneloss. This allows successful management circleofof even the most challenging cases ofhormone imbalance associated with PMS,perimenopause, menopause and beyond. friends membership Save up to $200 a year as a member | 3
  6. 6. Self-Care Good Health Starts with Self-Care Each of our over-the-counter, specialty self-care formulas is based on scientific research and years of listening to the needs of women just like you. c ProCycle® Multi-Vitamin/ Mineral Supplements Every woman should be taking one of our ProCycle® multi-vitamin/mineral supplements—clinically tested formulas for women concerned with managing symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause. c Restore® Nutribalance Nutritional Supplements Whatever your health concerns—hot flashes, mood swings, aching joints, breast health, memory and more—we have specialized formulas that offer the nutritional support you need. c Restore® Biobalance Personal Care and TestingWomen’s Health America’s From transdermal creams for supportingContinuum of Care hormone balance to test kits for bone loss· Education allows every woman to make the best health analysis, our Restore® BioBalance line is care choices for herself as a unique individual. focused on helping you achieve optimal health through hormone balance.· Good health starts with self-care, which includes lifestyle, exercise, diet, nutrition and personal care products formulated just for you. c DermaFex® Therapeutic Skin Care Get prescription results without a· Testing helps women understand their unique prescription. Whether you are concerned hormonal profile and is essential for monitoring with reducing the appearance of fine results of prescription and non-prescription lines, eliminating adult onset acne, or intervention. maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, our· When self-care is not enough, prescription care should specialty skin care formulas contain be customized for each individual, using low-dose, patented, age-defying ingredients to keep bioidentical (natural) hormones. you looking your very best.4 | Using HT? Call us about FREE follow-up hormone testing.
  7. 7. Women’s Health America’s Top Products Your mothers, daughters and friends know about these top specialty formulas. Shouldn’t you?ProCycle® PMS multi-vitamin/mineral formulaProCycle® Gold multi-vitamin/mineral formula SAVE on ProCycle® each month65% of the women we talk with say they with Auto Ship. See page 9 for details.are able to significantly improve symptomsof PMS by making changes in diet andlifestyle and supplementing with ProCycle®. Natural Progesterone Cream Choose ProCycle® PMS Formula if your symp- Each ounce of toms are primarily our transdermal those of PMS: water moisture cream retention, headaches, contains 480 mg of energy depletion, natural progesterone stress, chocolate USP as recommended or alcohol crav- by Dr. John R. Lee, ings, irritability, an acknowledgedmood changes, crying for no reason, mental international authority and pioneer inconfusion, breast tenderness, or weight gain. natural hormone balance.Our clinically tested PMS formula has the B 2 oz. tube $28.80* • Member price $23.05*vitamins, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E,chromium, and other nutrients you need, inthe amount you need, to support hormone Vaginal Moisturizing Therapybalance for symptom relief. As many as half120 tablets $17.95* • Member price $14.36* of the 40-million perimenopausal andChoose ProCycle® Gold Menopause Formula when postmenopausal womensymptoms include hot flashes, insomnia, in the United Statesirritability, fatigue, urinary incontinence, suffer from vaginalmemory loss and other symptoms of discomfort. You don’tmenopause, or if osteoporosis and cardio- have to be one ofvascular health are concerns. Our clinically them! Our advancedtested ProCycle® Gold is a complete vitamin moisturizing cream forand mineral supplement with the ratio of vaginal dryness contains plant estrogens tomagnesium to calcium you need for proper support the health and comfort of vaginalbone health. It contains the recommended tissue as estrogen levels decline with age.daily allowance of calcium as well ascomplete B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, 2 oz. tube $27.90* • Member price $21.55*vitamin E, antioxidants and boron.120 tablets $17.95* • Member price $14.36**Prices subject to change without notice. • phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412 | 5
  8. 8. DermaFex® Therapeutic Skin CareDaily Renewal Facial Moisturizerwith WGP® 3-6 B-Glucan and Coenzyme Q-10This advanced renewing cream combinesantioxidant vitamins A, E and C andcoenzyme Q-10 with WGP® 3-6 B-Glucan(beta 1, 3/1, 6 glucan) to encourage self-healing, rejuvenation and reduction in theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dailyuse helps protect against UVA sun damage Acne Geland premature skin aging for a healthier, with WGP® 3-6 B-Glucan and Liposomal Matrix Delivery™more youthful complexion. Our proprietary LMD speeds salicylic acid,28 ml pump bottle $15.95* • Member price $12.76* patented beta 1, 3/1, 6 glucan and olive leaf extract to where they are needed most. This unique combination of immune boosting,Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer healing ingredients work together to im-with Matrixyl® 3000, WGP® 3-6 B-Glucan and mediately begin reducing redness, irritationLiposomal Matrix Delivery™ and swelling and help prevent future break-Wake up to smoother, visibly younger- outs. You’ll use so little, it will seem like itlooking skin. A 1999 study revealed that lasts forever.Matrixyl produced “a highly significant 14 ml. tube $19.95* • Member price $15.96*reduction in deep and moderate wrinkles”in up to 68% of participants. Our formulacombines Matrixyl with immune- DermaFex® Gentle Facial Cleanserstrengthening beta glucan, a powerful Water-soluble olive oil is the secret to thiscombination that helps stimulate collagen and natural and truly gentle cleanser that workselastin, repair damaged skin and reduce the without sodium laurel sulfate. DermaFexvisible signs of aging as you sleep. Experience Facial Cleanser nourishes your skin whilethe miracle of Matrixyl—as effective as gently removing dirt and make-up withoutRetinol without skin irritation! harsh chemicals or soap residue.28 ml. pump bottle $34.95* • Member price $27.96* 2 - 28 ml. pump bottle -- $8.95*Instant Face Liftwith WGP® 3-6 B-Glucan and Coenzyme Q-10 Save money and see even betterOur patented face lift system works results with our complete three-in-oneinstantly and lasts 8 to 10 hours. Active Acne System:ingredients lift, smooth and reduce puffiness • 28 ml. Gentle Facial Cleanseraround the eyes without flaking, crumbling, • 28 ml. Daily Renewal Facial Moisturizeror feeling tight. Powerful beta glucan helps • 14 ml. Acne Gelmobilize immune cells to renew and rejuve-nate delicate skin while protecting from sun A $42.85 value—ONLY $29.95!and environmental damage. You’ll see the Complete Acne System in a convenient travel pouch $29.95difference!28 ml. pump bottle $24.95* • Member price $19.96*6 | • phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412 *Prices subject to change without notice.
  9. 9. Extreme Results! AMAVI I have never had such TM wonderful and satisfying results from an acne treatment. I saw extreme results overnight ... even SkinCare to Fall in Love With! better than I had on a prescribed regimen. AMAVI skincare products combine luxurious cosmeceuticals —Liz, Phoenix with revolutionary science to provide the best skincare the world has to offer.Bone Health Kit The secret behind our exciting Bone loss can begin line is our revolutionary delivery as early as age 30 system, Nanochem,™ which due to inadequate quickly carries key ingredients calcium intake, into the deep layers of your lack of exercise, skin where wrinkles form. diet, alcohol, smoking, stress, AMAVI’s ingredients work at a higher some medications, level of potency, effectively balancing and or a family history of re-hydrating your skin, increasing collagenosteoporosis. Early detection is important production and leaving your skin lookingin establishing preventive measures. and feeling healthier and more radiant.Our test is a simple, convenient and cost To learn more about oureffective way to measure the NTx molecule, growing line ofan indicator of how fast you are losing AMAVI products,bone mass. This kit contains everything or to order,you need to collect a urine sample in theprivacy of your own home and send it to call 800-558-7046our lab for analysis. A report and self-care or visit our website atrecommendations will be sent to you. www.womenshealth.comKit and report • $59.95* Stunned By For a complete Rate Of Bone Loss listing of our “At age 40, I was stunned to learn I was losing self-care products, visit bone mass at more than twice the normal rate—what you would expect to see in a 60- or 70-year-old woman! The health educators at Women’s Health America advised me to increase my nutritional supplements and my exercise. Three months later, I repeated the test and saw dramatic improvement.” — Lorena, Nurse Practitioner Auto Ship is easy, convenient and saves money | 7
  10. 10. Special Services Save up to $200 per year on your prescriptions, vitamins and personal care productscircleof Member benefitsfriends Save 20% on compounded prescriptions ® and over-the-counter health products all year long! (Limited exclusions apply.) Receive one FREE new prescription ormembership prescription refill valued up to $50. CHOOSE one FREE over the counter item from six of our most popular products —a $19.95 value. Save 50% on standard shipping and Circle of Friends® handling. (Test kits excluded.) membership Save $20.00 on a Restore® BioBalance Bone Loss Analysis to determine rate of bone makes it easy to save… loss. (A $59.95 value for $39.95.) You will save on prescriptions and over- the-counter health products AND receive Log in at: the latest health education news. The cost is low—just $29.95 per year. The value is extraordinary— you can save up to $200 per year on prescriptions and other products. And you’ll be among the first to know about our newest innovations in women’s healthcare. 8 | • phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412
  11. 11. AUTO SHIP refills your order Start Savingautomatically EVERY month! Time & MoneyIt’s easy. It’s convenient. It saves you money! Today.With AUTO SHIP you’ll never run out of theprescriptions and products you depend on to look andfeel your best. AUTO SHIP also allows us to compound To order calland test your prescriptions in advance, so they are readyand waiting for your next AUTO SHIP order. 800.558.7046You’ll save on every bottle of ProCycle® and or online atProCycle® Gold—and you’ll save on monthly shipping. www.womenshealth.comTo order AUTO SHIP• Call 800.558.7046 and ask for customer service or order online at• Tell us which prescription and over-the- counter products you would like us to automatically ship to you each month.• Let us know which debit or credit card you wish to use for billing.We’ll do the rest!We’ll ship your order to the address provided atthe same time each month. All insurance andbilling will be handled automatically. IT’S THAT EASY. Using HT? Call us about FREE follow-up hormone testing. | 9
  12. 12. When Self-Care Is Not EnoughSynthetic and natural Self-Care and Prescription Care Are Complimentary(bioidentical) hormones Self-care is an essential part of every woman’sare as different as apples health and hormone balancing program,and oranges. whether she chooses prescriptive hormone therapy or not. When self-care is not enough,Synthetic and bioidentical hormones are both hormones made in a laboratory–– low-dose, personalized natural hormone yet they are different in many therapy—using bioidentical hormones that ways, especially in the way they act in work in your body just like those you naturally your body. The difference is based on produce—is an option that has worked well for chemical structure. thousands of women and men.Bioidentical (natural) hormones have a chemical structure that is identical to the hormones found in your body. That means they act in your body just like the hormones you produce naturally. Chemical Structure of Natural Bioidentical hormones are derived from and Synthetic Hormones plants including wild yam and soybeans. PROGESTERONE CH3Synthetic hormones have a similar, but C O CH3 not identical, chemical structure to the C O O hormones your body produces. This slight O C CH3 chemical difference means a synthetic hormone may produce a substantially different effect in your body than the CH3 MEDROXYPROGESTERONE hormones you naturally produce. Synthetic ACETATE PROVERA hormones are derived from a variety of sources. For example, some synthetic You can see that the synthetic hormone estrogens are derived from the urine medroxyprogesterone acetate, commonly known of pregnant mares. as Provera® (bottom), has a different molecular structure than natural progesterone (top).10 | • phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412
  13. 13. “I’ll say it again (and again and again and again):Balancing hormones is our best bet to fight the ESTROGEN:diseases of aging. Natural estrogens, derived from soy, include estrone, estradiol and estriol.“It is not normal to get sick as we age. But withoutbalanced hormones, our organs are not getting the proper Protects against:nutrients and begin slowly to break down. It is commonly · Osteoporosisthought that middle age brings sickness. In general · Alzheimer’s disease · Colon cancerit does because there is so little understanding · Urinary incontinenceof hormone replacement.” · Tooth loss/decay—Suzanne Somers in Enhances:The Sexy Years, p. 60 · Sleep · Mood · Mental sharpness/memory · DigestionWhich Hormones · Sex drive · Skin toneDo I Need and · Brain chemicals likeHow Much? serotonin and endorphins While there is no set PROGESTERONE: The balance of progesterone andcombination or dosage estrogen in a woman’s body is veryof bioidentical hormones important. USP progesterone (Naturalthat work for every Progesterone Cream, Prometrium®, Cri-woman or man, natural none®) is a natural progesterone derivedhormone therapy typically includes from wild yam or soy.estrogen, progesterone and/or testosterone. · Is necessary for fertilityWhich hormones you need and the amount you and maintaining a pregnancyneed depends upon your individual hormone levels · Has a calming effectand symptoms. · Enhances mood · Regulates fluid balancePremenstrual Syndrome: Symptoms of PMS may be · Increases energy and sex drive · Stabilizes blood sugar, thyroid function,associated with low levels of progesterone and and mineral balanceelevated levels of estrogen. · Decreases risk of endometrial cancer · May help protect against breast cancer, fibrocystic Perimenopause: Declining levels of estrogen and breasts and osteoporosisprogesterone, and in some cases testosterone, maybe associated with symptoms women experience TESTOSTERONE: An androgen, produced in men and in substantiallyduring perimenopause. smaller amounts in women, this hormone declines in both men and women as they age.Menopause and beyond: Lower levels of estrogen,progesterone and testosterone, typical after · Builds and promotes muscle tonemenopause, may be associated with bone loss, · Increases energy · Decreases fatiguerisk of cardiac disease and loss of libido. · Increases sex drive · Enhances well-beingAndropause: Lower levels of testosterone as men age · Strengthens bonemay be associated with declining muscle mass,energy, libido and sexual function. Using HT? Call us about FREE follow-up hormone testing. | 11
  14. 14. Specialized Pharmacy Services Specialized Pharmacy ServicesOur Compounding Pharmacy The difference Madison Pharmacy Associates is one ofMadison Pharmacy Associates, LLC was the first the few pharmacies in America to earnpharmacy in the U.S. to specialize in women’s the prestigious Pharmacy Compoundinghealth and recognize that prescriptions should be Accreditation Board’s Seal of Approval. The accreditation was awarded after Madisonindividualized to meet a woman’s unique hormonal Pharmacy Associates met or exceeded theneeds. We continue to improve drug delivery and rigorous standards created by ®diagnostic testing methods in our state-of-the-art the eight national professionalpharmacy and laboratory. pharmacy organizations that make up the PCAB, and confirms that Madison Pharmacy Associates Working With consistently meets the highest quality and safety standards in our COMPOUNDING PHARMACY Our Pharmacy profession. ACCREDITATION BOARDIt’s easy to have your prescription for low-dose, natural Our customized prescriptions usehormone therapy individually compounded by our pharmacists: advanced, patented ingredients combined1. Have your doctor call, fax, or e-mail your with pharmaceutical-grade chemicals. prescription to: We compound each prescription using sophisticated pharmaceutical technology, · 24-hour toll-free phone: 800.558.7046 one ingredient at a time, to assure accurate · 24-hour toll-free fax: 888.898.7412 dosage delivery and · Mail: Madison Pharmacy Associates, a low capsule PO Box 259690, Madison, WI 53725-9690 variance rate.2. Our Customer Service Specialists will contact you to confirm your receipt and verify your shipping, billing and insurance information. You are also welcome to contact us toll free at 800.558.7046.3. We compound most prescriptions the same day they are received and ship to you via US Mail, Airborne Express, or UPS. ORIGINAL, INDIVIDUALLY DOSED, NATURAL HORMONE FORMULAS Our prescriptions are individually formulated and prepared just for you. Our original formulas use only bioidentical hormones like the ones your body produces naturally. Your healthcare provider can choose from many different strengths and delivery systems. 12 | • phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412
  15. 15. IG OR IN Available only from MPA AL S Madison Pharmacy Associates, LLC TM ™- A Metered Transmucosal Applicator Our latest advancement in precise, controlled hormone therapy dosing - aplía™! Convenient and discreet, the aplía applicator is designed to administer a metered dose of multi-hormone cream directly to the vaginal opening or labial area. aplía offers a convenient alternative to messy creams. Even-Release Oral Tablet We introduced this breakthrough progesterone delivery system in 1986. It combines slow, even-release of medication with the convenience of dosing once or twice daily. Rapid Acting Sublingual Tablet Our innovative sublingual (under tongue) delivery system is convenient, pleasantly orange-flavored and dissolves under the tongue in less than one minute. Customized Transdermal Patch This is not a standard-dose, “one-size-fits-all” patch, but one that is created and dosed just for you. Our proprietary transdermal patch acts as a reservoir for continuous delivery of individual or combined hormone therapy. Other dosage forms offering Insurance complete strength and dosage flexibility include: Coverage We accept hundreds of • Oral and Chewable Tablets prescription insurance plans. • Micronized “In Oil” Oral Based on your insurance Capsules coverage, we can: • Transdermal Creams and Gels Save up to $200 • File directly with your • Suppositories insurance company for per year on prescription coverage. prescriptions and And through our Restore® program, we are able • Provide the documentation products with our to work with you and you need to be reimbursed Circle of Friends® your healthcare provider directly by your insurance provider if we do not membership and to monitor results and adjust dosages as needed. accept your plan. Auto Ship. See pages 8 and 9. Save up to $200 a year as a member | 13
  16. 16. Feel Like Yourself Again with Restore ® Restore®What is Restore ? ® How do you monitor my results?Restore® integrates the very latest in laboratory Results are monitored using FDA clearedtechnology and pharmaceutical science diagnostic testing. A simple saliva test is allwith traditional values in healthcare that it takes to precisely measure your hormoneinclude listening and responding to a patient’s levels. Saliva tests measure “free” hormonesindividual needs. The Restore program helps which make up the two to five percentassure each patient’s hormones are being of active hormones in a person’s body. Insupplemented in exactly the amount needed, contrast, blood serum generally tests “to-without over or under dosing. tal” hormones, which also includes those bound to protein and unavailable for use.Why should I chooseRestore for Hormone therapy? ®Restore® is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive The Restore program ®hormone therapy program. We not onlymeasure your hormone levels and customize componentsand compound your prescription, we workwith you and your healthcare provider 1. Analytical measurement of saliva toevery step of the way to assure maximum determine baseline hormone levels (estrogen,results at the lowest effective dose. And progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and/orbest of all—we include free follow-up cortisol) and of urine NTx to measure rate ofhormone testing annually! bone loss. 2. Customized low-dose prescriptions that are specific to your individual test requirements and medical history. At Madison Pharmacy Associates, our pharmacists individually compound each prescription using natural hormones that are biologically identical to what your body produces. 3. Ongoing case management provided to you and your healthcare provider. Our pharmacists and nursing staff will assist in evaluating and adjusting the plan of care to attain optimal therapeutic outcomes at the lowest effective dose. 14 | Auto Ship is easy, convenient and saves money
  17. 17. Thank you for foundingBONE LOSS TESTING Women’s Health AmericaOur NTx urine test is able to quickly measure rate and giving hope to womenof bone loss, showing changes within three months. like me. I have been aThis is a distinct advantage over the two years Restore® member sincegenerally required for sequential bone densitometry(BMD) measurements and allows for early intervention August of help prevent irreversible bone loss. Our urine testaccurately measures the NTx molecule (cross-linked Thanks to your wonderfulN-telopeptides), a biochemical marker of bone staff…my menopausemetabolism. is not over but at least I know there is light at theHow do I get started WITH RESTORE ? ® end of the tunnel. ThankTo get started, simply have your healthcare provider complete you so much for all youa Restore® enrollment form and fax it to Women’s Health have done for women allAmerica. Additional Restore enrollment forms are over the world.available by calling 800.558.7046 or online at — receiving your enrollment form:• We will contact you to explain the program and how to collect samples and we will verify your payment and shipping information.• We will ship the test kit to you. You will collect your sample and return the kit to our lab for analysis. (Complete instructions are included in your kit.)• Our case managers will evaluate your results. We will notify you when results are sent to your healthcare provider.• Your healthcare provider will discuss test results and recommendations with you.• If you choose prescription therapy, your healthcare provider will call/fax your prescription(s), to Women’s Health America, Madison Pharmacy Associates.• Our case management specialists will monitor your hormone levels through free follow-up testing at regular intervals. phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412 | 15
  18. 18. Education EducationWant to Learn More? The HRT Solution By Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph. and John M. KellsWomen’s Health America has all the with Christine Macgenn Rodgersonresources you need to stay informedabout the women’s health issues that “The HRT Solution should be the bible of hormone replacement for any woman who is on hormones orconcern you most. Visit our Health Library considering taking them. Any other approach justonline at for the isn’t good enough.”latest women’s health information. While —Christiane Northrup, M.D, author ofonline, be sure to sign up for our PMS, The Wisdom of Menopause and Women’s Bodies,perimenopause and menopause e-mail Women’s Wisdommini-courses and for Women’s Health Talk,our electronic newsletter with hot topics Everything you and your healthcare providerand hotter product specials. need to know about why synthetic hormone therapy has not worked for many women­ —and why bioidentical (natural) hormone ­­“must-have” resources therapy does—is right here. Marla Ahlgrimm explains the differences in clear, conciseevery woman should own terms illustrated with real-life stories from by Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph. The HRT Solution introduces a new approach to hormone therapy that is as natural andSelf-Help for Premenstrual SyndromeBy Michelle Harrison, M.D. with Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph. as individual as you. Testing to assess and monitor hormone levels is combined withSelf-Help for Premenstrual Syndrome has customized, lowest-effective-dose therapybeen the definitive resource for PMS using bioidentical hormones, identical toinformation since it was first published those your body makes.more than 15 years ago. In this third Paperback • $14.95edition, you’ll find accurate up-to-dateinformation on symptoms and causes;diagnosing and treating; diet, exercise, and supplementation; alternative therapies;social and political implications—andmore. With its practical advice, friendlyapproach and comprehensive resourcesection, you’ll find Self-Help for PremenstrualSyndrome an invaluable guide with theanswers you need.Paperback • $15.00 We are here to help. If you have a women’s health question, ask Marla via email at wha@WomensHealth.com16 | Using HT? Call us about FREE follow-up hormone testing.
  19. 19. You’ll Find Everything You Need at · Sign-up for one or all of our six-week e-mail mini-courses on PMS, perimenopause and menopause. · Subscribe to Women’s Health Talk, our electronic newsletter. · Browse our Health Library and Book Store. · Use convenient online ordering for prescriptions, books and your favorite over-the-counter women’s health products.OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE*If you are not completely satisfied with your product experience, send us theremaining unused portion of any over-the-counter product within 30 days ofpurchase and we will refund your money in full—no questions asked. Thank you at least a(25% restocking fee on any returned/unused test kit.)* Prescription products excluded per federal regulation. hundred times! You came through for me in the way that I have come “Feel like yourself again” to expect from Women’s Place your order at Health America. Thanks so or call 800.558.7046. Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm CST much for seeing to my needs and responding in such a wonderful, caring manner. You have renewed my zest for proclaiming your name Women’sR Health A M E I C A and services to those I comeCorporate office, Toll-free telephone in contact with. Thanks for alllaboratory and pharmacy 800.558.7046 that you do for the healthcare1289 Deming Way Toll-free faxMadison, WI 53717 of the women of America! 888.898.7412 E-mail —ClaraMailing address wha@WomensHealth.comPO Box 259690Madison, WI 53725-9690 Online phone 800.558.7046 | fax 888.898.7412 | 17
  20. 20. Women’sR Health A M E I C A Women’s Health America, Inc. Madison Pharmacy Associates, LLC PO Box 259690 1289 Deming Way Madison, WI 53725-9690 phone: 800.558.7046 REV 04-2010 Ref #: WHANHECAT-02