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Zhenfa Solar - Woden community council presentation

  1. For our community For our future
  2. Introduction Who is Zhenfa? • Renewable energy development in Canberra since 2011 • Successful proponent of the ACT Solar Auction Scheme 2013 • Project Developer and Investor for more than 600MW of Solar Farms in China • Engineering, Procurement and Construction for over 1.5GW of Solar Farms • Independent Power Producer (IPP) in China
  3. Our Vision … is a world in which we co-exist through sustainable means
  4. Our Mission … is to deliver and integrate into society the most affordable renewable energy systems through economic and environmentally sustainable development
  5. Company Details • Initial development funds of $750,000 came from China • Zhenfa Australia employees and executives are all Australian Citizens • 20 Full-time employees in Sydney • 10 Full-time employee opportunities in Canberra expected in 2014 • More than 50 workers to be employed on the MLSP and CSP during construction • Strong focus on local contractors and skills
  6. Mugga Lane Solar Park (MLSP) and Community Solar Park (CSP) • Parallel design and construction • Significantly lower project risks • Less time… Better finishes • Economies of scale i.e. lower costs • Lower environmental impact • Minimal waste production • Minimal traffic movement
  7. PLANNING: Development Approval & Network Technical Study DESIGN: Civil & Electrical CONSTRUCTION TIMELINE COMMUNITY SOLAR & MLSP JULYMAYAPRMARFEBJANNOVOCTSEPAUG DEC JUNE ---------------------------------------------------------SECURING COMMUNITY FUNDING--------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ↑ SUBMISSION OF TENDER ↑ CONTRACT AWARD ↑ COMMISSIONING ↑ START PROCUREMENT DESIGN: Civil & Electrical CONSTRUCTION: Civil & Electrical PROCUREMENT ActewAGL GRID CONNECTION AUGMENTATION TESTING COMMISSIONING ↑ Community Solar MLSP
  8. Details of the Community Solar Farm • Solar PV DC Size: 1.2MW • Estimated total cost of development: $2,650,000 • Expected IRR: 6% - 7% P.A. • Plant Design Life: 30 Years • First Year Yield: 1,740 MWh • Proposed CFD Price: $200/MWh • O&M Cost Estimate: $58,000 P.A. • First Year EBITDA: $300,000 (Pre-Tax)
  9. Structure Under Consideration

Editor's Notes

  1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, stakeholders and representatives of the Woden Valley Community Council. It is an honour for me to speak here today at your monthly gathering amongst many other important discussions. It is great to engage with the community during the planning and development of a community solar farm and we hope to continue this dialogue into the future. I would also like to acknowledge XXX, YYY and ZZZ.
  2. Zhenfa has been involved with Renewable Energy Development within Canberra since 2011 during the small and medium scale feed-in-tariff schemes. In 2012, the company made a commitment to invest into the territory for a large-scale solar farm that would fall within the ACT Solar Auction scheme. Zhenfa was a successful proponent through the regular stream and this announcement was made August 2013. By 2014, we have invested and developed more than 600MW of Solar Farms and have performed the Engineering, Procurement and Construction role for over 1.5GW of Solar Farms in China. We operate and maintain most of the solar farms which we engineer and build and have plans to increase our IPP (Independent Power Producer) platform in China to hold such assets.
  3. Our vision, is a world in which we co-exist through sustainable means – because we believe that the collaboration and co-operation of community, industry and government is important not just locally, but internationally.
  4. Our Mission is to deliver and integrate into society the most affordable renewable energy systems through economic and environmentally sustainable development. This can be done through mechanisms such as the ACT Government’s FiT schemes and the collaboration between industry and local economic investment. In this presentation, we discuss our approach on this mission as guided by the policies and challenges which we face here in Australia.
  5. The Australian company was initially funded by China for the development of a Solar Farm in 2011 with a development capital of $750,000. Till now, we have spent over $1.5 Million within Australia through development, training and maintaining staff for renewable energy projects. Australian staff and executives of Zhenfa are all Australian Citizens that includes 20 within Sydney and another 10 opportunities to be created here in Canberra. Our primary focus for development within the ACT is to employ and support local trades and leverage skills developed by institutions such as the ANU.
  6. The Mugga Lane Solar Park (MLSP) and Community Solar Park (CSP) will be project managed and constructed in parallel to maximise efficiency leading to a lesser time but with better finishes than a stand alone solar farm due to economies of scale with purchasing and contracting. The development and construction of the solar farm will have significantly lower environmental impacts through effective waste and traffic management conducted for both the solar farms.
  7. This is an indicative timeline which shows how the Community Solar project may be developed in parallel with the mugga lane solar park by leveraging off economies of scale in all aspects of the project. We have begun securing community funding for this project as share options and would underwrite the development of this project until all community funds have been secured whereby we will then execute the share options for those investors to purchase a part of the asset through a public platform such as the ASX.