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PR in progess, news from Wisse Kommunikatie

  1. 1. pr inprogress of wissekommunikatie the digital newsletter Volume 15 July 2010 The first six months of 2010 are over. It has been a busy time, with many new cli- ents and enjoyable events. There has been some commotion about the PR profes- sion: following an investigation by the University of Amsterdam we shall present our view of the ‘eternal struggle between the journalist and the PR consultant’. We 0210 would also like to present our ‘new’ Belgian partner InstiCOM. Finally, we will be lifting the veil on our autumn workshop entitled ‘Crisis Communication in Care’. In short, enjoy the newsletter and we wish you a pleasant summer. The eternal struggle between the journalist and the availability of information. It is indeed true the PR consultant that communication professionals and journal- A discussion erupted at the beginning of June ists complement and even need each other. as a result of an investigation carried out by Journalists, on the one hand, are always looking the Journalism department of the University for relevant and reliable information for their of Amsterdam (UvA) into the relationship readers. On the other hand, organisations have between journalism and communication. It a message that is of interest to their target showed that the communication sector is group. It is the communication professional’s much greater than was previously thought. task to bring this message to the attention of There are some 150,000 press officers, commu- the media, among others. nication staff and PR consultants active in the Netherlands at the moment, compared with 55,000 in 2004. Knowing that there are 15,000 journalists in the Netherlands, various media reported: ‘The PR army is ten times as big as the number of journalists’ and ‘Ten PR profes- sionals for every reporter’. These conclusions seem somewhat premature, however, consider- ing that of course not every communication professional is involved in media relations on a daily basis. Furthermore, these headlines imply that journalists are being overwhelmed by communication people and that there is therefore an unfair struggle between the two occupational groups. Chairman Rijk van Ark of the Logeion professional association responds: “People are now being misled. This could cause a situation in which communication profes- sionals are depicted as opponents of journal- ism’. This does not do justice to the actual circumstances, in which communication profes- sionals actually contribute to transparency and > c o r p o ra t e c o m m u n i c a t i o n & p u b l i c r e l a t i o n s
  2. 2. The investigation further states that “as long Journalists are therefore not consciously per- as journalism is understaffed, for example by suaded in a cunning way to publish everything cutbacks, an increasingly professionalised com- organisations write or proclaim. The journalist’s munication sector will gain more power”. The task is also to pick and choose from what is researchers of the UvA will therefore be taking presented. No matter how large the army of PR time in the next few months to inventarise consultants, press officers and communication strategies that journalism will be able to use staff might become, the journalist concerned to strengthen its position. But why do journal- always has the last word. It is a good sign ists need strategies to fight back against the that the communication sector is becoming alleged army of PR consultants and press offic- more professional, and to use the words of the ers? Logeion association: “the added value of pro- fessional communication is being recognised Organisations bring in a PR agency to help everywhere”. Our view is that journalists there- them set up and/or professionalise their media fore do not need a well-thought-out strategy in policy. In this way they try to have their com- order to strengthen their position with respect pany appear in the media in a structured way, to communication professionals. Journalistic or in some cases ensure that that in fact does activities and the work of press officers, com- not happen. PR agencies can help here by play- munication staff and PR consultants go hand ing the part of a spin doctor, based on their in hand. Journalists have nothing to fear from knowledge and experience of the media. They “our” communication professionals. At the end share ideas about ways and means of increas- of the day, we have to work together. ing media attention and have the resources for achieving that in practice. The approach to the media is always based on newsworthy content. Autodesk asks Wisse Kommunikatie to do Media closely involved in products that have been & Entertainment as well used in blockbusters such as Titanic, the Lord Since 2008, Wisse Kommunikatie has been of the Rings trilogy, the Spider-Man films and working for Autodesk, the supplier of 2D and Transformers, in games such as Assassin’s 3D design software, which is regarded world- Creed II and in TV programmes such as Star wide as one of the founders of Computer Aided Trek. Furthermore, the Netherlands is not Design. Up to now we have carried out a large known as a major user of software packages number of PR activities for the multination- from Autodesk where film technology is con- al’s construction portfolio, for the mechanical cerned, and especially in post-production, so we engineering branch, for products for utility can give our client good service here”. companies and telecommunications and for geo-related industries. Wisse Kommunikatie was given a new task a while ago: Media and Entertainment. As the name suggests, this is about software packages that are used in creating content for films, TV programmes and games. The portfolio of advanced solutions for 3D model- ling, animation, visual effects and rendering includes, among other things, the well-estab- lished Autodesk MotionBuilder 2011, Autodesk Softimage 2011, Autodesk Mudbox 2011, Autodesk Smoke 2011 and Autodesk Maya 2011 packages. The European PR account for M&E was previ- ously run by an agency in England, but from the point of view of efficiency and as a result of the successful activities for other sectors, Autodesk decided to transfer M&E to the local PR agencies that were looking after the remainder of the portfolio. “This is a great addition to our account”, according to account manager Serge Beckers, “because we are now
  3. 3. Groundbreaking ceremony for new hydrogen number of large panels in the marquee that plant with Minister Van der Hoeven explained the working of the hydrogen plant Wisse Kommunikatie was involved in organis- and the way its processes will be integrated ing the groundbreaking ceremony for the new with the refinery. After the guests had depart- Air Products hydrogen plant in the Botlek area ed, the morning was concluded with a lunch of Rotterdam on 22 June. The plant, which attended by the teams from Air Products and is scheduled to become operational in the ExxonMobil who are involved in the project. middle of next year, will be one of the larg- est and most modern in the world, producing Wisse Kommunikatie collaborated closely for 300 tonnes of hydrogen a day. It will supply a the event with an external event manager, large proportion of its output to the adjacent who organised all the on-site logistics and ExxonMobil refinery. Hydrogen is an essential catering. The communication departments raw material in the production of clean fuels. of ExxonMobil Benelux and Air Products in England were also involved in the project. Our A marquee in which the guests were received tasks were the overall planning and co-ordina- was erected on the site. After speeches by tion, practical support and, of course, the media Jeff Byrne from Air Products, Joost van Roost contacts. from ExxonMobil, Hans Smits from the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Maria van der Hoeven, Minister of Economic Affairs, thirteen VIPs shovelled sand away to unveil a special Minister of Economic Affairs Maria van der Hoeven plaque. The guests were then able to see a photo: Willem Blauw PR activities for Veeam Software medium-sized organisations have also selected In April this year, Wisse Kommunikatie start- packages from this software supplier. Those ed PR activities in the Benelux for Veeam organisations are served in the Benelux by a Software, founded in 2006 by CEO Ratmir network of 200 resellers. Timashev and CTO Andre Baranov. Veeam is a fast-growing software company that develops innovative software for managing virtual infra- structures. It has approximately 7,500 clients worldwide, a total that grows by some 700 every month. A number of large financial insti- tutions, teaching hospitals and large telecoms companies in the Benelux have implemented solutions from Veeam, and dozens of small and
  4. 4. World No Tobacco Day: EU HELP campaign organ- ised a graffiti workshop To celebrate World No Tobacco Day on 31 May last, Wisse Kommunikatie organised a graffiti workshop for the European HELP campaign entitled ‘For a life without tobacco’, in col- laboration with the Remixx Youth Centre and ’t Mozaïek primary school in Arnhem. This was connected to the campaign’s theme this year, called ‘Street Art’. The purpose of the workshop was to help the youngsters to get to know the campaign in a creative way and to inform them about the risks of smoking and passive smok- ing. The participants in the two-hour event were first given an explanation of the various techniques of spraying graffiti, so that they could then try them out for themselves on wooden panels. The graffiti teachers from the Kunstbedrijf Arnhem had prepared a sketch in advance with the slogan ‘Rookvrij leven’ [A life without tobacco] and a number of animation dolls from the campaign. The attractively-col- oured panels are being exhibited in Remixx and ’t Mozaïek. Internet via satellite launched in advance of the launch, with the fifteen most Inhabitants and businesses in remote areas, important media being approached in order to including agrarian companies, have recently assess their interest in the new product. Three been able to use a fast Internet connection via press releases, each tailored to a specific target satellite. Eutelsat, the European leader in satel- group, were then sent to carefully-selected lite communications, launched a new product national, regional and local media. Shortly after for broadband Internet in the Netherlands in the launch, a mailing was sent to various rural May this year: Tooway™. Thanks to broadband municipalities, sector organisations and pres- access via satellite, users in several outlying sure groups so as to bring Tooway™ to their regions no longer depend on slow dial-up con- attention. These PR efforts have so far resulted nections or expensive WiFi Internet. Tooway™ in 22 articles in various printed and digital also provides a solution for people in the media. As a result of the launch, there have Netherlands who already receive TV via satel- also been discussions in forums and on Twitter lite and for consumers who want Internet con- about the usability and quality of Tooway™. nections in their second homes. Wisse Kommunikatie looked after the PR activi- ties in connection with introducing Tooway™ to the market. A media audit was performed
  5. 5. Preview of ‘Crisis Communication in Care’ work- The exact format of the workshop is being shop worked out at the moment, but in any case Wisse has found that Douwe de Joode is pre- pared to contribute to the event. He is the managing director of communication consul- tancy bureau De Joode Communicatie and an authority in the field of crisis communication in the care sector. One of the organisations he set up was the PR and Information depart- ment of the VU Medical Centre, which he led for eight years. One of the things Douwe de Joode did to support his consultancy practice was to complete his doctoral studies in Health Law and Hospital Science at the University of Amsterdam. He also gives guest lectures at uni- versities and within HBO education. “In Douwe, who we have been working with Wisse Kommunikatie will organise a work- closely for some considerable time, we have shop in the autumn of 2010 that has ‘Crisis brought in a speaker who is much in demand”, Communication in Care’ as its theme. We chose says Hubert Wisse. “He will doubtless supple- this theme because we are increasingly becom- ment his theoretical views on the discipline of ing involved with clients in the care sector who crisis communication with countless relevant unfortunately are regularly faced with widely practical examples, and bring home to the par- differing crisis situations. It turns out more and ticipants in a very enjoyable way the benefits more often that care institutions only start to of a proper crisis communication plan”. think about the consequences of a crisis after the damage has already been done. Many prob- More information about the workshop will lems can be alleviated or even avoided, how- be published in PRogress and on the Wisse ever, if a proper communication plan has been Kommunikatie website as soon as it becomes drawn up beforehand or if thought has been available. given to the possible consequences of a crisis. A career in ICT? ments included issuing the press invitations In an initiative by the European Commission, for the official opening of e-Skills Week during activities were organised throughout Europe in the CeBIT conference in Hanover, and the vari- March this year with the intention of making a ous company visits. Wisse Kommunikatie also career in ICT more attractive to students aged took care of handling cutting overviews and from 14 to 18 who were in advanced education. support during the company visits, resulting in ICT~Office, the sector organisation for more a number of articles, including some online, in than 500 IT, Telecom, Internet and Office com- publications related to ICT and education and panies in the Netherlands, organised various in the regional media. activities from 2 to 5 March 2010 in the context of Dutch e-Skills Week. Approximately 500 young people in the dé Weekkrant Stadsblad Noord ALTIJD ACTUEEL: DEWEEKKRANT.NL Woensdag 10 maart 2010 - Pagina 56 Netherlands were given the opportunity to Videobellen met India Nieuwe velden Zwaluwen Utrecht UTRECHT - De eerste hoc- visit companies that use ICT in an innovative keytrainingen bij Zwaluwen Utrecht 1911 zijn vorige week begonnen op de nieu- we hockeyvelden. De hoc- way, enabling them to find out about the vari- keyclub gaat op een unieke Scholieren maken kennis met IT-wereld locatie in de stad (Nieuw Welgelegen) van start. DOOR BAS VAN OORT De hockeyvereniging wordt ety of a career in ICT. ICT companies as well as een afdeling van omni-ver- UTRECHT - Om scholieren eniging Zwaluwen Utrecht enthousiast te maken voor 1911. de IT-sector, organiseerde Begin dit jaar benoemde het large multinationals that invest a great deal de Europese Commissie van omni-bestuur een interim 2 tot 5 maart de eSkills Week. bestuur voor de hockeyafde- Scholieren van het Ichtus ling, die streeft naar een ge- College uit Veenendaal gin- leidelijke groei van de ver- in ICT registered for these company visits. By gen op bedrijfsbezoek bij eniging. Capgemini. Daar hadden ze De aanmeldingsprocedure heeft eind januari plaatsge- een videoconferentie met vonden. Dat heeft ertoe ge- focusing attention during e-Skills Week on the medewerkers uit India. leid dat er 86 nieuwe leden zijn, met name in de leeftijd Lucas Stassen moet namens van 6 tot 10 jaar. Op 17 april ICT-Office de Nederlandse eSk- worden de nieuwe hockey- many opportunities for a good career in ICT, the ills Week in goede banen leiden. velden officieel worden geo- "Er willen maar weinig scholie- pend. ren de IT-sector in", verklaart Vanaf komend seizoen gaat hij het project. "Die denken na- de hockeyafdeling van start intention is for young people to prefer working tuurlijk allemaal van: daar wer- met competitiehockey. Te- ken alleen maar nerds. Maar dat vens zijn er plannen om met is niet zo. Kijk maar eens om je senioren- en trimhockey te heen hier." beginnen. in this sector in the future. De bijeenkomst wordt ingeleid Zie verder www. door Jacques, die al vijftien jaar met plezier bij Capgemini werkt. Het grootste voordeel: je Beurs kinderkleding ziet wat van de wereld. Hij is al De scholieren ontdekten bij Capgemini dat in de IT-wereld niet alleen techniek van belang is, maar ook communicatie, ook met in België geweest en ook in mensen uit andere culturen. FOTO: BAS VAN OORT. en speelgoed Duitsland en Amerika, want de UTRECHT - De oudercom- klanten zitten niet alleen in Ne- deoconferentie begint, waar- hun neus snuiten tijdens de ver- dat je geen Nederlands kunt geval geslaagd. De scholieren missie van Peuterspeelzaal Wisse Kommunikatie has been supporting derland. schuwt Jacques nog even voor gadering. Dat is onbeleefd. spreken. Ik ben nog niet zo goed reageerden enthousiast, en dat Pinokkio houdt op zaterdag Maar ook in India, want daar de cultuurverschillen. "Er zijn Wat wel mag: op de grond spu- in Engels en vind het ook moei- blijkt ook wel uit de rapportcij- 20 maart weer een kinder- gebeurt het nu in de IT-sector. wat dingen waar je voor op gen en boeren laten. Maar dat lijk om de Indiërs te verstaan. Ze fers die ze aan het eind van de kleding- en speelgoedbeurs ICT~Office in carrying out the PR activities in Daar werken veel meer mensen moet passen straks. Ga bijvoor- raadt Jacques vanuit Neder- hebben zo'n gek accent. middag mogen geven: niemand in Centrum Voordorp, A. Ro- in de IT, en ook nog eens voor beeld niet met je benen over el- lands oogpunt af. Ali (18) was erg positief: "Het is geeft lager dan een 7. merostraat 330 van 10.00 tot veel minder geld. Jacques vraagt kaar zitten. Als je een Indiër je echt vet om zomaar even met Wel was er bij de scholieren nog 12.00 uur. aan Kevin, een van de scholie- schoenzool laat zien, zeg je ei- Spannend India te bellen, en al helemaal een kritische noot over India: Verkoopplaats: 7 euro per ta- connection with this European week. Its assign- ren, of hij ook in de IT-sector wil genlijk: ik heb schijt aan jou. Dat De scholieren vinden het video- op deze manier. Zo heb je echt het tijdverschil. "Het is natuur- fel. Voor een plaats, mail: werken. Dat wil Kevin (17) niet. is niet de bedoeling." bellen leuk, maar vooral span- het gevoel dat je bij elkaar aan lijk niet de bedoeling dat wij la- Pinokkio.Kledingbeurs@ Hij wil het leger in. Voor de vi- De scholieren mogen ook niet nend. Frank (17): Het is lastig tafel zit." Het project is in ieder ter ook 's nachts gaan werken." Afscheid van kledingbeurs Debatten Tumult UTRECHT - Debatcentrum Tumult heeft ook komende week genoeg debatten, met op woensdag 10 maart het onderwerp 'Nanokaravaan, Nanodeeltjes in het milieu:
  6. 6. Start of the HyMove project and unveiling of the Arnhem later this year as part of the HyMove hydrogen bus project. The unveiling of the hydrogen bus in one of the workshops in Arnhem of the HTS Autotechniek Wisse Kommunikatie was responsible for (Higher Technical College Automotive) on 28 the logistics, the co-ordination during the May was the official starting signal for the event and for the press activities. The unveil- HyMove project. More than 60 guests from the ing attracted a great deal of attention in the Arnhem hydrogen network and members of regional media and the trade press. A full range the press were invited to the occasion. Several of communication media was developed with representatives of the regional and local Diep Arnhem, demonstrating how strong and authorities explained their reasons for par- recognisable an attractive and consistently ticipating in this ambitious project. Alexander thought-out house style is. That house style Hablé, who spoke about the government’s can be found on the bus, the website, the ban- point of view about running on hydrogen, ners, the inflatables, the badges, the press pack represented the Ministry of Transport, Public and the labels on the bottles of water used Works and Water Management. After the offi- for the toasts at the start of the project. The cial unveiling of the bus by the four speakers, unveiling of the bus was also the prelude to an the guests were able to take a test ride in the extensive promotion campaign for the project bus or have a look at the College’s workshop in the coming summer and autumn. and hydrogen laboratory, where a number of hydrogen cars were on display. Some of the cars will probably be running on the streets of photo: Gerhard Witteveen Wisse starts activities for CBOG The Dutch College for the Professions and Education in Care (CBOG) has asked Wisse Kommunikatie to support its communication and PR activities. The Wisse team will collabo- rate closely on this new account with Douwe de Joode, managing director of De Joode and concerns itself with both the quality and Communciatie. the quantity of professionals in health care. The organisation acts as a point of contact for par- The CBOG is a foundation that, in consulta- ties in the field as well as the Ministry of Public tion with and at the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and is active in the Public Health, Welfare and Sport, was set up by areas of innovation, grants and budgets. V&VN [Nurses and Carers in the Netherlands], KNMG [Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion The care sector has had to make major changes of Medicine], NFU [Dutch Federation of out of necessity and is a constant topic of University Medical Centres], NVZ [Dutch discussion. It is very important for network Hospitals Association], and GGZ Nederland organisations such as the CBOG that they [Mental Health Care in the Netherlands]. conduct all communication along the right lines and approach all target groups in a clear As a network organisation, the CBOG is respon- manner. Wisse Kommunikatie and De Joode sible for the cohesion and structure between Communicatie will set up various activities for the professions and training in the care sector the optimal supervision of this process.
  7. 7. Wisse is going further into the Belgian market with InstiCOM Wisse Kommunikatie recently gained a new partner in Belgium: InstiCOM. We can immedi- ately reassure the clients for whom we regular- ly carry out assignments in the Benelux: Hans Karperien left WEB the first of January this year, but is still serving our Benelux clients. The change to InstiCOM was necessary in order to have the company live up to the expecta- tions and ambitions of managing director InstiCOM is collaborating with Wisse as before Hans Karperien. ”The only essential change is in carrying out assignments in the Benelux for in fact that InstiCOM has different sharehold- its clients, as efficiently and as well as possible. ers. It was decided in close consultation with ”It was good to see that Wisse was immediate- 0210 Wisse Kommunikatie to distribute the existing ly prepared to help me with starting up again shares differently and to attract a new party to and to support me in acquiring new clients in the new company in Brussels. In the Dutch PR Belgium”, says Karperien. “And of course I was bureau of IvRM in Bussum we have managed very happy that the clients from my former to find a partner that fits in with us perfectly agency came with me. That shows they have a as far as content and ambition are concerned”, lot of faith in InstiCOM.” according to Karperien. Wisse Kommunikatie tion and operating result. We are known for our Wisse Kommunikatie/Worldcom the professional and result-oriented approach. Netherlands (1982) is a corporate communica- tions and public relations consultancy. We help Wisse Kommunikatie is specialised in strategy our customers develop and implement their & communication advice, PR & media rela- internal and external communications, thus tions, crisis management, training and tools making a positive contribution to their reputa- & events. Our knowledge and experience are broad and varied. We are very familiar with the ICT, industry and building & installation sec- tors. We also regularly work for health & medi- cal organisations, business services and (semi) government bodies. Wisse Kommunikatie is affiliated to the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest network of independent PR consultan- cies totalling over a hundred partners through- c o r p o ra t e c o m m u n i c a t i o n & p u b l i c r e l a t i o n s out six continents. A substantial proportion of our work therefore involves international For more information, see: projects. Over the past 28 years, we have had the privi- Kroonpark 2a lege of serving numerous Dutch and interna- Postbus 3037 tional companies, organisations and institu- 6082 DA Arnhem tions. For more information on our work, exper- The Netherlands tise and customers, please visit our website, T +31 (0) 26 443 1523 E