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The begining


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so this is for a sprite series i am making

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The begining

  1. 1. Day 10 month 10 year 10 000 After m.e.r.g.e accident I am here to stop your spreading darkness!
  2. 2. YOU?! You’ve got tobekidding me…
  3. 3. But if you want totry out your luckthen be so…
  4. 4. Psycho Blast
  5. 5. Shadow Flare
  6. 6. I’ll let you live for now, Iexpected more from youpiflare… But I sense in you agreat power, we will meetagain…
  7. 7. *Pant *pant … how…could I lose?...
  8. 8. The world of pokemon and humans… both came to an end when a group ofcientist dessigned M.E.R.G.E system, wich was supposed to be for the goodof both species, but ended in the destruction of both…The M.E.R.G.E central computer malcfuntioned during the final test of theproject, nobody knows why… After that incident, the human soul got suckedin with pokemon bodies, some humans mutated into pokemon bodies thanksto pokemon souls uniting to them… After some time of the M.E.R.G.Eincident each living creature was diferent, there was no of the same speciesthey were all unique, the world we live in is a disaster with everlastingdarkness and destruction… there was a group of pokemon who tried to stopthe one monster created by M.E.R.G.E but they disappeared… and one heroto stop him as he is nowhere to be found now… people hope for Isaac VonLightwish to save this world…