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CCH Axcess™ Maximizes Efficiency, for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA


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Description: Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA upgraded to CCH Axcess — the accounting profession’s first single-access, modular cloud solution — to take advantage of the freedom and efficiency the cloud would bring to firm management. Because the CCH Axcess modules are cloud based, Sansom and his team have a better work-life balance and are free to work anywhere with an Internet connection. To learn more, visit

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CCH Axcess™ Maximizes Efficiency, for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA

  1. 1. Case Study: Digital Tax Workflow Tax & Accounting North America CCH Axcess™ Maximizes Efficiency for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA When you have to be right
  2. 2. CCHAxcess™ Maximizes Efficiency for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA2 Firm delivers old-fashioned client service with a new technology twist. Having managed his own firm for nearly 30 years, Randall Sansom believes in serving his clients the right way. He’s carefully selected approximately 1,500 business and individual clients, building his firm on a reputation for personally advising every client and sticking to the principle that CPAs should be trusted, independent advisors — not sales people. By not competing in other financial service areas, he’s been able to grow the firm organically; investment brokers, financial advisors and tax attorneys love to refer their best clients to him. “I don’t sell investments. I don’t sell insurance. I don’t sell anything so that I remain totally, 100% independent. I’ve tried to be the old-time, independent trusted advisor that CPAs used to be.” — Randall L. Sansom Principal, Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA Gulf Breeze, Florida
  3. 3. Cloud-Based CCH Axcess Offers Freedom Well-organized document management is essential to any firm. With CCH Axcess Document, both accounting and administrative staff can always find documents when they’re needed. Keeping the office free of paper enables greater efficiency. And, when working from home, accountants don’t need to carry files home with them, because electronic documents are available in the software. “The cost of storing documents and files wasn’t cheap. Trying to have easy access to files for 1,500 clients created a real nightmare. We tried to keep three years of documents at the office and just had files everywhere. With CCH Axcess Document, we don’t even have a file cabinet anymore.” CCHAxcess™ Maximizes Efficiency for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA 3 • Founded in 1986 • Headquartered in Gulf Breeze, Florida • Nine employees: four professionals, two para‑professionals and three support staff • Specializing in tax, accounting and business consulting services Technology Helps Meet Changing Client Expectations While Sansom believes in traditional client service, he’s anything but old-fashioned when it comes to using technology to enhance firm efficiency and increase productivity. He’s used Wolters Kluwer’s software solutions since 1990. Sansom upgraded to CCH Axcess — the accounting profession’s first single-access, modular cloud solution — to take advantage of the freedom and efficiency the cloud would bring to firm management. CCH Axcess includes five integrated modules built around a common central database. • CCH Axcess™ Tax creates a streamlined, cloud-based, digital tax preparation and compliance workflow. • CCH Axcess™ Document provides centralized document management in the cloud. • CCH Axcess™ Portal helps the firm exchange documents with clients in a secure, private manner. • CCH Axcess™ Workstream helps the firm stay on top of the status of projects and efficiently manage deliverables. • CCH Axcess™ Practice is designed to maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work. “Clients have changed as technology has changed; now, clients want instant answers. With CCH Axcess, when a client calls or emails, I can quickly access their documents to intelligently discuss the situation and answer questions. Clients are very happy and willing to pay for that level of service.” Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA Key Data:
  4. 4. CCHAxcess™ Maximizes Efficiency for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA4 Because the CCH Axcess modules are cloud‑based, Sansom and his team are free to work anywhere with an Internet connection. That means working from home if someone doesn’t feel well or needs to work late during tax season. Team members can easily complete or review returns anywhere. Using CCH Axcess, Sansom has fielded client tax questions from some unusual places, including a boat in the Florida Keys! He was able to help the client quickly, without disrupting his fishing day. “I was lobstering when a client had an issue. I was actually able to access the client’s information from my phone — sitting out in the Atlantic Ocean — and return his phone call. Being able to get CCH Axcess information from anywhere is really, really nice.” CCH Axcess Practice keeps Sansom on top of where each return is in the preparation and review process. One staff member works from home three days every week, and Practice helps Sansom ensure team members working from home are getting just as much done as they would in the office. “Using CCH Axcess Practice and its time and billing functionality, I can see what my remote employee has been doing and what clients she’s worked on, so I know she is just as efficient at home as at the office.”
  5. 5. CCHAxcess™ Maximizes Efficiency for Randall L. Sansom, CPA, PA 5 Secure Portals Connect Firm with Clients around the World Sansom works with many clients who live and work in other parts of the world, thanks to the firm’s location near Pensacola, Florida and its three military bases. In the paper-based world, working with remote clients could be challenging. But CCH Axcess makes it easy to continue working with clients who move away from the Pensacola area. “Clients send us information securely with CCH Axcess Portal, then I send back a draft to review, and we go over it on the phone or via a video meeting. Sitting down for face time is not as big of a priority for some clients as it used to be.” Overall, Sansom is pleased with the added efficiency CCH Axcess has brought his firm, as well as the freedom and flexibility of being able to work anywhere. He’s amazed when he talks to other CPAs who are unwilling to spend time or money on technology that will make them more efficient. “I am not aware of a better option than CCH Axcess if you want to have access to all of the tools you need to manage a tax practice and provide quality, timely tax services to your clients.” Faster Billing Improves Cash Flow Because the firm’s workflow is more efficient with CCH Axcess, billing occurs as soon as a tax return is reviewed, instead of at the end of the month. As a result, the firm’s cash flow increased because clients paid their invoices quicker. “Billing at the end of the project saves time for my billing staff and me. We’ve found that if we present the bill right at the end of the project, clients pay right away. We put the bill on CCH Axcess Portal and they do everything at once — send in the e-file information, make an estimated tax payment and pay us.”
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