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2012 82nd Family Readiness Spring Symposium Registration


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2012 82nd Family Readiness Spring Symposium Registration

  1. 1. 82ND AIRBORNE DIVISIONFamily Readiness Symposium Registration02 April 2012REGISTRANT INFORMATIONName:Best Contact PhoneNumber:EmailAddress:Unit (Company/Battalion/Brigade):WILL YOU NEED CHILDCARE? (MUST BE REGISTERED WITH CYSS)Yes No If Yes, please provide name(s) age(s) of children: Name Age Allergies – Yes/NoWORKSHOP SELECTION (PLEASE PLACE AN “X” NEXT TO THE THREE WORKSHOPS THAT YOU WOULD LIKETO ATTEND. PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY THREE.) WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The Good (Servant Leadership), the Bad (Public Speaking), and the Ugly (Gossip and Rumors). A workshop about developing others, developing self, and understandingLeadership: The Good, The Bad & information exchange. Leaders will emerge with an understanding of the tenets ofThe Ugly Servant Leadership, strategies for Public Speaking, and theories about why gossip proliferates. Presenter: Jennifer McFadyen, FRG Advisor Resiliency is especially appreciated and necessary as a military Spouse! Join Mrs. EstherBe the Ball! Berrios as she challenges each of us to increase our skills! Presenter: Esther Berrios, FAP The "C" word....change. No one really likes it, but it is an integral part of life. And being in the military requires constant change and personal growth. Come learn some differentCoping with Transition coping mechanisms that can help you smoothly and successfully transition when life requires it! Presenter: Maria Hobson, LCSW From planning an FRG Meeting to a Spouse Welcome, there are certain steps you canEvent Coordination take to ensure success! Presenter: Melissa Huggins, Command Spouse The do’s and don’ts of fundraising, plus some great ideas to increase that bottom line!Fundraising Presenter: Megan Forslund, ACS, and Kim Masaracchia, FRG AdvisorCaring for a Survivor – the Real You will be provided tools to assist you when working with newly widowed Spouses.Picture Presenter: Charlotte Watson, Survivor Outreach Services Deployments affect children at every age; learn what is “normal” and what could be aChildren & Deployment warning sign. Presenter: Pearlie Hodges, LCSW Why PT every morning? What is the point of NTC or JOAX? What do these acronymsWhy? What Your Soldier Knows that even mean? These questions and more will be answered during the Why? Workshop.You Should Know Presenters: CSM Payton and AFTB Instructor As a FRG Leader it is important to understand the FRSA role in Family Readiness. TheKnow Your Role class will also provide tips on communication and marketing your FRG. Presenter: Faith Belt An overview of the resources available to our military Families. Presenter: Cindy Aguirre,ACS & Military One Source ACSPlease RSVP to Karen Foshee at or 910-643-7594 no later than Friday, 16March. (Due to preparation of program materials, late registrations will not be accepted.)