How Big is Facebook Really?


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Facebook has 1.28 billion active users.

But how big is that, really?

This fun and informative presentation gives you a fuller picture of what 1.28 billion looks like, and tells you how to take advantage of those numbers. We compare Facebook to 4 other top social media sites and give you an idea of how useful 1.28 billion people can be.

So, how big IS Facebook, really?

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  • @aleshkov Dimitrij, Thanks for commenting! This presentation is just a quick snapshot of what Facebook has to offer and to give a better idea of its sheer size. As far as strategies to reach people on the platform, check out the Wishpond Blog!
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  • Numbers about reaching people needed to be discussed more. But there are good point about how big facebook is and that is cheap channel for big companies to be presented.
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How Big is Facebook Really?

  1. Really? How Big is
  2. As of April 23th, 2014, Facebook has... 1.28 billion active users w
  3. But how big is that, really? w
  4. Let’s compare it to the other top social media sites... w
  5. Twitter Twitter’s user-base (of approximately 230 million) is less than 1/5th that of Facebook. w
  6. Google + Google+, with 540,000,000 active users (the second-most) still has Google Facebook less than half the number of Facebook.
  7. LinkedIn With 277 million active users, LinkedIn is still less than a quarter the size of Facebook. w
  8. Myspace (just for fun) As of October 2013, Myspace had 36 million users - less than 1/35th of Facebook.
  9. Let’s compare it to some other stuff… w
  10. If you stretched every Facebook user head to toe, they would go to and from the moon 2.8 times w
  11. 317,962,000 - USA 247,424,598 - Indonesia 202,492,000 - Brazil 186,326,000 - Pakistan 143,700,000 - Russia 127,140,000 - Japan 63,705,000 - UK = 1,288,749,598 Facebook’s user-base is equivalent to the population of the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and the United Kingdom combined. w
  12. If every Facebook user was a dollar, there would be enough money to give every man, woman and child in Zimbabwe 100 dollars each. Zimbabwe w
  13. The Great Pyramid of Giza (the largest pyramid in the world) is made up of about 2,300,000 bricks. If Facebook users were bricks, you could make 556 Pyramids of Giza w
  14. But what are all those people good for? w
  15. Advertising About 111.5 million people in the U.S. watched Superbowl XLVII - making it the most watched event in U.S. television history. A 30 second ad spot during Superbowl XLVII cost 4 million dollars. Or, to put it another way, $133,300 per second.
  16. Advertising If you wanted to reach 111.5 million people with Facebook Ads, it would cost $55,750 (assuming a CPM of 50 cents). This is less than 1/70th of the cost of a Super Bowl Ad w
  17. Advertising Approximately 103 million people log onto Facebook in the U.S. every single day. This means that every single day on Facebook there are more possible ad impressions than there were for Super Bowl XLIII. w
  18. It costs advertisers about $32 to reach 1000 people with Newspaper Ads. It costs $8 to do it with radio and about $2.75 (on average) with Google Adwords. Facebook Ads cost 25 cents to reach 1000 users Advertising w
  19. Newspaper Radio Google Adwords Facebook Ads TV Magazine Cost of Reaching 1000 People w
  20. Sources monthly-active-mobile-users/ bowl-ad-costs-latest-info-on-cost-of-2014-super-bowl- commercials many-people-use-the-top-social-media/6/#.U2LaAq1dV5E and, of course, Wikipedia w
  21. Thank you for viewing! Wishpond One Easy Tool for All of Your Online Marketing create online ads, contests, landing pages & email automation campaigns Did you like this presentation? Check out for more! w