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For all TF Spouses and families...        s we move through theA       deployment different        opportunities to hear fr...
FRSA Foshee FindsH        appy New Year WOLFPACK           people sign up. What better time to        Family!!            ...
Getting connected...T         here are a lot of ways to get                                                               ...
Co m p a n y E v e nt sEvery company makes an effort to tryto get the families together once a                            ...
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Jan/Feb 2012 FRG Newsletter


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Jan/Feb 2012 FRG Newsletter

  1. 1. FRG NEWSLET TER 1 2 WOLFPACK 0 2 January/February Issue ! Welcome Sabriya Marie Regilus, 8lbs 2oz, 22in long, January V I S I T I N G WiIdT y P S r t y 2 0 1 1 ol a H A N TA a 11, 2012 H TF Wolfpack to SSG Regilus If you haven’t checked us out, we are on Facebook! Information updates, resources and photos from TF events are always being added. Come and find us: Miranda2012 - Th e Y e a r o f R e d e p lo y me nt Isabelle he unit will redeploy this Division. It will also include our focus MoralesT calendar year. Yep, we’re already at that point in thedeployment. We’re also well started website for the month - a resource you may not yet be familiar with to lift you up as you move through 2012. born Nov. 9, 2011into 2012. I am glad to note that ! So a belated Happy New Year to SPC Edgardo MoralesJanuary was nice and quiet. And that to all! We wish for you all the very bestthe holidays have come and gone for this year!another year. Because things havebeen so quiet January has met with Stay well.February for this issue of the All the If you have a new addition to yournewsletter. And the bulk of it will be way, family that you would like tofocused on where to find information share, please submit theto keep you in the loop. information to your Company FRG Leader, to Karen Foshee, TF! This issue will be filled with FRSA, or tonotes from Karen Foshee the TF WolfpackFRGemail@gmail.comWolfpack FRSA; a spotlight on ourvolunteers; upcoming events to watchfor; links to Facebook pages for theBattalion, the Brigade and the
  2. 2. For all TF Spouses and families... s we move through theA deployment different opportunities to hear from theForward Commands have presentedthemselves. Another opportunity iscoming up near the end of February.As it has been presented to us, pleasereview the following information andrespond accordingly if you would liketo attend: All Family Members of 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade:On 21 February, COL Jamison isavailable for an FRG open discussionto answer any questions or concernsyou may have. COL Jamison will be atFt. Bragg on R&R during that time.The tentative location is the Brigade The next Spouses of Deployed Troopers retreat is now open for registration. If youClassroom (N+4 room) Annex Building are interested in attending, please contact our FRSA, Karen Foshee immediately toA-1981 Longstreet Road. find out how to receive and submit your registration. These retreats are a great opportunity to meet other CAB spouses and discuss strategies for coping with theThe time is 10:00am - 12:00 noon. deployment. It is also a great chance to just get away for a weekend!Immediately following the open forumwill be a Brigade Steering Committee If you have specific questions that you It is important, if you want to attend, would like to have addressed by COL that you RSVP. Adjustments will bemeeting. Jamison, please forward them on or made to the location depending uponPlease RSVP by February 14th to before February 14th, by email to how the numbers of attendees look.Karen Foshee at 910-643-7594 or Carleen Meckenstock, the Brigade No one wants it to be too crowded if you plan FRSA, at: comfort or have standing room only.on attending. Thank you in advance for attending! Running for the Pack... A number of Wolfpack spouses have registered to run on behalf of the pack at the upcoming USO of NC 4th Annual Run for the Troops 5K at the end of March. If you 2007 are interested in joining in, please contact 7% 2008 8% to find 35% 2009 10%A website/Facebook page I recently linked out more. 2010into is The Frugal Find. They overwhelm me 11% 2011at times with the shear number of notifications You can also just register to run, without 2012they send and post... but in this day of joining in, by going to: 29%working to make a dollar stretch just that littlebit farther... they are worth hitting the delete a few extra times for the things that I’m fayetteville-nc/uso-of-nc-4th-annual-run-able to save on!! Check them out at: for-the-troops-5k-2012?cmp=23-13&SREF=FBEvent
  3. 3. FRSA Foshee FindsH appy New Year WOLFPACK people sign up. What better time to Family!! give this class being that it’s Tax season. This class was beneficial for both our spouses and soldiers.I hope everyone had a joyous and safe We also had an Iron Mike Awardholiday. December 9th, we had our recipient Katherine Wong whoholiday party in the BN Classroom. received her pin on Thursday, JanuaryMany families came out with their 26. Congratulations Katherine, wechildren and had a great time. I would appreciate all your hard work!like to give Rear D a big THANKYOU for their contribution in making For the month of February, yourour holiday party a HUGE success!! FRSA is featuring a Health andOur very own SSG Brinkerhoff dressed Awareness class scheduled on February,up as Santa Claus and rode in on his 29 where spouses and soldiers canmotorcycle and the kids loved it! SPC receive a free assessment. I leave withHarkness and SPC Baker built the you one of my famous recipes of theSanta chair from scratch and it looks day.nice! We had a chili cook-off which Karen Fosheewas a success as well. TF Wolfpack FRSA Thank you.For the month of January, your FRSAscheduled a financial class on how to Karen Foshee Office Hours: Mon - Thurs; 0800 to 1700budget and save money. This class was Phone: 910-643-7594 Task Force Wolfpack FRSAa huge success! We had over twenty Email: Tu r k e y C h i l i INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 teaspoons ol ive oil 1 pound ground tu rkey 1 onion, chopped 2 cups water 1 (28 ounce) can ca nned crushed tom atoes 1 (16 ounce) can ca drained, rinsed, an nned kidney bean d mashed s- 1 tablespoon garli c, minced 2 tablespoons chili DIRECTIONS: powder 1/2 teaspoon papr ika 1/2 teaspoon drie Heat the oil in a lar d oregano ge pot over medium Place turkey in the heat. 1/2 teaspoon grou pot, and cook until nd cayenne pepper brown. Stir in onion evenly 1/2 teaspoon grou , and cook until tend nd cumin er. 1/2 teaspoon salt Pour water into the pot. Mix in tomatoe 1/2 teaspoon grou beans, and garlic. s, kidney nd black pepper Season chili powder, oregano, cayenne paprika, pepper, cumin, salt, pepper. Bring to a and boil. Reduce heat to cover, and simmer low, 30 minutes.
  4. 4. Getting connected...T here are a lot of ways to get U.S. connected. If you are not Army 82nd receiving information via emailfrom your FRG Leader, please get intouch with Karen Foshee, TFWolfpack FRSA (910-643-7594) andshe will give and receive the contactinformation necessary to get you in theloop.You may be able to find access to yourcompany on Facebook. For sure youwill find the Battalion, the Brigade, theDivision, Ft. Bragg and the Army. Letus help you get connected!! Rear D FRG Leader Mrs. Katherine Wong received the Iron Mike Award for VolunteerOn Facebook: Service on January 26th. Thank you for your time and service Katherine!1/82 ARB “Wolfpack” Unit - https:// You are truly appreciated! From left to right: LTC Arnold CAB RD-6, CPT Wong Wolfpack RD-6, Mrs. Katherine109483005769482 Wong, Karen Foshee Wolfpack FRSA, Carleen Meckenstock CAB FRSA Airborne Division FRG - https:// Forces Command - https://TF Wolfpack FRG - https:// Airborne-Family-Readiness/id=100002314705672 164606890266274 Department of Defense - https:// Aviation Brigade (CAB) - Ft. Bragg, NC - https:// ref=ts A quick shout out! TF Wolfpack FRG would like to give a HUGE shout out to the Troopers that helped make the Holiday party extra fun this year! Thank you to... OIC - CW2 Pfluger Chair and sleigh - SPC Baker (designer), SPC Harkness (head builder), SPC Martz, SPC Vickness Setup and teardown - SPC Detlie, SPC Rhodes, SPC Bishop, SPC Podruchny, SPC Vickness, SPC Smith Chili - SPC Rhodes, SPC Cavanaugh, SPC Lapena DJ - SPC Baker Sleigh drivers were SPC Martz, SPC Considine and SPC Jimenez
  5. 5. Co m p a n y E v e nt sEvery company makes an effort to tryto get the families together once a Updates!month. It’s not always easy andthere’s not always a huge turnoutbecause we all have busy schedules,but there appears to be so much fun Alpha Co. 2/82being had! Echo Company Welcome...If you have an idea for a gathering, get The Redhawks would like to welcome:in touch with your FRG Leader. If you Meeting/Valentines Event Echo Company recently got togetherare not sure who your FRG Leader is, SFC Nettles and his wife Rita for their fist FRG Meeting with the newgive our FRSA a call, Karen Foshee, at FRG Leader/Company Commander’s Lt. Winner and his wife Kimberly910-643-7594 and she will link you up! spouse. They turned their meeting intoDo not hesitate to get in touch or to a Valentine’s Decoration event! Cpt. Rossi, wife Christa, and their sonshare!! Jackson Change of Command... Cpt. Rossi recently took command for Apha 2/82, replacing Cpt. Jesse Hill. We are excited to have you all in Alpha Company!!!! Alpha Company 1/82 Ornament Event HHCA-Co got together prior to the holidaysto work on ornaments together to send Next Meeting/Activityover to the unit. Their troopers were The next HHC FRG/Family Meeting/able to use them to decorate a tree in Activity will be on Wednesday, Februarytheir work area. 15th from 4:00pm until 7:00pm at the Rear D Conference room. Rear D Belated Wishes Happy Belated Birthday to CPT Wong who celebrated a birthday in January. Wishing you a year of everything fantastic!