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What To Do In Cuba, by Nelson Lewis


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For the first time since the 1960s, Cuba is open to Americans. There are plenty of things that this beautiful island nation has to offer for tourists, from cigars to Havana Club rum. Yet I recently came across an article that shares some of the top things to do in Cuba, listed here:

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What To Do In Cuba, by Nelson Lewis

  1. 1. What to Do in Cuba By Nelson Lewis
  2. 2. Eat at a paladar • Paladars are local Cuban restaurants where the owner needs to own the private home where the restaurant is, and the staff all come from the same family.! • Creates extremely authentic food, much better than the state-run restaurants.
  3. 3. Enjoy La Opera de la Calle • Brainchild of entrepreneur Uliss Aquino.! • Has had some rough times due to moving locales, police raids and missed opportunities.! • Sings twice a day for tourists
  4. 4. Visit Trinidad • Founded in 1514, Trinidad is the “city that time forgot”, filled with colonial architecture and lined with cobblestone streets.! • Most lodgings are family-run B&Bs with fresh seafood.
  5. 5. Swim the coral reefs • Home to one of the world’s top 50 coral reefs.! • Cuban reefs are teeming with unspoiled marine life.
  6. 6. Ride in an antique car • Since no American imports have arrived since before the embargo, Cuba is stuck in a time warp.! • The streets are filled with old cars from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.! • Riding in these cars is a throwback to the old days of America’s auto industry.