Fashion tips for your body shape


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Fashion tips for your body shape

  1. 1. Fashion tips for your Body ShapeStyling Rules are hardly generic! As a matter of fact, they should be customized to theindividual; since everyone comes in different body sizes and shapes, we all need to learnwhat to wear and what to avoid in order to best flatter our body shape. Being compared toan object like an Hourglass or a Pear is not always flattering,especially when we carry a few extra pounds that we are trying to lose; it can be hurtfulto stand in front of a mirror and look at our own body flaws trying to determine the bodyshape, but it is a necessary step.Remember: no one has a "perfect" body; I have met many women who are ready to tellyou exactly what they dont like about their bodies, even models and celebrities!It is extremely important to determine our body type - first and foremost- as it helps us tovisualize a certain shape; then, we chose what to wear to best suit our body shape,making therefore, the most of our body by creating an illusion of a well balanced figure."Fashion is architecture: it is a matter ofproportions. "Coco ChannelThe most important thing to analyze first is the body shape we currently have: keep inmind that it has nothing to do with size, its all about proportions. All body types comein a mix of fuller and slimmer shapes.Here I will present the most common body types and subdivide them in: Top Heavy,Bottom Heavy, then both Top and Bottom Heavy, and No Curves; decide where you fitand then follow the simple styling steps to better balance the body type.TOP HEAVY BODY TYPE:The LOLLIPOP body shape: Big breasts, not too broad shoulders, short waist and longskinny legs.The GOBLET body shape: Heavy and square on the top, large breasts, a big tummy andbroad back sitting on slender legs.
  2. 2. BOTTOM HEAVY BODY TYPE:The SKITTLE body shape: top half is long and slim and widens at the bottom withsaddlebags and a big bum on short legs.The BELL body shape: petite woman with small shoulders and breasts and a large bottomand waist.The PEAR body shape: small at the top with small shoulders and breasts, tiny waist, bigthighs (saddlebags), and the calves and ankles dont have much definition.TOP and BOTTOM HEAVY BODY TYPE:The APPLE body shape: is all round; small shoulders, big breasts and waist, big hips andbuttocks and no definition in the calves and ankles. The HOURGLASS body shape: Big shoulders and breasts, small shortwaist, big hips (bottom half and top half are equal in size).The VASE body shape: Its a stretched Hourglass, more length and a flatter bottom.The CELLO body shape: broad shoulders, large breasts, very big buttocks, hips andthighs (bigger than the top).NO CURVES/ ATHLETIC BODY TYPE:The BRICK body shape: its a masculine shape, broad shoulders, flat buttocks, no waistline, straight up and down short legs.
  3. 3. The CONE body shape: triangular shape, its an athletic build with broad shoulders, littlebreast, no waist line, small hips and buttocks.The COLUMN body shape: very tall, statuesque build. No curves, the top half andbottom half are equal in size.STYLE SOLUTIONS for EACH BODY TYPE:TOP Heavy body shapes: Goal: Pick pieces that are shaped but not tight. Bring attention to the bottomhalf of the body.Get a well fitting bra first, more than 85% of North American women wear the wrongsize bra! Most stores offer a fitting session and service for free.Dont wear tops with: ruffles or pastel shades, thin spaghetti straps, delicate camisoletops or complicated necklines. Avoid high neck lines, wear instead wide v-neck halves,not in a bulky material. Dresses should have strategic gathers under the breast to direct alleyes to your waist. Skirts should be fitted at the top and flaring at the hemline (to balancethe top and the bottom), a cute tulip skirt works here. Avoid high waisted "anythings" atall cost! Bell bottom trousers balance out the breasts so you look less top heavy. Shoesshould be high and a medium to slim heel to complement the shapely legs. Structuredjackets, with one or two buttons under the breast, work well for a bigger bust, make surethe jacket can be buttoned; if a size bigger is necessary, then bring the jacket to the tailorand get both sides (at the waist) taken in, we want to achieve an hourglass shape!Dont Wear: A lot of women who have larger busts try to camouflage it with boxyblazers. A blazer hides a double-D bust, but it makes a waist and the rest of the body lookmuch bigger as well.Do Wear: A fitted, single-breasted fitted blazer, making sure it defines the waist but isroomy enough in the bust that it doesnt pull. The overall effect is slimming and shape-defining.
  4. 4. BOTTOM Heavy body shapes:Goal: bring attention to the top half of the body and away from problem areas.Clingy skirts and tapered pants are a no-no as they highlight the hip, so trow them out ofthe closet; fuller leg trousers and flared skirts hide bulges. Wear any vertical pattern onthe bottom half (to slim the appearance) even if it is in the seaming. Darker colors recede,so go dark on the bottom half of the body (no shiny fabrics) and wear lighter colors ontop. To broaden shoulders and bring the attention up to the top half, wear big lapels, colorand embellishment on the neckline, even a small shoulder pad will bring balance to awider bottom.Avoid side pockets, opt instead for a flat-front trouser. Super-slim jeans and pencil skirtsare not a good choice. A defined waist, full skirt and strapless cut dress will bring all thefocus to the smaller upper half. High-waisted, belted skirts draw attention to a slimmerwaist line (hem it just above the knee), but wear them only if you have smaller breasts.Avoid Empire waist dresses that hide the waistline, choose instead a defined waist and anA-line skirt (wrap dress) to accentuate the upper half. Get a full, pleated Knee-length skirtto conceal a wide hip. Full, wide-leg gauchos drape without clinging and are afashionable choice. Avoid tapered cut pants that emphasize a wide middle area, try aboot-cut pant and jeans to create a straight, lean line. Pleats are dangerous and so are too-high waist lines on pants, a flat front trouser on a medium rise (1 inch below belly button)is more flattering on this body shape.A funnel shaped coat (buttons on the top half) is very flattering, also a coat with belt willbring attention to the waist, like a classy trench coat. In the summer wear a thigh-skimming Craftan over the bathing suit, its a classy and fashionable way to cover up andbalance a wider hip.
  5. 5. Cone heels on a dressy shoe will help balance out the bottom half of the body. Straightwinter boots will look fashionable and also help cover shapeless calves and ankles. Dontdo ankle straps, they brake the line of the leg.Dont Wear: A straight button-dress that hugs the curves at the hips, making themappear larger, not to mention the pull on the buttons in curvy areas can draw unwantedattention.Do Wear: A wrap dress to emphasize the smallest part of the body (the upper half),allowing the bottom to A-line over the rest, camouflaging large hips and thighs. A print,especially over a darker background is slimming and will diffuse the attention on thepattern, not on the curves."Highlight the positive and delete the negative."Donna KaranTOP and BOTTOM Heavy body types:Goal: The secret is not to hide any part of the body, but to show it off,nobody looks good in a straight oversized tent dress. The clothes must be fitted (not tight)and curve hugging.Wear V-neck fitted cardigans, scooped necks and pencil skirts. Skirts should be fastenedon the side and flat-fronted, to avoid extra bulk. Sewn down paneling on the top half of abottom-pleated skirt holds the tummy at the front and cuts the buttocks in half.Asymmetric pleats on a tulip skirt will lift and bring out the bottom. Wear jackets with asingle button (which will emphasize the narrowest area of the body). Traditional jeansdont always work, so go for a tailored, wide legged denim trouser. Avoid tight, wide-cutpants, which can make the bottom look wider; a straighter leg style (full but not flared),that doesnt pull at the hips, is more flattering. Avoid pleats around the hips and belly(they add bulk) or anything high-waisted. Wear waist defining pieces and empire-waistdresses. A fitted trench with belt is great as a coat. Pick chiffon dresses, with a corset. As
  6. 6. for shoes, avoid stilettos, curvy girls need curvy shoes! Go for a small, shaped wedgesandal, and a rounded or peep toe shoe.No CURVES body types:Goal: Create curves and an ideal hourglass shape.Draping dresses with patterns will create curves in all the right places (size the pattern tothe body- small frame= small pattern, and vice versa). Dont assume any bra with paddingwill work; it must fit so the seams and padding cant be seen (P.S. Avoid deep Vee shirtswith padded bras). Never go bra-less under flimsy fabrics, no matter how small thebreast, its not classy.A feminine chiffon dress will soften the shape. Halter tops create soft curves. Gatheringand pleating on a shirt (at the sleeves and waist) creates curves. Skinny jeans will hug theskinny shapeless hips, giving them more definition. Choose delicate heels to highlightslim ankles. Accessorize, to keep you looking very stylish and feminine (use lace, beadsand other feminine detailing). Invest in some cute waist-defining belts to wear over shirts,cardigans, coats, etc.