Ready for a New Career?


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Career Coach Kathy Caprino shares how, when and why to make a major career transition with the members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network. To learn more about the Connect group and join for free, visit

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Ready for a New Career?

  1. BROUGHT TO YOU BY Ready for a New Career? Career Coach Kathy Caprino shares how, when and why to make a major career transition with Connect: Professional Women’s Network.
  2. Meet Kathy Caprino! Kathy is a women‘s career coach, author, speaker and leadership trainer, as well as the founder of Ellia Communications, Inc. and The Amazing Career Project, all dedicated to helping women advance, thrive and reach their highest potential in business and professional life. In addition to her book Breakdown, Breakthrough, Kathy is a also a contributor to Forbes, AARP‘S Life Reimagined for Work and Huffington Post. Her weekly career video blog Work You Love addresses key topics and trends around women‘s career transitions, success and growth, leadership, and more. Kathy recently answered questions from the members of Connect: Professional Women‘s Network. Here is some of her most popular advice!
  3. ACCORDING TO LINKEDIN + CITI’S TODAY’S PROFESSIONAL WOMAN REPORT: The average professional woman expects to have eight different jobs over the course of her lifetime.
  4. Make finding a new career your top priority. ―If you don‘t have time to research new careers, you don‘t have time to build a new career. It‘s a large undertaking and, in order to achieve it, you‘ve got to give it your all. To do what we want in life, we have to prioritize it FIERCELY!‖
  5. Wondering where to start? Try the beginning. ―Think about all the jobs you‘ve had since high school -- what you loved, hated and would never do again. Think about everything that people have commented on and said ‗Wow, she‘s amazing at that!‘ Then break those down into definable skills, and think about careers or areas that might utilize them.‖
  6. ACCORDING TO LINKEDIN + CITI’S TODAY’S PROFESSIONAL WOMAN REPORT: Women are more likely than men to make several career transitions as they progress toward their goals.
  7. Research, research, research. ―Once you‘ve identified your top options, do as much online and offline research as possible. Google, follow folks in the field on LinkedIn, interview and shadow people established in the line of work, and follow the industry‘s movers and shakers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.‖
  8. Be proactive in your transition. ―You have to let others know of your great work and what you want. Rather than applying to open postings, determine the 30 companies you‘d love to work for, and network with fierce commitment. It‘s PEOPLE who will help you get great work.‖
  9. Don’t set yourself up for failure. ―As much as you want to quit your job to focus on finding a new career, don‘t do it unless the job is intolerable and you can‘t bear it. The stress of not earning money crimps the process of career change. Plus, it‘s much harder to get work when you‘re out of work.‖
  10. ACCORDING TO LINKEDIN + CITI’S TODAY’S PROFESSIONAL WOMAN REPORT: More women than men are employed in careers that differ from what they thought they would do when graduating from college (45% versus 36%).
  11. Think hard before you launch your own business. ―This is not a step to be taken lightly. It requires more courage, risk-acceptance, commitment, self-motivation and work than most people imagine.‖ As a first step, check out Kathy‘s free resources about building entrepreneurial success on her Forbes blog, Career Bliss.
  12. If you’re switching to freelance or consulting, build a nest egg. ―While you can take small, unrelated jobs to pay the bills, save enough to launch your new career so you can focus 100 percent of your time, efforts, marketing, networking, etc. on this new direction.‖
  13. ACCORDING TO LINKEDIN + CITI’S TODAY’S PROFESSIONAL WOMAN REPORT: Women are more likely than men to think that they‘ll work in a totally different industry or at a different company in 10 years (30% versus 19%).
  14. Relocating? Prepare to work twice as hard. “The best way to find work that‘s not in your area is through extensive networking, not applying to positions cold. Tap your network for warm leads, and find a way to make personal-contact inroads with people in that region—travel there frequently for conferences, trainings and network association meetings.‖
  15. Be patient. “Career change does not happen overnight. It‘s a process, and the most successful career changers have done extensive inner and outer work to realize what they are capable of, and build the courage to honor their top priorities, and believe in themselves without reservation.‖
  16. 5 Steps to Successful Career Change 1. Step back for an empowered perspective. Determine 2. 3. 4. 5. which directions are the most compelling and, just as important, the most viable. Let go—of the thinking, patterns, and behaviors that keep you stuck. Look for repeating negative patterns in your life, as well as limiting beliefs and mindsets. Say yes to your compelling visions. Identify concretely what amazing success and reward looks like for you specifically. Explore it and try it on. Truly consider the top three directions you‘re excited about, and ―try them on‖ as thoroughly as you can. Create a smart plan to make it happen. Create a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plan, with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals—and someone in your court to keep you accountable.
  17. Additional Resources Today‘s Professional Woman Report – a national survey conducted by LinkedIn and Citi, inspired by the Connect group Ellia Communications – Kathy Caprino‘s company, devoted to helping women thrive in their careers. Work You Love -- Kathy‘s weekly video blog addressing key topics and trends around women‘s careers. Career Path Self-Assessment -- Online tool to help you determine your new career path. Amazing Career Project -- A 16-week program to help you structure your journey to your new career. Career Path Self-Assessment -- Online tool to help you determine your new career path. Career Bliss -- Kathy‘s blog for Forbes, focusing on women and careers.
  18. Join the conversation! Connect: Professional Women’s Network, Powered by Citi, is an online community on LinkedIn that helps women achieve the careers they want and discuss the issues relevant to their success. For more great insights from Connect members, check out the discussion: I'm Career Coach Kathy Caprino, Here to Answer Your Questions and When Is It Time To Move On? Visit for more information and to join the group! PHOTO CREDITS: 1: Peshkova/Shutterstock 2: Peggy Garbus 3: Iliveinoctober/Flickr 4: Connel/Shutterstock 5: Denis Kuvaev/Shutterstock 7: baranq/Shutterstock 8: Dell's Official Flickr Page 9: Rakoc Studio/Shutterstock 11: I am indisposted/Flickr 12: NATBo/Shutterstock 14: Shebeko/Shutterstock 15: De Visu/Shuterstock ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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