How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck & Other Questions Regarding the Groundhog


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Slideshow about woodchucks / groundhogs. Breaks down scientific facts, pop culture references

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How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck & Other Questions Regarding the Groundhog

  1. 1. Matthew BryanFebruary 2, 20136th Grade Science
  2. 2. Delaware Education 6th Grade Standard 6.337[Diversity & continuity of living things]:identify “kingdom” as the first main level of the standardclassification system. Observe a variety of living organismsand determine into which kingdom they would be classified.Delaware Education 6th Grade Standard 6.338 [Natureapplication of science]:examine an assortment of plants and animals and use simpleclassification keys, based on observable features, to sort andgroup the organisms
  3. 3. How much wood could awoodchuck chuck if awoodchuck could chuckwood? That is aquestion thatsurprisingly has a fewanswers. To find out theresults and more we willstudy these crittersfurther.
  4. 4. Part IWoodchuck = Groundhog
  5. 5. The merry mammals named woodchuck originatedin North America. It was the European settlerderivative of a Native American name for thegroundhog. Native Americans were very familiarwith the indigenous mammal and had various namesfor it according to the tribe; otcheck or wuchak inCree (Needham, 2012).
  6. 6. Groundhogs are alsoknown aswoodchucks, whistlepigs, and marmots.“Their scientificname is Marmotamonax (,2012).” “They arerodents and are partof the Sciurid family(, 2012).”
  7. 7. Groundhogs andsquirrels comefrom the samerodent family.
  8. 8. Groundhogs canweigh 12 to 15pounds.Live 6 to 8 years.Can whistle whenlooking for a mate orwhen frightened.Can swim and climbtrees.
  9. 9. Like to eat “dandeliongreens, clover, plantain andgrasses (Hamilton &Whitaker, 1996).”
  10. 10. Groundhogs bulk up in thesummer and go intohibernation in the late fall(Hamilton & Whitaker, 1996).“during this time, their bodytemperatures dropsignificantly, their heartbeatsslow from 80 to five beats perminute and they can lose 30percent of their body fat(, 2012).”
  11. 11. “In February, malegroundhogs emergefrom their burrows tolook for a mate beforegoing undergroundagain. They come outof hibernation forgood in March(, 2012).”
  12. 12. “Femalewoodchucks haveabout three to fivepups… At sixweeks, they areexpelled from theden (Needham,2012).”
  13. 13. Part IIGroundhog Day
  14. 14. The annual event is held onFebruary 2nd, inPunxsutawney, PennsylvaniaThat most famous groundhog‟s nameis Punxsutawney Phil.
  15. 15. This tradition dates backto Roman times whenthey would celebrate thehedgehog. Later in earlyChristian Europe it wasknown as Candlemas Day(, 2012;, 2012;, 2010).
  16. 16. “If the day is cloudyand, hence, shadowless, he takes it as a sign ofspring and stays aboveground.If he sees it, he regardsit as an omen of sixmore weeks of badweather and returns tohis hole(, 2012).”
  17. 17. Seen NOT YearsShadow Seen Not Listed100 16 9 YearsYears Years Daybegan in America in 60% 80% 100% Seen a Shadow1887 NOT Seen
  18. 18. Part IIIGroundhogs in Cinema and Television
  19. 19. The Pennsylvania Lottery used Gus the groundhog as their advertisement mascot from 2004 to 2012. Geico Insurance used two woodchucks in a commercial campaign in 2010.
  20. 20. Part IVHow Much WoodCan a Woodchuck Chuck…
  21. 21. Cornell University:700 pounds (this ismaterial moved, notnecessarily chucked)(Hamilton & Whitaker,1996)
  22. 22. Annals of ImprobableResearch:361.9237001 cubiccentimeters of wood perday (this is woodchewed, not necessarilythrown) (Paskevich &Shea, 1995) via(Scientopia, 2012)
  23. 23. Siri (iPhone 5): Answer #1“42 cords of wood”(A cord of wood is 4 feetdeep by 4 feet high by 8feet long)
  24. 24. Siri (iPhone 5): Answer #2“A so-called „woodchuck‟(correctly speaking, agroundhog) would chuck –that is, throw – as much asthe woodchuck in questionwas physically able to chuck(ibid.) if woodchucks ingeneral had the capability(and, presumably, themotivation) to chuckwood.”
  25. 25. The Traditional Answer(and most likely thecorrect one):He would chuck, hewould, as much as hecould, and chuck asmuch as a woodchuckwould if a woodchuckcould chuck wood.
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