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Amending changes in git

Guys into coding use git on a daily basis. When you commit changes, more than often, you face a situation that you forgot to add some modifications to the previous commit(s). You have two options then: either creating a new commit or adding the changes to the last commit. Knowing how to amend changes in git gives you more confidence in rewriting git history.

The presentation covers how to amend:

- One change,
- More changes, and
- Changes to not-most-recent commit

My goal is to encourage developers to use console git over plugins for editors like RubyMine or Atom.
Console git works everywhere the same way. When you pair-program with a remote team member, console git gives you more flexibility and reliability.

I believe that learning materials should be more engaging; this is why I challenged myself to present a technical topic in a more down-to-earth way.

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