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  1. 1. ALZHEIMER By: Katelyn Withington
  2. 2. “Scientists Reverse Drug” • Scientists have figured out a way to reverse Alzheimer with experimental drugs. • Trial’s of this drug, known as rember, in 321 patients showed an 81% difference in rate of mental decline, compared to those who don’t take treatments. • The Aberdeen University researches said the drug targeted the build up of specific protein in the brain.
  3. 3. *Patients That Have Alzheimer* • Patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease were given either 30, 60 or 100 mg of the drug or placebo. • The 60 mg dose produced the most effective ,over 50 weeks there was a seven- point difference on a scale used to measure severity of dementia.
  4. 4. About The Treatments • Some of the treatments for Alzheimer tend to focus on combating a waste protein in the brain , Beta-amyloid, which is known to form hard plaques. • Methylthioninium chloride is the first treatment to target the Tau tangles.
  5. 5. “The Drugs” • The drugs are still in Trial, forming a new class called secretase modulators (GSM). • A study in nature shows us that they cut levels of protein that forms the sticky clumps associated with Alzheimer. • The clumps are formed by long pieces of amyloid beta protein that causes breakdown between the brain cells and lead to dementia.
  6. 6. Testing -Scientists are trying to reverse this memory lost. -The studied on a mice that had alzheimer. -It was able to regain memory etc. -They did a playground test about this. -After 6 weeks with the brain disease the mice were no longer able to perform certain tasks that they could before. The mice that were shocked could remember better then in the cages.
  7. 7. Other Info • Other treatments for Alzheimer's tend to focus on combating a waste protein in the brain, beta- amyloid, which is known to form hard plaques. The latest work suggests targeting Tau may produce better results.
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