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Parties at the shops

  1. Amy Moon, Independent Producer
  2. Parties at the Shops  Introduced in 2013 as one of the key community engagement projects in the Centenary of Canberra program  Aims to connect the business, residential and arts communities in a suburb  Celebrates what is unique about each of Canberra’s suburbs in ways chosen by the communities themselves
  3. 2015 Program  Expanded to a year-long program of 25 events  Funded through:  Events ACT grant  Sponsorship arrangement with the Land Development Agency  Sponsorship arrangement with Bendigo Bank  Plus small sponsorship arrangements for individual events, eg Belconnen Community Council sponsored an event in Scullin last week
  4. What a Party looks like  Different in every suburb to reflect what is unique about that suburb  May include: music performances, art and photographic exhibitions, activities or stalls hosted by community groups, commercial stalls (eg local businesses, handmade crafts etc), food, fundraising activities, dance, poetry, or other arts, kids art and craft activities and other activities for kids  Limited only by imagination (and budget and ACT Government regulations!)
  5. Local youth circus troupe Poncho Circus performed in Lyneham in 2013
  6. Students watch a school band perform in Dickson
  7. Parties in Woden  Previous years: Curtin, Hughes, Waramanga, Cooleman Court  This year: confirmed Hughes – Saturday 9 May  Opportunity for approx. 3 more events in Woden
  8. What’s required for a Party  Parties at the Shops is all about involving the community in the planning and delivery of the events in order to make them truly local  Commitment from the community – business, residential, arts  Involvement in programming, marketing and on-the-day logistic  Connections with local community groups, artists, schools  Local funding sources
  9. Amy Moon, Independent Producer 0401 920 161 (leave a message)