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The Next Frontier in Health Information Delivery


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At a recent seminar at the Peking Union Medical College, Andrew Richardson, VP Business Development & General Manager Europe, Wolters Kluwer Medical Research, discussed how mobile technology is transforming the industry and user behaviors in terms of content.

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The Next Frontier in Health Information Delivery

  1. The Next Frontier in InformationDelivery信息传播的新前沿Andrew RichardsonManaging Director Europe & VP Business Development欧洲执行董事兼全球业务发展副总裁
  2. Discussion Points 概要 • Global proliferation of medical research 全球医学研究的增长 • Mobile technology - transforming our industry and user behaviors with content 移动科技 ---产业结构与用户行为随内容变化得以重塑 • Wolters Kluwer – trusted information and solutions 威科集团 --- 值得您信赖的信息与解决方案提供者 2
  3. ‘A Medical Paper is Published Every 30 Seconds’每30秒就有一篇医学论文出版问世 Worldwide there are: 全球有:• 2000+ publishers 2000多家出版机构• 26,000 journals 26,000种期刊• 1.5m papers per year 每年发表150万篇文章• 10m+ readers in 10,000+ institutions 一千多万读者和一万多家研究机构• 1.5 billion downloads per annum 每年15亿次下载 3
  4. 10-12 years of EMB to become practice10-12年的循证医学研究转化为临床实践• IOM Report – Crossing the Quality Chasm (2001): 美国国家医学研究院2001年报告《跨越质量鸿沟》:• An average of about 17 years is required for new knowledge generated by randomized, controlled trials to be incorporated into practice, and even then application is highly uneven (Balas and Boren, 2000) 随机对照实验研究所得出的新观点平均需要大约17年才得 以在临床实践中应用,而且应用范围还极不广泛。 - Source: Balas, E. Andrew and Suzanne A. Boren. Managing Clinical Knowledge for Health Care Improvement. Yearbook of Medical Informatics. National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD: 65-70, 2000 4
  5. How Physicians Get Information to Diagnose and Treat Patients医生如何获取信息来协助患者诊疗Physicians today access a wide range of resources for information to help diagnoseand treat patients. Professional journals and colleagues top the rankings followed bygeneral browsers such as Google and Yahoo.现代医生通过各种渠道获取信息,协助诊治患者。专业期刊和同事是最主要信息来源,Google、Yahoo等搜索引擎排在第三位。 5
  6. The Changing Doctor-Patient Relationship医患关系的变化Survey findings show that physicians are challenged by limited time with patientsas well as a change in the doctor-patient relationship brought on by increasedaccess to more online medical information 调查表明,与病人相处时间太短是医患关系的最大挑战,其次就是由于网络上医学信息大量涌现导致医患关系产生变化。 6
  7. 10 Year CAGR in R&D Spend…10年来R&D投资的复合年增长率 US – 0.71% India 2% China 9% 7
  8. As Research Shifts Globally, Native Language Content andSearch is Required…随着科学研究的全球化,用母语检索和阅读的需求开始增长 8
  9. And More Clinicians Need Trusted Tools to Search the Evidence-basedResources, Quickly…越来越多的医生需要可靠的循征医学检索工具,这个要求非常迫切…… OvidMD • Only clinical tool bridging UpToDate with OvidSP 唯一将UpToDate与OvidSP整合起来的临床信息检索 工具 • Find answers quickly 能够迅速找到答案 • Comprehensive, evidence-based research 全面的循证医学研究 • Trusted sources 可靠的信息来源 9
  10. The Development of Mobile Devices is Driving Convergence….移动终端的发展推动信息一体化 Book Readers Smart Phones TabletsAmazon Kindle (Fire) iPhone, Android, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HPB&N Nook, Kobo Blackberry Slate, Blackberry Playbook Reading content Receiving alerts Reading content 阅读内容 接收新内容提醒 Receiving alerts 接收新内容提醒 阅读内容 Scanning full text 浏览全文 Reviewing abstracts Interactive work product 阅读摘要 交互式产品 Scanning full text Electronic health records 浏览全文 电子健康档案 Workflow tools 工作流工具 10
  11. Physician Adoption of Tablets & Digital Media is Evolving at Faster Rates than Anticipated 医生采用平板电脑和数字媒介的速度超出预期 68% physicians own a tablet device for work use; up 35% from 2011 12% of professional 59% use their 4 in 10 use time is spent on a tablet/smartphone for tablet between Half use the iPad tablet work 6x or more a day patient professionally consultationsSource: Manhattan Research Taking the Pulse US, 2012Wolters Kluwer Health – Journal iPad app user evaluations, 2012 11
  12. Online Journals Rank As Top Source Of Information Between Patient Consultations 在接诊患者的间隙,在线期刊是最主要的信息获取途径 Desktop/laptop Tablet Using device between patient consultations ~ 9 in 10 physicians ~ 4 in 10 physicians Top sources accessed Top sources accessed Among physicians owning a desktop/laptop Among physicians owning a tablet My EHR system Online journals Online journals Drug reference databases Physician portal resources Physician portal resourcesSource: Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2012 12
  13. LWW iPad Apps – evolution of printLWW系列期刊iPad应用程序 —— 印刷版之革新 • Enriched content, multimedia 内容更丰富,多媒体 • Fully mobile 完全移动化 • Greater user engagement 用户参与互动更多 13
  14. The iPad and other tablets are accelerating EMR adoption, improvingworkflow and patient contactiPad等平板电脑令电子病历系统发展更快,改善医院工作流程和与患者的联系 16% of physicians with 59% of physicians are an EMR access their interested in accessingsystem through a tablet an EMR via a tablet “I bought an iPad with 3G access so that I can access my EMR system from it when I’m on the move.”Source: Manhatta nResearch - Dr. Jonas, a PCP/family medicine physician CA 14
  15. At the Point of Research:Ovid, LWW and Medknow - Unparalleled Global Reach在医学研究方面:Ovid、LWW和Medknow --- 空前全球化 Combined customer reach in 186 countries . OvidSP platform:  13 million users in 12,500 institutions worldwide  1.3 billion pages views/year  Continues to rank as the world’s number one medical research tool  Partners with more than 150 of the world’s leading publishers  Used in 6 languages 15
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