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Contributing back in less than 15 minutes


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As software developers we know lots of stuff. Both technical and non-technical. It's time to share what you know to give something back to open source community. This kind of the law of reciprocity will not only make you tick, but will also open new opportunities for you. As a natural result tangible and non-tangible benefits will pop up.

With 45 protips ( since I've started the 15-minute share challenge, I can assure you that when you know something well (and as devs you know lots of stuff very well), you don't have to spend more than 15 minutes per day to share your skills and expertise.

(If you think that you're English is 'not good enough', forget about that, move on and the the job)

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Contributing back in less than 15 minutes

  1. 1. Contributing back in less than 15 minutes
  2. 2. Start with what you know On platform accessible a click away For (non) tangible benefits
  3. 3. Start with what you know
  4. 4. Your daily grind… JavaScript Ruby / Rails Python git, svn vim, Atom, RubyMine CSS, design…
  5. 5. non-technical stuff Tasks planning Time boxing Agile, Scrum Workflow Writing
  6. 6. When you know something… 45protips
  7. 7. It’s easier to share 95%done in less than 15 min.
  8. 8. A few words about your English
  9. 9. You know a lot about (non) technical stuff and your English is good enough
  10. 10. Places To Share
  11. 11. No need for fancy setup
  12. 12. Selleo blog StackOverflow GitHub Medium Your company blog ‘Today I’ve learnt’, Google Plus Haxorz Twitter
  13. 13. No need for fancy setup Start with popular blogging platform
  14. 14. Benefits
  15. 15. working for open source project
  16. 16. And new opportunities
  17. 17. Building ‘brand’
  18. 18. Start now!