Predicitng weather


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  • Predicitng weather

    1. 1. Predicting Weather By: Payton Cam Alec and Noah.
    2. 2. Weather Map Symbols By Payton This These symbols is of the warm This is what front and cold what a a fronts tell you warm cold weather it is front front going to be a looks looks little more like. like. warm or a little more cold. This is a low This is a pressure high symbol. pressure symbol. The difference between high pressure and low pressure is high pressure brings in fair weather and low pressure is in brings rainy weather. All pictures are from weather wiz kids.
    3. 3. Advanced Weather Map Symbols By Payton A stationary front is a boundary between two air masses that more or less doesn’t move, but some stationary fronts can wobble back and forth for several hundred miles a day. A stationary front is represented as an alternating warm and cold A trough on a weather map is an front symbol. elongated area of relatively low pressure. Troughs bring cloudy and rainy weather. A trough is represented by a hash mark line. An occluded front is a combination of two fronts that form when a cold front catches up and overtakes a warm front. An occluded front is represented as a purple line with teeth and half circles. All pictures are from weather wiz kids.
    4. 4. Basic Weather Map Reading By Alec By the sky cover (circle) in the middle you can tell if it is overcast ,partly cloudy , or clear . Surface Station Model from weather WizKids This graph says the wind is going The barbs on the end of the north, north, west, and the speed of stick (lollipop) mean how fast the wind is going about 14 knots. The the wind is going and the sky cover is clear the dew point is 56 direction it is pointing is the degrees and the temperature is 56 way the wind is coming from. degrees and its raining. web weather for kids A dew point is the temperature the weather has to drop to before there is dew on the ground.
    5. 5. Advanced Weather Map Reading By Alec Advanced Advanced sky weather symbols Advanced cover symbols knot symbols All pictures are from weather map symbols
    6. 6. Telling weather without tools of the trade By Noah Before technology, people had to rely on different methods for weather predicting. Here are a few of the methods. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky at Clouds morning, sailors take going in two warning. different directions means bad weather. Wikihow Wikihow Easterly winds mean bad weather, Check grass westerly winds the opposite. for dew. If it is dewey, it will not rain. Windmill pictures from Holland Wikihow
    7. 7. If a cat washes A turtle may behind his/ be in the road her ears, a or on higher storm is ground 1-2 coming. days before a rain. Snapping turtle facts, information, pictures cats Cows will stay Some people together before can feel severe weather humidity in and lie down the air or before their hair thunderstorms. can show it. Cow pictures Wikihow
    8. 8. How to Tell Weather by Clouds By Camden Altocumulus is another Cumulonimbus clouds probably cloud that means bad means that it’s going to be weather stormy weather. When there is within the storms it usually means low next 36 pressure. hours Altocumulus This is a Cumulus cloud. It Cumulonimbus mostly means fair weather which also means high pressure. Cirrus Cirrus clouds also means bad weather within the next day or so. Cumulus All pictures from Wikihow.