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How to prioritise product ideas?


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How to prioritise product ideas, product features and product strategies in three easy steps?
1) Define Goal
2) Brainstorm Ideas
3) Prioritise Ideas
Find out best practices and examples regarding each of the steps.

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How to prioritise product ideas?

  1. 1. How to prioritise 
 product ideas? Author: @skalskiw
  2. 2. Wrong product prioritisation means: …waste of time and money, …not the best possible performance, …missing some great opportunities, …burning potential and energy of your team. Why it matters??
  3. 3. Brainstorm Ideas Define 
 Goal Prioritize Ideas Three steps to prioritise product ideas!
  4. 4. In the first step you define a goal. This decision is crucial because it determines what kind of product ideas your team will generate later and how they will be prioritised. 1 Define Goal
  5. 5. Define Goal Specific Good goal is… Goal must be clear, include reasons, requirements and constraints. Measurable You must know definition of done and be able to track progress on the way. Relevant Make sure that the goal is important and has significant impact. Realistic Time-related Team must be able to act on it and achieve it. Make sure that the target date is defined.
  6. 6. This goal is too confusing: • What do you mean by retention? • Is it weekly retention, monthly retention, frequency or DAU/MAU that we care about? • What’s the level we aim at? • What’s the timeframe? This goal is good assuming that: • It is important for your company (relevance). • Your team has skills and tools to affect and reach it (realistic). • Target date is reasonable based on your experience (timeframe). • And so on… Goal:
 Improve retention. Goal:
 Improve 1 week retention by 50% till September 2016. Bad Cool Define Goal
  7. 7. The next step is a brainstorming session aimed at generating as many product ideas as possible. All of them concentrate on the goal defined in the first step. Brainstorm Ideas 2
  8. 8. Brainstorm Ideas Effective Brainstorming Session Best
 Practices Right Participants + =
  9. 9. Brainstorm Ideas Invite people with various backgrounds to increase diversity of ideas Let everyone pitch an idea to make sure you do not miss anything interesting Accept all ideas, do not discuss them yet to unleash creativity Participants must be senior enough to ensure the right quality of ideas Practices Participants Keep the meeting small (up to 6-10 people) to make it effective Involve team that will execute on the goal to build sense of ownership Ensure the right level of details for ideas to maintain clarity while saving time
  10. 10. In this step product ideas generated during the brainstorming session are prioritised based on their impact, risk and technical complexity. Prioritize Ideas 3
  11. 11. Prioritize ideas Impact Confidence Ease ICE SCORE (Sum of Scores) How big impact this idea can have on a goal? Scale: 1 - tiny impact (small tweak)
 10 - huge impact (new successful product line) How certain are we about the success of this solution? Scale: 1 - very risky project (probability close to 0%) 10 - completely safe (probability of 99%) How difficult is this idea to develop? Scale: 1 - very difficult (long development and high difficulty) 10 - super simple (quick and easy) 1-10 1-10 1-10 3-30
  12. 12. Prioritize ideas Redesign mainpage to better reflect value proposition 4 8 6 ICE Goal: Increase activation by 40% by 01.06.2016 Build new notifications system to target inactive users Redesign flow of new users to boost conversions 6 3 2 8 3 4 18 11 15 Ideas are assessed and ordered by ICE Score. The top one has the highest priority.
  13. 13. Brainstorm Ideas Define 
 Goal Prioritize Ideas Three steps to prioritise product ideas!
  14. 14. Thank you! Find more at: