Roadblocks to Career Advancement


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What's the career landscape for women right now? The latest insights from Today’s Professional Woman Report, inspired by Connect: Professional Women's Network, share what's keeping women from career satisfaction. To learn more about the Connect group on LinkedIn or to join for free, visit

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Roadblocks to Career Advancement

  1. 1. BROUGHT TO YOU BYInsights from LinkedIn + Citi’s Today’s Professional Woman ReportThe Roadblocks toCareer Advancement
  2. 2. What does the career landscapelook like today for women?
  3. 3. Citi and LinkedIn’s secondannual Today’s ProfessionalWomen Report exploreswomen’s biggest roadblocksto career satisfaction andsuccess.
  4. 4. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 4Women’s reluctance to ask for a raise may bekeeping them from getting what they want.
  5. 5. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 5Only 1 in 4 professional women have askedfor a raise in the past year. Yet 75% of thosewho asked received a salary increase, and halfreceived equal or more than they expected.
  6. 6. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 6Lack of opportunity,time and loyaltyhold women back.
  7. 7. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 7Only 38% of professional women plan to rise to a more senior leadershipposition in their companies, citing lack of opportunities and reluctanceto take time away from their personal lives as two of the top reasons.
  8. 8. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 8Working from home impacts women’s perception of their“promotability”: 26% of women who telecommute think they’ll getpromoted, in comparison to 40% who work in the office full time.
  9. 9. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 9Women’s three biggest work frustrations:Not getting paid enough, office politicsand being underutilized.
  10. 10. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 10Women breadwinners are notimmune to the gender wage gap.
  11. 11. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 11Female breadwinners make less money than their male counterparts.When a woman is the breadwinner in her household, she makes anaverage of $35,000 more than her partner.
  12. 12. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 12Continue the conversation.The 2013 Today’s Professional Woman Report survey wasconducted by LinkedIn among a nationally representativesample of 954 Professional Women LinkedIn members.The survey was inspired by Connect: Professional Women’sNetwork, Powered by Citi, an online community on LinkedInthat helps women achieve the careers they want and discussthe issues relevant to their success.Visit to learnmore about Connect and to join the group!For more information aboutToday’s Professional Woman Report, contact:Jennifer Kohanim of FleishmanHillard: jennifer.kohanim@fleishman.comCatherine McManus of Citi: catherine.mcmanus@citi.comFenot Tekle of LinkedIn:
  13. 13. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 13