Leszek możdżer- Poland


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Leszek możdżer- Poland

  1. 1. composer
  2. 2. Leszek Możdżer correctlyLesław Możdżer, born 23rdMarch1971 in Gdańsk
  3. 3. Leszek Możdżer wanted to be amusician since childhood. Whenhe was 5 years old he beganlearning to play the piano, andwhen it turned out he has talenthis parents enrolled him to musicschool and spared no sacrificeallowing him furtherdevelopment. – Then buying apiano was a huge expense. Eithera car or a piano. His parentschose the instrument – saysLeszek Możdżer.
  4. 4.  1998 nominated for the Fryderyk Polish recording industry in 1998for Jazz Album of the Year (Leszek Możdżer and Adam Pierończyk -Live in Sofia) 1999 Award Fryderyk Polish recording industry in 1999 in thecategory of Jazz musician of the year 2004 Wiktor 2004 award in the category of the most popular singerand stage artist 2006 Awards Stage Polish Prometheus 2006 Gold baton of Merit for Polish Culture 2006 Grand Award of the Cultural Foundation 2009 handprint composer in the Promenade of Stars in Gdańsk inthe courtyard of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic 2011 Frederick for best original soundtrack "Kaczmarek to Możdżer"
  5. 5.  Alex Han, Leszek Możdżer and Sean Jones, 2011 "Hair" (1999, Musical Theatre in Gdynia them. Danuta Baduszkowej, musicaldirector) "Tango with Lady M." (2000, Polish Dance Theatre - Poznań Ballet Poznan, music) "Midsummer Nights Dream" (2001, Musical Theatre in Gdynia them. DanutaBaduszkowej, musical director) "Tangerines and oranges" (2003, Musical Theatre-Operetta Wroclaw Wroclaw,musical arrangement and music) "... and Im dancing" (2003, Polish Dance Theatre - Poznań Ballet Poznan, music) "Bajlandia" (2004, music) "The Madman and the Nun" (2005, Long distance Departments Krakow WroclawAcademy of Dramatic Arts, Music) "Stink in the Mountains" (2006, Musical Theatre "Capitol" Wroclaw, music director,music) "Operetta" (2007, Musical Theatre "Capitol" Wrocław, music) "Maiden Vows" (2007, National Theatre in Warsaw, music) "Midsummer Nights Dream" (2007, Krakow Academy of Dramatic Arts, Music)
  6. 6.  "Weiser" (as a musician at the station, 2000,psychological film / drama, directed byWojciech Marczewski) "Yellow Scarf" (as pianist for the cocktail,2000, drama, directed by JanuszMorgenstern) "Pub 700" (as himself, 2007 documentaryfilm, directed by Sylwester Latkowski) "The effect of Chopin" (as himself, in 2010,documentary film, directed by KrzysztofDzięciołowski)
  7. 7.  "It is understood that I am alone. And this is agreat fear, but it is also a source of power.Previously, I had an external reference points.Authorities. Now on propping no one.„ "Muscles hand must be trained and wellwarmed up, so I can freely express. To beable to tell something for me. Cause yourhands have their wisdom if they were carriedout. And as if led me. Then music releasesitself and lives its own life now . And I remainalone. "
  8. 8.  He has several thousand performances, ofwhich the biggest impression made ​​on himthat played in Chile before the 15-thousandaudience. It was his first appearance beforesuch a large audience. - It was a powerfulexperience for me, to deal with the mass ofthe people, control over this space, the largenumber of awareness - he says. - That wasfast.