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82nd	  CAB	                 2012	  STRONG	  BONDS	  FINAL	  DEPLOYED	  SPOUSES	  RETREAT	      Only open to spouses of dep...
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Strong Bonds Flyer for AUG 2012


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Attached is the August and final Strong Bonds spouse retreat information for 2012.

Same guidance applies as before, no sharing of rooms, no upgrades, the waiting list will contain anyone who has gone before in the order of how many times they have gone.

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Strong Bonds Flyer for AUG 2012

  1. 1. 82nd  CAB   2012  STRONG  BONDS  FINAL  DEPLOYED  SPOUSES  RETREAT   Only open to spouses of deployed soldiers!!! August 17-19, 2012 Kingston Resort ***Myrtle Beach, SC Register by August 8th TO    REGISTER   CONTACT    KAREN  FOSHEE    TODAY  !  !  !   910-­643-­7594   ♥ Time away to relax and play! ♥ New Topics – Reintegration / Reunion ♥ Adult conversation! ♥ Free time with free childcare! ♥ Relaxing hotel. ♥ Easy drive. ♥ Tasty meals.♥ Professional childcare.