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Look Inside the Headache of an Accountant [Infographic]


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Staff and client retention concerns can trigger several pain points. Take a look inside the headache of an accountant and if any of these symptoms sound familiar then count on CCH Axcess™ for the right prescription strength.

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Look Inside the Headache of an Accountant [Infographic]

  1. 1. LOOK INSIDE THE Headache of an Accountant Staff and client retention concerns can trigger several pain points. We have the solution for your symptoms. Staff Firms that leverage technology attract the best staff, leading to higher profits. Emerging leaders are more likely than existing leaders to think technology helps attract talent.3 Fewer CPAs were hired during the economic downturn, leaving firms in need of experienced staff. Tech-savvy leaders will attract the 85% of SMB clients who think CPAs should be proactive with technology.1 Client Retention Keeping the business you have is crucial to your profitability. 76%of SMB clients think their CPA is not proactive enough.1 It costs firms 11x more to bring in new clients rather than keeping existing ones.2 72%have fired their CPA at least in part for not being proactive enough.1 SOURCES: 1 Accounting Today. “‘Reactive’ CPAs Lose Clients, Survey Says.” 2 AICPA. “Will You Be Ready for the Next Boom?.” 3 Wolters Kluwer. “CCH Leaders Now and Next Survey: CPA Firms Succeeding in the New Economy.” 2014-0425-2A © 2015 CCH Incorporated and its affiliates. All rights reserved. CCH Axcess™ — Prescription strength for your accounting headaches! Elevate Communication Support a Collaborative Working Relationship Accelerate Delivery of Work Control Workflow Keep Projects Moving Plan with Ease Stay Informed Ensure Accuracy Safeguard Client Data Visit today! Technology Important to Emerging Leaders Emerging Leaders: 82% Existing Leaders: 58% Importance of technology in attracting/retaining future firm leaders.3 Technology Important to Growth, Clients and Future Leaders Support overall growth of the firm Retain existing clients and recruit new clients Attract and retain future firm leaders 91% 99% 93% 89% 92% 100% 94% 89% 60% 96% 73% 46% Overall Pioneer Early Adopter Mainstream/Late Firms agree on how important of a role technology plays in supporting firm growth and client recruitment and retention.3