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Putrajaya.chew woanchyin0310797


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Putrajaya.chew woanchyin0310797

  2. 2. CHEW WOAN CHYIN 0310797PUTRAJAYA SITE MAPFigure 1 Site map of Putrajaya
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION OF PUTRAJAYAPutrajaya is one of the world’s best planned cities and known as the Garden City orIntelligent City in 1995. The city of Putrajaya is the new administrative capital ofMalaysia after Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, which is futuristic and trendy. Putrajaya isa few miles North of Kuala Lumpur. The total area is about 49km2. Putrajaya was thebrainchild of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohmmad. The objectives ofPutrajaya are to be a vital development catalyst, to act as model city and to benerve centre of the nation. It fulfils the Malaysian Government’s goal which isnurturing a caring and tolerant society. Visitors are already having a huge impressionto Putrajaya that is the stylishly-designed buildings where Government offices arehoused.Figure 2 Sketch of Putrajaya city
  4. 4. BUILDING STRUCTURE IN PUTRAJAYA Public Buildings Putrajaya is mainly formed by public buildings which are as government used. The buildings are well known for its architectural wonders. The architectural and structural designs of building structures mostly Islamic in character. The buildings are influenced by Malay, Islamic and European cultures.Figure 3,4,5,6&7 Buildings are influenced by Islamic and Europeancultures.
  5. 5. MonumentsThere is also some monuments in Putrajaya. They are Millennium Monument,Putrajaya Landmark and so on. Millennium Monument is built as a timeline, withengravings the nations history. The futuristic-looking structure of PutrajayaLandmark looks like a rocket poised for launch and to commemorate the groundbreaking of the Putrajaya Project in 1995.SERVICE DETAILS IN PUTRAJAYALandscapingAs Putrajaya is known asGarden City, about 40percent of the design of thecapital is nature preserve.More than 60,000 trees andbushes line its parks,botanical gardens andmanicured hills.Figure 8 Landscaping in Putrajaya
  6. 6. Facilities In order to keep Putrajaya clean and safe city, government has set dustbins, street pole systems, and sign boards along the road. These vital infrastructure facilities have various types of design which is to maintain the beauty of the scenery. Surveillance cameras and smoke detectors also have been set in Putrajaya to ensure the safety of citizens.Figure 9,10,11 & 12 Infrastructure facilities provided in PutrajayaFigure 13,14,15&16 Systems in Putrajaya
  7. 7. MATERIALS USED IN PUTRAJAYAPutrajaya has designated areas for conserving the environmentin its natural state, and preserving the flora and fauna foreducational and research purposes. So, the lands are made upof lush greenery and botanical gardens spread across alandscape enriched by large bodies of water and wetlands. Glasses which always being used in the modern culture, provided humans with the ability to both let light into rooms while at the same time keeping inclement weather outside. Glass "curtain walls" can be used to cover the entire facade of a building, or it can be used to span over a wide roof structure in a "space frame". So, glasses are the material which mainly used in buildings in Putrajaya.Figure 17 Botanical gardens in PutrajayaFigure 18 & 19 Material : Glasses
  8. 8. Brown-stained cengal woodwork to enhance the decorative features on the doors, windows and panels. Glazed mosaic, clay, sandstone, steel and iron are also used in buildings in Putrajaya.Figure 20, 21,22&23 Woods, irons, steels, and mosaics used in Putrajaya buildings.
  9. 9. ACTIVITIES AND FUNCTION OF BUILDINGS IN PUTRAJAYAPutrajaya is also the seat of the King and Parliament as well as the Malaysia’scommercial and financial centre. Perdana Putra which is Prime MinistersDepartment, the building houses the Malaysian Prime Minister office complex isbuilt in Putrajaya also. Putrajaya is also the official residence of the present andfuture Prime Ministers of Malaysia. Ministry of Finance of Malaysia is also located inPutrajaya which comprises the Royal Customs and Excise Department, Departmentof Valuation and Property Services, Department of the National Accountant ofMalaysia, Inland Revenue Board, Securities Commission, and National Bank ofMalaysia.BUILDING TYPES IN PUTRAJAYAThe buildings which built in Putrajaya are mainly for government used. Putrajaya aregenerally formed by at least five-storey administration buildings.