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NYC Case Study


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NYC Case Study

  1. 1. NYC: Need to unify boroughs, approximately 191 neighborhoods, nearly a million buildings ONE FOR MANY and over 8.2 million people. Each individual has their own New York. Within the mind of every single New Yorker resides a different version of New York City. It’s a city loved in 138 different languages and viewed Everyone living side by side. This kaleidoscopic quality is one of the greatest things about this city. It’s the very thing we love. But it also brand that means New York City to everyone. Window on a city Wolff Olins made sturdy letterforms that are thick, rugged – a little on the tough side – just like a New Yorker. The mark is durable and will represent New York for a long time. And the mark functions as a typical masonry facade – perhaps a fashion designer, a recording engineer or someone crusading for social justice. Like a window this symbol can reveal images of every culture, profession and activity of this city. The NYC brand is a transparent pane of glass that offers a view of real New Yorkers and real NYC neighborhoods. It’s a venue for the very ideas that make NYC strong – 8 million brands. Record tourism The NYC brand has become a singular and strong voice for the city. It’s now used across a range of city-wide initiatives, like greenNYC, BeFitNYC and milliontreesNYC. The brand has driven tourism marketing, and comes alive in the city’s new visitor center, NYCGO. In 2007, the year following the launch, there was a 13% increase in Wolff Olins visitor numbers resulting in 370,000 more jobs for the city. 2008 became a record year with 47 million people visiting the city, +1 212 505 7337 generating $33 billion in visitor spending. +44 20 7713 7733 +9 7144 01 9581 © 2009 Wolff Olins Limited. All rights reserved.