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Wo mentor local ng_os presentation


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Wo mentor local ng_os presentation

  1. 1. WoMentorGender Equality through Mentoring November 2012
  2. 2. WoMentor wasestablished in 2008 inAustria within a Youth inAction project.It has 14 members from10 different countries
  3. 3. Aims• Promote principles/policies of equal opportunities• Promote social change through working with individuals and their communities• Fighting stereotypes/stereotypical thinking• Support “decent” employment opportunities• Empower girls and women• Exchange information, know-how, good practice
  4. 4. Values • Active participation and cooperation • Share of know-how • Gender sensitive • No discrimination • Value diversity • Confidentiality • Mutual respect and mutually beneficial • Focus on strengths
  5. 5. Main Activities• Support – Network – Lobbying• Members – Participants – Girls - Women• Common projects: EU - International• Research, Dissemination and Public Relations• To force and support the participation of (young) women
  6. 6. Recent projectsEuropean Guidelines for Mentoring Programmes A Guideline for Setting up and Running Mentoring Programmes with a Special Focus on Mentoring for Girls and Young WomenWE:MENTOR - Lifelong Learning Grundtvig2010-2012 The project brought together experienced programme coordinators and less experienced co-ordinators of mentoring programmes (particularly focused on women) together in order to share knowledge and best practice in order to increase the potential quality of programmes provided for both mentors and mentees.
  7. 7. EVS projects :Gender Equality through EVSVolunteering in learning organizations andcommunities
  8. 8. Recent Activities• Lobbying and EVS Organization - CO,SE,HO• Master Work Irene Kudi - Intercultural Competence in socialprojects “WoMentor goes East”• Presentation WoMentor/ We:Mentor• Trainings, Meetings, Conferences -YiA Austria, BG, Members and Project Partner• EVS
  9. 9. Future projects“YES- Young entrepreneurs start” Key words : European training programme/ European Handbook , combine mentoring/ entrepreneurship, higher education institutes, young women / educators, stimulate an innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set, sustainable and greener SME“2014 - EP for Young Women “ Key words : democracy project , gender issues , young women,raising awareness and sharing information , PR / dissemination“Gender equality through mentoring” Key words : gender inequality, gender gap, mentoring, research, european volunteering service
  10. 10. Future projects“WE:OSH”01/01/2013 -31/12/2013-Participants :Greece; Austria; Latvia; Romania-Target Group : women workers in industries, women engineersand female students in engineering departments-Topics: gender equality; womens occupational safety and health;civil organisations development- Activities : Reasearch- Webpage- Seminars- Workshops- Int.Conference
  11. 11. What can you gain If you join our Federation What can We offerPossibility to be part of the European NetworkBe our project partnersExchange of good practise and know-howBe our research partnersBenefit from our lobbying and PR- activitiesGet contact with mentors, mentees, trainers, coaches
  12. 12. • Counselling about Project Management and writing project proposals• Access to WoMentor homepage and its inner documents and possibility to promote their own activities and identity there (members can post information and create sub-pages); also possible a technical support and training about how to use the webpage and work with it (only for members)• Access and support to use the WoMentor Handbook and other future publications of the Federation for their work and training• Reduced prices for WoMentor Service (Coaching, Mentoring, Project Management, participation in Trainings and Workshops)
  13. 13. European Voluntary Service (EVS)- what’s that?* is a fantastic opportunity for young people aged 18 (by the start date of the project activity) to 30years to carry out a period of full-time voluntary service abroad from two to 12 months.
  14. 14. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?• Gain confidence and independence• Experience a different culture• Learn new skills and develop competencies• Contribute to the local host community• Enhance employability (Youthpass certificate oncompletion)• Mobility
  15. 15. HOW MUCH IT WILL COST?For the volunteer : Is free. Travel, accommodation, food andinsurance are all covered by an European grant except 10 % from the international travel costs. You will even receive a small personal allowance each month. For the hosting / sending organisation : Any cost linked to the implementation of the project that are not covered by the European grant
  16. 16. HOW TO GET STARTED AND BECOME AN EVS VOLUNTEER? Step 1: Finding a sending organisation You will need to register with an accredited EVS sending organisation .The European database on EVS accredited organisations Step 2: Choosing a host project There is a huge range of EVS placements across Europe andbeyond. Project themes include: Youth, sport, culture, social care, environment and more.
  17. 17. Volunteering in learning organisations and communitiesThe project is implemented within Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 - European Voluntary Service.The project is implemented in partnership with The European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Young Women (Austria), Amals Kommun / Europa Direkt Fyrbodal (Sweden) and Gaziantep Training and Youth Association (Turkey). The EVS stages are taking place in Turkey, Austria and Sweden for a period of four months (1 st of august – 31 november 2012).
  18. 18. My experience in GrazMy host organisation helped me to avoid “ the nightmare of free time”*by facilitating my integration in the local community*by introducing me to the beautiful city GRAZ*by creating opportunities for meeting other people with similar age or similarinterests
  19. 19. Personal / professional supportI received enough help and support in order to overcome orprevent any difficulties regarding my personal live and inmy activities in the organisation.My Mentor : the person who can support me, frame what ishappening in times of troubles and give me some advicewhen i needed
  20. 20. What i gained until now during my EVS project :- Improve my knowledge in English and started to learn German language- The opportunity to work in an intercultural and friendly work environment- Support from professional mentor and board members- Support for implementing my ideas- New contacts in at least 10 different countries- Experience of volunteering in an European Federation- Knowledge about how to create and implement projects- Knowledge how to do public relations and dissemination- Knowledge about European programs and funding opportunities- Experience in fundraising- Knowledge about main issues concerning girls, women and mentoring
  21. 21. ..
  22. 22. Astrid The project is implemented within Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 - European Voluntary Service. The project is implemented in partnership with The European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Young Women (Austria) and NGO Öökull (Estonia).The EVS is taking place in Graz, Austria for a period of s one year (5th March 2012 – 5th March 2013).
  23. 23. Astrid Keywords for my ServiceWriting projects Getting involved in Meeting new people andWorking in a local community Sharing experienceinternational LearningFederation More about my EVS :
  24. 24. Where can You find us ? Roseggerkai 5/17 8010 Graz ,Austria Phone + fax: +43 316 890483 Mobile +43 664 34 057 43 www.womentor.eu
  25. 25. Thank you for your time !