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News 10-2-11

  1. 1. OCTOBER! FR G N E W S L E T T E R! 2011 WO L F PAC K Troopers of TF Wolfpack move-out... October has arrived and the crisper, You can find them on Facebook As we are sent approved links or cooler fall weather with it. The passing through the Wolfpack Family Readiness photos, we will share them with you. of September saw the troopers of page, 1/82 ARB page, the 82nd Combat Information on how to link to us on Taskforce Wolfpack move-out to do the Aviation Brigade page and most likely Facebook is on the next page. We look job they have all trained hard to do. even shared on your own company forward to having plenty to share and page. These photos are downloadable hope you will share yours as well. Photos were taken throughout the to your own computer for you to have. hangar during the trooper movements.
  2. 2. OPSEC & PERSEC Fi nd u s o n Face b o ok!1. Do not post exact deployment dates orredeployment dates. Wolfpack Family-Readiness2. Do not reveal camp locations, including cities. 1/82 ARB “Wolfpack” “Intelligence collection and Wolfpack/109483005769482 analysis is like assembling a 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade picture puzzle. Intelligence collectors are fully aware of the 114100341987751importance of obtaining small bits of information, or ‘pieces’ of a puzzle, from many sources andassembling them to form the overall picture.” S h ipp i ng to3. Do not discuss convoy routes; detailed TF Wo lf packinformation on the mission, capabilities ormorale of a unit; specific names or actualnicknames; details concerning security We have been all cleared toprocedures, response times, tactics. starting mailing to TF Wolfpack. Domestic rates apply!4. Don’t discuss equipment. <First Name> <Last Name> TF 1-82, <company>5. Don’t speculate about operations. FOB Salerno APO AE 093146. Don’t post pictures that could bemisconstrued or used for propagandapurposes. Look at your picture withoutyour caption or explanation and considerif it could be re-captioned to reflectpoorly on coalition forces. 3 6 5 D a ys o f7. Don’t use count-up or count-down De plo ym e nttickers for the same reason as rule #1.8. Don’t post pictures that show significant TIP #101:landmarks and black out last names andunit affiliations. CYSS offers 16 hours of free childcare per month per child9. Do not, ever, post information about during deployment for those who are registered. Registration withcasualties (coalition or enemy) before the CYSS is free under The Armyofficial release of the information. Family Covenant.10. Do not pass on rumors.
  3. 3. "One ceases to recognize the significance of mountain peaks if they are not viewed occasionally from the deepest valleys." --- Dr. Al Lorin U P C O M I N G ... Adult Small Groups Fall 2011 “Financial Peace University” Led by CH Long Dates: Begins 11 September Place: Tolson Youth Center Time: Sundays at 1745 (5:45 p.m.) To Sign Up: Call 432-9076 or email “Through the Bible” Led by CH Busby Dates: Begins 11 September Place: Tolson Youth Center Time: Sundays at 1745 (5:45 p.m.) To Sign Up: Call 366-4828 or email “Learning to Follow Jesus” Led By CH Lynn Dates: Begins 11 September Place: Tolson Youth Center Time: Sundays at 1745 (5:45 p.m.) To Sign Up: Call 303-3826 or email “Praying the Lord’s Prayer for Spiritual Breakthrough” Women’s Study Led by Linda Hammons Dates: Begins 11 September Place: Tolson Youth Center Time: Sundays at 1745 (5:45 p.m.) To Sign Up: Call 322-2190 or email FYI! TF Wolfpack now has a FRSA! Mrs. Karen Foshee is available during regular business hours Monday through Thursday at the Wolfpack HQ Rear D/FRG entrance. She can be reached via... email: phone: 910-643-7594"THRIVE ON" IS A DEPLOYED SPOUSES GROUP WHICH MEETS ON MONDAY EVENINGS AT THE WATTERS CENTER. FIND OUR MORE AND JOIN IN AT... HTTP://THRIVEON82.BLOGSPOT.COM/
  4. 4. October is...Caramel Month October 1 s t, 190 8Cookie MonthDinosaur MonthE-Card Month Henry Fords Model T, a "universalFired Up Month car" designed for the masses, wentBreast Cancer Awareness Month on sale for the first time.AIDS Awareness Month The first Ford Model T — also knownClergy Appreciation Month as the Tin Lizzie — rolled out ofPregnancy and Infant Awareness Month, Detroit in 1908. It put America on wheels and helped forge aRoller Skating Month manufacturing revolution.Sarcastics Awareness MonthStamp Collecting MonthVegetarian Awareness MonthNational Hispanic Heritage MonthNational Disability EmploymentAwareness MonthEat Country Ham Month October 1 4t h, 1947Gay & Lesbian History MonthPretzel Month U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the WITH THE CHILL IN THE AIR sound barrier, flying in a rocket- MANY PEOPLE WILL START powered research aircraft.ENJOYING THEIR FIREPLACES.REMEMBER FIREPLACE SAFETY Yeager broke the sound barrier flying IS YOUR PERSONAL the experimental rocket-powered Bell X-1 at Mach 1 at an altitude of RESPONSIBILITY 45,000!ft.Fireplace SafetyMore than one-third of Americans usefireplaces, wood stoves and other fuel-fired appliances as primary heat sources intheir homes. Unfortunately, many peopleare unaware of the fire risks when heating October 30 t h, 1938with wood and solid fuels.Heating fires account for 36% of homefires every year. Often these fires are due The War of the Worlds radioto creosote buildup in chimneys and broadcast panicked millions ofstovepipes. All home heating systems Americans. Actor Orson Welles andrequire regular maintenance to function the Mercury Players dramatized thesafely and efficiently. story by H.G. Wells depicting a Martian invasion of New Jersey.And don’t forget... install smoke alarms on Their script utilized simulated radioevery level of your home, test them news bulletins which many listenersmonthly and change the batteries at least thought were real.once a year. Consider installing the newlong life smoke alarms.
  5. 5. Everyday...Cooking for One 1 chicken breast half (6 to 8 ounces) 10 Ways To Cut Your 1 1/2 teaspoons garam masala Power Bill This WinterSpice-Rubbed Chicken with Directions Tip #1: Turn your thermostatIsraeli Couscous down by two degrees and wear a In a small saucepan, heat 1/2 teaspoon swe ate r. It ca n s ave you $180 perPrep Time: 10 minutes oil over medium. ye ar o n your e n e rg y bi l l. Tip #2: Ensure the dishwasher isTotal Time: 30 minutes Add couscous; cook, stirring, until lightly fu ll be fore you t urn it o n. It is toasted, 1 to 2 minutes.Yield: Serves 1 more e ne rg y and wa ter eff icient Add 1/2 cup water and garlic; season when full.Ingredients Tip #3: A low- flow sh ower h ead with salt and pepper.2 1/2 teaspoons olive oil re qu ire s le s s wat e r an d, by Bring to a boil; cover, and reduce heat e xte n si on, n ee d s le s s h eat to1/4 cup Israeli (pearl) couscous to low. w a r m t h e w a t e r. Tip #4: Cle an ing the con denser1 garlic clove, minced Cook until liquid is almost absorbed, coi l on you r re f ri ge ra tor ca nCoarse salt and ground pepper about 6 minutes. i m p rove i t s e f f i c i e n c y. Tip #5: Cleaning your furnace2 cups baby spinach (2 ounces) Add spinach, and cook until couscous is fi lte r eve r y two m on th s can tender, 1 minute. i n c re a s e i t s e f f i c i e n c y by 5 01 tablespoon sliced almonds pe rce nt. Stir in almonds, and set aside. Tip #6: In s tall a time r o n yo ur Sprinkle chicken with garam masala; water heater and furnace to turn it off at night and back on justTRANSFORM ORDINARY season with salt and pepper. be fore you wake up in t heCHICKEN BREAST AND In a small skillet over medium-low, heat morn ing.SPINACH INTO AN EXOTIC remaining 2 teaspoons oil. Tip #7: Be fore you fe el t he fu llDINNER WITH JUST A FEW Add chicken; cook until opaque fo rc e o f w i n t e r, we a t h e r p ro o f you r hom e . M ake s u re yo u haveQUICK TWISTS. throughout, 6 to 8 minutes per side. e nou gh i ns ul atio n, get d oub le- pa ne wi nd ows and caul k a ny Slice chicken; serve with couscous. crac ks . Tip #8: Un plu g home elect ron ics w h e n yo u ’re n o t u s i n g t h e m . T h i s can amou nt to $7 5 in ener g y cos ts p e r ye ar. Tip #9: Dr y two or more loads of laundr y in a row to take advantage of an already warm dr yer. And clean the lint filter ; a cl ogge d f il ter ca n in cre ase ener g y us e by up to 3 0 pe rc en t a nd a lso pres e nt a s afet y h az ard. Becau se some companies raise rates during peak day hours dr y during e arly or late h ours ! Tip #10: Replace your home’s incandescent light bulbs with comp act f lu ore sc en t or L ED bu lb s. Yo u’l l s ave e ne r g y wit h t he l owe r w a t t a g e b u t a l s o f ro m re d uce d cool ing c os ts ; i n cande sce nt b ul b s gi ve off 90% of th ei r e ne rg y a s h e at.