War of 1812 inquiry


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A look at 4 of the battles from the War of 1812

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War of 1812 inquiry

  1. 1. War of 1812- Inquiry BY: Yash Gajaria
  2. 2. How and why were the following battles important in the War of 1812? • Battle of Thames • Battle of Crysler's Farm • Battle of Chateauguay • Battle of New Orleans
  3. 3. Battle of Thames Background info about the Battle of Thames • Took place on October 5th 1813 • Location: Near current Chatham-Kent Ontario = Upper Canada Alliance: Great Britain United States Lead by • Henry Procter • Tecumseh • William Henry Harrison Strength 1300 • 800 regulars • 500 Natives 3760 • 2380 militia • 1000 volunteered troops • 120 regulars • 260 Natives Also Known as: Battle of Moravian
  4. 4. Why was the Battle of Thames important in the War of 1812? Shawnee Leader, Tecumseh was Killed Tecumseh was a great communicator between the Native and British, without him, there would be less communication between the British and Native USA victory meant Gain control of Detroit, and in the late 1812 and early 1813 United States would battle hard for land in this area
  5. 5. How, when and why was Tecumseh killed? 1.Harrison (American leader) gave command to make a frontal attack on the British 2.British regulars tried using the British cannons, but the cannon couldn’t fire 3.Americans got through the exhausted British and the British gave one last shot but failed 4.Tecumseh and his followers still fought back hard 5.Americans and co leader, Johnson charged into the Native people to attract attention, and distract all the British troops still fighting
  6. 6. 6. Tecumseh and his crew kept firing musket shots form the back, which resulted in 15 Americans being killed and the main part of the Americans got caught in the swamp and mud 7. Americans still attacked and Tecumseh was killed, the news spread to everyone very fast
  8. 8. Americans gained control of British ground during the Battle Tecumseh and some of his men fought hard to gain back this land- Tecumseh was killed in the process
  9. 9. Results of Tecumseh being killed • Start to become difficult for the Native to communicate with the British • Native didn’t have someone to represent them selves in Paris when the Treaty of Ghent was signed
  10. 10. Battle of Chateauguay Background info about the Battle of Chateauguay • Battle took place on the 26th of October 1813 • Location: Allan’s Corner- current Ormstown, Quebec
  11. 11. Alliance: Great Britain United States Lead by: Charles de Salaberry Wade Hampton Strength: 1360 50 fencibles 400 volunteers 900 militia 180 Mohawks 4000 2600 regulars 1400 militia
  12. 12. Why and how was this battle important in the British’s victory in the War of 1812? Americans WANTED to invade lower Canada, and their goal was to ultimately get Quebec and Montreal, the heart of French culture in British North America.
  13. 13. AMERICAN’S PLAN • Late 1813 the Americans’ plan was to capture Montreal and then get control of all of Upper Canada • Had 2 divisions 1. St. Lawrence River from Sacketts Harbour Lake Ontario 2. Plattsburgh North from Lake Champlain
  14. 14. THE BATTLE 1. American commander sent 1000 of his men under command of Colonel Robert Purdy to go and cross the southern bank of Chateauguay 2. Canadiens had to call up several militia units for defence 3. American general ordered that 10 000 quarters were build on the St. Lawrence for his men during the brutal winter. 4. Hampton (leader of division 2) would have easily retreated immediately, but couldn’t ditch Purdy
  15. 15. Purdy and 10 000 of his men spent the night of October 25th 1813 walking through a swamp in the rain. The morning of October 26th 1813 had the Americans at the river opposite to de Salaberry’s forward defence In the afternoon, Captain Daly- leader of 3rd select Embodies militia ordered to attack Americans immediately. Canadiens got severely wounded, but Americans went back.
  16. 16. Co-leader of the second division of Americans, George Izard and his 1000 men marched the ravines facing de Salaberry’s defence and got into line. Legend says when an American went and asked for surrender when the flag of truce (used to stop fighting) was up, he was shot by Salaberry himself Americans lined up and fired volleys, but it was no good, the Canadiens were VERY accurate and almost every shot was at the heads/chests’ of the Americans Americans went back 4.8 km
  17. 17. Purdy went back, thinking Izard would still be in action, BUT he wasn’t so Purdy was forced to retreat Hampton gave orders to retreat, and this led to the Battle at Chrysler's Farm
  18. 18. Battle of Crysler’s Farm Background info about the Battle of Crysler’s Farm • Battle took place on November 11th 1813 • Location: Near Cornwall, Ontario
  19. 19. Alliance Great Britain Americans Leader • William Mulcaster • Joseph Wanton Morrison • James Wilkinson • John Parker Boyd Strength 900 Militia + Regulars 8000 regulars 2500-4000 engaged in the battle Killed 31 102
  20. 20. Americans were sticking to their plan, the same plan from the Battle of Chateauguay The Americans wanted to attack Lower Canada, and ultimately get to Montreal/ Quebec
  21. 21. What happened in the Battle of Crysler’s Farm? 1. Late November 10th 1813 Wilkinson was in Cooks Town where he set up his head quarters 2. British sent men in and around Kingston and the 1000 islands 3. Early November 11th it was very cold and raining 4. Fire began in two places 1. On the River where Mulcaster’s gunboats were shooting American boats 2. A Mohawk fired at the American party which was near the encampment Americans got wounded and ill, and eventually ran out of ammunition. This forced them to continue back and retreat
  22. 22. After the Americans’ two losses in trying to attack Lower Canada, the Americans ditched this strategy and had to retreat back to the United States.
  23. 23. Battle of New Orleans Battle took place on January 8th 1815 Location of the battle was 8 km south of New Orleans at Chalmette
  24. 24. Alliance Great Britain Americans Leaders/ Commander s • Edward Pakenham • Alexander Cochrane • John Keane • John Lambert • William Thornton • Thomas Mullins • Andrew Jackson • William Carroll • John Coffee • Jean Lafitte • Walter H. Overton • Daniel Patterson Strength 1100 4732 Killed 55 380
  25. 25. Why was this battle an “odd” battle in the War of 1812? • The Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24th 1814, the Battle of New Orleans took place after the Treaty was signed. • It was almost late February when people in Louisiana found out about the treaty being signed • Even though the Treaty was signed in December, this battle still took place in January 1815, with a American victory- which was pointless.
  26. 26. What led to the Battle • In the Battle of Lake Borgne on December 12th 1814, the British attacked near the Lake and the fought back and forward near Lake Borgne • Night attack on December 23rd and on the morning of December 24th 1800 British soldiers were on the east bank of the Mississippi river.
  27. 27. Battle of New Orleans
  28. 28. Battle of Chateauguay
  29. 29. Battle of Thames
  30. 30. Memorial for the Battle of Crysler’s Farm
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