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Very Case Study


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Very Case Study

  1. 1. VERY: Shop Direct Group is one of the biggest and longest standing home shopping businesses in the UK. In 2008 all its brands offered the SOCIAL SHOPPING same products through a virtually identical shopping experience, REVOLUTION mainly based on catalogue shopping. The challenge set to Wolff Olins was to develop a new, differentiated brand that would create £500 million sales in 5 years by attracting a loyal, younger demographic, transitioning Shop Direct Group from a mail order business to a leading online retailer. After studying its current customers, looking at successful brands both within and out of the retail world and identifying the core strengths of the business, Wolff Olins created a new, future-facing brand called Very, based on a network comprised of customers, buyers and brands. This continuous feedback loop enables contribute to business decisions such as product assortment and and developed the key touch points such as the website, product directory, magazine and events throughout the UK. Shop Direct Group and Wolff Olins worked quickly and collaboratively on the Very brand, with just 10 months from inception to launch. Pre-launch events inviting customers to join the network generated enthusiastic reactions to the new brand, which launched on 5th July 2009. Wolff Olins +44 20 7713 7733 +1 212 505 7337 +97144 01 9581 © 2009 Wolff Olins Limited. All rights reserved.