Electronic Cigarette


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Electronic Cigarette

  1. 1. Electronic cigarettesoriginally hail from China and made their way across the world in the 90′s, after becoming an internet sensation. They have now surpassed that status and are gaining an stablished place in the market.
  2. 2.  Electronic cigarettes originally hail from China and made their way across the world in the 90′s, after becoming an internet sensation. They have now surpassed that status and are gaining an stablished place in the market. The potential of this product has raised the enthusiasm of industry experts that foresee the sucess and fortune associated with e-cigarettes. Some analyst predict that e-cigarettes could even eclipse the popularity of traditional cigarettes within the next decade. The beginnings of the e-cigarette industry remind many of the start of energy drinks. They proved to be more than a trend and so are e-cigs. There is an amazing room for growth in the e- cigarette market. Insiders are confident that the electronic cigarette industry will be worth over $1 billion in the coming years. Although at the moment, the number of e-cigarette users is nowhere near to the number of those consuming traditional tobacco products, according to some experts, the main difference is that e-cigs are in the rise while tobacco products are losing their ground. E-cigarettes are becoming more and more appealing to consumers, thanks to the notion that they offer the same sensation of a traditional cigarette with reduced risk.
  3. 3.  Innovation and reduced health concerns are two key elements that make e-cigarettes attrarctive. While manufacturers cannot make health claims due to FDA regulations, more consumers are switching to e-cigs as a mean to enjoy a less harmful smoking experience. In addition, e- cigarettes do not produce the smell and second hand smoke that concerns non smokers. They are an alternative for those that are not ready to quit altogether but don’t want to bother those around them. Added benefits of e-cigarettes include their price (they end up being cheaper than regular tobacco products).and their convenience. With all the buzz and advantages of e-cigarettes, it is no wonder why they are getting attention even from tobacco companies that may consider the possibility of getting hold of the e-cigarette market.
  4. 4.  As a product that is quickly achieving its permanent place in the market, there are regulation discussions surrounding e-cigarettes, specially when it comes to taxing and regulating their distribution. There are plans to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. This means that e-cigarette importers must hold tobacco importing licenses, and sellers must have tobacco licenses in all states. While e-cigarette manufacturers have no issues with the taxing of the product, they are adamant in getting a fair tax that takes into consideration that the product is less harmful than its tobacco counterparts. The interest on electronic cigarettes is increasing and although it may take a few year to get a massive switch from traditional smoking to e-cigarette experience, there are more and more commited users that will contrinute to the industry’s growth.
  5. 5.  Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular amongst celebrities. Hot stars such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Katherine Heigl have been seen vaping and Johnny Depp’s character in the Tourist, smokes electronic cigarettes. More recently, Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson joined the trend by puffing an e-cig in an award ceremony in Hollywood. There is no denying that the electronic cigarettes industry can benefit enormously from this type of publicity. Many people that didn’t know about electronic cigarettes, are now taking note thanks to the exposure that comes with famous e-smokers and the associated media coverage. TV and Movies are bringing electronic cigarettes to a massive audience which means that more smokers will be aware of the alternatives available.
  6. 6.  Unfortunately, this level of exposure may also bring along misinformation and complaints from companies that may see their economic interests threatened by the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes. Some may even push for legislation to prevent that e- cigs are used in public. Still, the good side of this publicity should overcome the possible issues that it may bring. In the end, what matters is that people will be aware of the existence of electronic cigarettes and it’s role as an alternative to tobacco products and even as an aid to quit smoking,