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141203 presentation woden valley community council

  1. Presentation to Woden Valley Community Council Goodwin Farrer – 3.12.14
  3. The Project Team Goodwin Stephen Holmes (Chief Operating Officer) Richard Wilkes (Estate Construction) AMC Alastair MacCallum (Architect) Knight Frank Rebecca Stockley (Town Planner)
  5. 1. ABOUT GOODWIN Stephen Holmes – Chief Operating Officer
  6. Goodwin Ainslie
  7. Changing Models Of Delivery • Consumer demand for:- o Greater independence into older age o Opportunities to age in place o Accommodation that is non-institutional in character o Resident choice o High standards of care, irrespective of abilities o Adaptable units o Better solar access o Common social facilities o More engagement with the local community o Out reach services o Seniors community day care • Goodwin has been running a development program since 2004, aimed at reinvigorating its facilities to meet these changing demands
  8. 2. THE SITE AND ITS CONTEXT Rebecca Stockley – Director Knight Frank
  9. Goodwin Farrer
  10. View from floodway
  11. Newer apartment block in context
  12. PARRALLELS…. Farrer Goodwin At Farrer Established in 1967 Established in 1977 Both grown and developed over time Both well loved, desirable places to be Both reflect development patterns from 30 years ago
  13. Farrer and ACT profile • 3,300+ residents – surprisingly stable population since 2001 Census • 81% home ownership rate • Median age of 43 (10 years more than the ACT median) • 20% of the population is aged 65+ (compared to 10.6% in the ACT) • 80% dwellings are separate houses • 82% of dwellings have three or more bedrooms • Average block size 1013m²
  14. Territory Plan and Crown Lease Controls
  15. Site Analysis
  16. 3. PROJECT BACKGROUND Alastair MacCallum – Director AMC Architecture
  17. About AMC • Established with clear aspirations in 2000 • Understand the balance • Canberra based - national experience • Working with Goodwin since 2004 • Broad range experience:  Masterplanning projects  Aged Care / Retirement Living / Special Needs  Residential  Interior Design  In the Woden Valley
  18. AMC has successfully delivered over $500 million worth of new / refurbished building projects in the last 5 years Retirement Living o Monash Green, Tuggeranong o The Central, Crace o Goodwin Farrer o Salvation Army Apartments, Narrabundah o Gungaderra Homestead Redevelopment, Harrison Residential Development o Eclipse Mixed Use Development, Bruce o Aureus Apartments, Forrest o Mirella Apartments, Gungahlin o RMC Duntroon, Campbell Commercial Buildings / Fitout o Equinox Business Park, Deakin o Gateway Business Park, Gungahlin Town Centre o Clinical Services Building, Deakin o Microsoft Canberra o Lockheed Martin, Kingston
  19. AMC Designed - The Central, Crace and Monash Green
  20. Recent Projects in the Woden Valley
  21. Goodwin Ainslie
  22. Brian Hadfield and Jim Crane • The nicest sound is the lawnmower • The area of our house is similar to our old house • We understood there was a long waiting period when we signed up…and here we are in Canberra • When you reach the point of time where everything is a bit beyond you this is a great option • We have our immediate family and friends nearby but this is like an extended family
  23. Existing Housing Stock Liberated
  24. Existing Housing Stock Liberated
  25. Background • Goodwin Farrer established in 1977 • Goodwin’s 2nd village at the time • George Sautelle House one of ACT’s first purpose-designed aged care facilities • New 4 storey apartment block was constructed (2005) • AMC prepared a redevelopment masterplan to inform a lease variation - approved in February 2012 • Point Project Management / DWP Suters / Clarke Keller prepared masterplan (2013) • Goodwin sought proposals for ongoing architectural services (July 2014) • AMC appointed and have developed the concept since then (August 2014)
  26. Goodwin’s Project Brief • Committed to providing highest quality services / care to residents • Goodwin Farrer, despite being well loved, is at the end of its serviceable life • Looking for new models for retirement living / aged care which: o Allow for ageing in place and community o Allow resident choice o Ensure high standards of care and support are maintained o Meet the growing demand in Canberra • As with Goodwin - Ainslie and The Central - Crace: o Make better use of limited land resources o Allow for attractive landscaped areas, amenities and services for all residents o Non-institutional character yet flexible to accommodate ageing in place o Help support Residential Aged Care • The site and all ILU’s designed to AS2124 and to be adaptable • Create common / community areas such including the Clubhouse concept • Maximise outlook and northern solar aspect • Develop a staging strategy which protects residents • Engage with the broader Farrer Community
  28. Design Principles
  29. Proposed Site Levels
  30. Developed Masterplan
  31. Site Section
  32. Feature Stone Wall
  33. The Clubhouse - The Focal Point
  34. Aerial View – Towards South-West
  35. Initial Unit Break-Up
  36. Basement Plan
  37. AMC Masterplan – Aerial View – Towards West
  38. Height Relative to Existing Apartment Block
  39. What We Are Trying To Achieve For: • Goodwin Residents (and their families) • Goodwin Aged Care Services • The Site and Broader Community
  40. A Better Outcome For Residents • Ability to stage the development All residents can comfortably stay on site • Better street address All ILU apartment blocks have a street address • Better accessibility AS1428.1 compliance for access and mobility • Better solar access and outlook Opportunities to maximise(91% of all ILUs have a northerly aspect)and provide internal amenity • Attractive ILUs Well planned, attractive and efficient allowing aging in place • Better landscaping More generous, accessible and user friendly • Better choice More options for aging in place and community • Creating a community hub Delivering a Clubhouse to become the heart of the community as soon as possible
  41. A Better Outcome For Goodwin • A more sustainable development Energy efficient Water efficient (including WSUD) More efficient use of existing site services • More cost effective Civil design Operational costs Life cycle costing and on-going maintenance • Greater flexibility Easier servicing generally Efficient servicing of the RACF and Clubhouse – eg. Kitchen Greater discretion for some RACF functions • More legible site design, easier servicing, ease of use • Integrating the existing apartment building
  42. A Better Outcome For The Site / Community • Steep site slope to inform attractive development character • Generous setbacks from all boundaries • Building heights (Like Ainslie) • Meet growing demand, greater choice and support RACF • Preservation of significant trees • Revitalise the site and provide opportunity for meaningful new landscaped areas • Allows aging in community / aging in place • Better connectivity • Clearer entrances • Road / pedestrian linkages across the site • Greater safety - outlook to all frontages • Better community services for an aging population • More local employment opportunities • Support local shops • Rejuvenating Farrer
  43. Trees
  44. Trees that may be removed
  45. Trees that may be removed
  46. Trees that may be removed
  47. Overshadowing Diagrams
  48. June 21st – 9am
  49. June 21st – 10am
  50. June 21st – 11am
  51. June 21st – 12pm
  52. June 21st – 1pm
  53. June 21st – 2pm
  54. June 21st – 3pm
  55. Staging Strategy
  56. 5. QUESTIONS?
  57. Presentation to Woden Valley Community Council Goodwin Farrer – 3.12.14
  58. Berm at corner of Beasley and Marshall
  59. Berm / Landscape at Marshall
  60. Marshall Street
  61. Marshall Street Context
  62. Farrer character study

Editor's Notes

  1. RS Welcome to attendees Housekeeping
  2. RS - Introduce team
  3. RS Quick review of program Opportunity to Q&A at end – hold off questions until then Hope to wrap up by 7pm but attendees are welcome to stay afterwards if they have any specific questions to ask the project team
  4. RS For those who haven't had a chance to look at the posters Quick review of the existing site layout George Sautell House – 63 bed spaces 73 ILUs – in one, two and four storey buildings
  5. RS Sure all attendees are familiar with the site Photos of the style of development on site.
  6. RS Exception is the new apartment building Constructed 2005
  7. RS - Real mix of development
  8. RS Farrer and Goodwin at Farrer share a similar story Goodwin established at Farrer 10 years after the suburb was established At that time the cutting edge of design George Sautell House one of the ACT’s purpose designed aged care facilities Like Farrer, Goodwin has grown over time 2005 – new apartment building Taken advantage of its great location – 200m to Farrer Shops, 3.8km to Woden Both Farrer and Goodwin at Farrer are well loved, desirable places to be. BUT both reflect development patterns from 30 years ago Existing ILUs now 30 years old – sustainability, energy efficiency etc Rejuvenation required
  9. RS Some tid bits to set the scene While population has stayed very stable, the demographic has changed Aging population – the ACT is expected to have a significant growth in older age groups generally, but this is accentuated in Farrer Woden and Tuggeranong have been identified by the Government as key areas of retirement living need Most residents are in larger homes on large blocks Likely that there will be increasing demand for more manageable supported living options in coming years
  10. RS Site is zoned for community facility purposes. Broad zone enabling a wide range of uses, including retirement village and aged care. Both uses permitted by the lease. No GFA limit in the lease. Very flexible controls – allows considerable discretion for operational requirements Setbacks - 6m from a residential block boundary Height – two storeys within 30m of a residential boundary, four storeys elsewhere Greater height can be approved subject to compliance with criteria, addressing The desired character A scale appropriate to use Reasonable separation from adjoining developments Reasonable privacy and solar access for dwellings and their private open space on adjoining residential blocks No subdivision/unit titling permitted
  11. RS Review of site within its context Predominately surrounding by residential development Separated by road reserves and flood ways Sloping topography – dwellings on Marshall Street set above the site Plan illustrates the Territory Plan height controls – everything within black dotted line can go to 4 storeys as rule compliant
  12. RS -Hand over to AMC
  13. RS Example of opportunities Poor visibility into/out of the site from its most prominent view point No contribution to the streetscene