Air temp, precipitation


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Air temp, precipitation

  1. 1. How Air Temperature Affects Precipitation Graphic from By: Mr. K.
  2. 2. RAIN We can get rain at the surface in several ways. Here are two common ways this happens: 2) The air temperature where the precipitation 1) The air temperature from the starts is below freezing so snow is formed. As clouds to the surface is above the snow falls, the air temperature rises above freezing (32° F or 0°C). freezing and the snow melts into rain. Graphics from the “Precipitation Type Applet”
  3. 3. SNOW The only way we can get snow as precipitation on the Earth’s surface is if the air temperature from clouds to surface stays below freezing (32° F or 0° C). Graphic from the “Precipitation Type Applet”
  4. 4. SLEET Sleet is frozen rain drops. Sleet happens when rain falls through an area of air that is below freezing (32° F or 0° C) before it hits the surface. This ‘cold layer’ freezes the rain, forming sleet. Graphic from the “Precipitation Type Applet”
  5. 5. FREEZING RAIN Freezing rain is rain that freezes as it hits the surface. When the air temperature in the atmosphere is above freezing (32° F or 0°C), but the surface temperature is below freezing, freezing rain can occur. Graphic from the “Precipitation Type Applet”