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Mar 16 18 Spouses of Deployed Troopers Retreat


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There is still space available for the March Spouses of Deployed Troopers Strong Bonds Retreat. Please contact Karen Foshee to see about attending. People to meet, interesting sessions to participate in, and lots of free time! Almost all expenses paid!

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Mar 16 18 Spouses of Deployed Troopers Retreat

  1. 1. ! "#$%!&(! #)*#!+,-./0!(./1+! 1234.521!+3.6+2+!-2,-2,! 789:8$;<=$>!/&! March 16-18 *** Register by March 9th *** ! ,.!!-20?+,2-! &./,&,!!5.6-!@-+!!,.15!A!A!A! ,@!7=9BCDEF!@-+G!!HDIJ$!@=KLJJ! M*)NOPQNRSMP! ! Time away to relax and play! ! Adult conversation! ! Free time with free childcare! ! Relaxing hotel. ! Easy drive. ! Tasty meals. ! Professional childcare.
  2. 2. Registration Form nd 82 CAB Deployed Spouses -- Strong Bonds Retreat Wilmington, NC 16-18 March 2012 Registration deadline 9 March 2012Name: Unit: (Brigade, Battalion and Company)Spouse’s Name/ Rank:Home Phone:Cell Phone:Email Address:Names of children attending (for childcare and Age Special Needs:rooms) _________________________________________________ Signature ** By signing this form you acknowledge your desired attendance on this retreat. Should you need to cancel, please do so NLT one week prior. ** If you do not attend and do not cancel you will not be allowed to register for other retreats**. EVENT Point of Contact for HHC Brigade is Carleen Meckenstock. Please return registration form to Call 910-907-2170 for more information.