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Chapter4 all

  1. 1. CHAPTER 4 สื่ อการเรียนรู้ (Learning media)
  2. 2. How to students will apply knowledge of instruction media in the learning support and development of each student to be effective ?
  3. 3. Types Of Instructional Media Text Media People Media Technology Media Environmental Media Active Media Materials Media
  4. 4. Types Of Instructional Media 1 Books Text Media Newspapers Magazine Journal
  5. 5. Types Of Instructional Media 2 Technology Media Computer Satellite CD / VDO
  6. 6. Types Of Instructional Media 3 Active Media The students have developed learning skills and cooperative learning.
  7. 7. Types Of Instructional Media 4 People Media The student has learned from experience.
  8. 8. Types Of Instructional Media 5 Environmental Media The students must seek for the truth with themselves, reflective learning the lifetime.
  9. 9. Types Of Instructional Media 6 Materials Media
  10. 10. Learning style of individual Panadda Text Media
  11. 11. Learning style of individual Reangchai Environmental Media
  12. 12. Learning style of individual Morakot Technology Media
  13. 13. Learning style of individual Sareerat People Media
  14. 14. Success of learning Method + Media Instructional Media
  15. 15. Instruction media and learning media are same or different?
  16. 16. Instruction media and learning media are same or different? behavioral learning theories constructivist learning theory (Teacher center) (Student center) Instruction media learning media
  17. 17. Meaning of Instruction media and learning media Instruction media: learning media: Tools and techniques that teachers have used for teaching learners to learn more effectively. Everything around the learner that allow learners to learn, such as people, animals, nature, objects, events or concepts with a focus on promoting the research or the pursuit of self-learning. Allows students to learn continuously throughout life.
  18. 18. Comparative between Instructional media and learning media character Instructional media learning media -Materials -Materials -Information technology -Information technology -How to -How to The role of learning Focused on the transfer of content from the teacher to the learner. Focus on the learners' interaction for selflearning process design Content , knowledge, skills as well as experience. Promote the idea, knowledge construction and solutions
  19. 19. Learning media Print Media Technology activity person Nature and Environment Media materials
  20. 20. Design learning materials that are consistent with your learning content.
  21. 21. Media learning mathematics Primary 1st chapter the measure In this design using the media as the media is an activity / process. Media activity as the process type media. Activities organized to practice thinking and practice. Also skills to the students, such as collaborative problem solving. Using problem on a quest of knowledge. Knowledge discovery solution trial games, discussions, etc.
  22. 22. activity The measure is a measure of volume or capacity of various objects using various measures. This user must choose the right things with measure. Tools used to measure - The measuring spoon - The Measuring cylinder - liters - Bucket The unit used of measure liters, milliliter is the unit of measure. The acronym of liters is L The acronym of milliliter is ML Volume of 1 liter equals 1000 milliliters.
  23. 23. Learning process • Divide students into groups each of 4 people. • Teacher gave tool for activity such as, Big water tank 1 tank, tumbler of size 1 liter number 3 blade, tumbler of size 0.5 liter number 5 blade • Teacher gave problem for activity • Misson 1. How to know that a contain water tank has a liters ? • Students do activities that teachers gave are only suggestions. teacher is to motivate students always, for process to solve problems on their students. • After then, Student presentation with the process to solve problem.
  24. 24. Big water tank tumbler of size 1 liter tumbler of size 0.5 liter
  25. 25. This water tank contain size a 3.5-liter. The student answers may occur. The students pour a water big bucket put in tumbler of size 1 liter number 3 blade and tumbler of size 0.5 liter number 1 blade or tumbler of size 1 liter number 2 blade and tumbler of size 0.5 liter number 3 blade or tumbler of size 1 liter number 1 blade and tumbler of size 0.5 liter number 5 blade
  26. 26. สมาชิกในกลุ่ม 1.นางสาวนิภาภรณ์ จันทะโยธา 2.นาวสาวณัฏฐ์ นภันต์ กตัญรัตน์ 3.นางสาววรรณิศา ยุบุญชู 4.นางสาวจุฑามาศ ฉลาดดี 5.นางสาวพรชนก มีสาโรง 6.นางสาวชมัยมาศ วังทอง 7.นางสาววิไลลักษณ์ เยียมพนมคุณ ่ 8.นางสาวกุมาริกา ยางวิเศษ รหัส 565050317-7 รหัส 565050312-7 รหัส 565050337-1 รหัส 565050328-2 รหัส 565050318-5 รหัส 565050269-2 รหัส 565050285-4 รหัส 565050265-0
  27. 27. Thank you