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Black Friday: 10 Tweetable Stats


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We know you’re preparing for your turkey hangover today - and maybe getting ready to enjoy battling the crowds this Thanksgiving weekend.

For those of you on your phone, tablet, or even desktop, just chomping at the bit to tweet a stat…. at Wishpond, we’ve put together a few clickable data morsels to satiate your need! (and, hey, this gives us time off too!)

Here’s part one of our click-to-tweet stats this weekend: Black Friday.

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Black Friday: 10 Tweetable Stats

  1. Black Friday: 10 Tweetable Stats
  2. 1 307 million people went shopping, in stores, on Black Friday 2012 (source: Nationwide)
  3. 2 1 in 3 adult Americans: That’s how many shoppers will physically be in stores this Friday (source: BuzzFeed)
  4. 3 Do you enjoy shopping on Black Friday? 57% of shoppers like battling the crowds! (source: Nationwide)
  5. 4 Midnight on Thanksgiving day - that’s when 28% of foot traffic shoppers started buying last year (source: Retail Industry)
  6. 5 41% of all Thanksgiving weekend spending was online, and Nielsen predicts it’ll be 51% in 2013 (source: Marketing Land)
  7. 5 6 While brick-and-mortar sales were up by only 3% last year, online sales rocketed by 15% (source: Marketing Land)
  8. 7 On your phone? Mobile purchases went up by 16% between 2011 and 2012 (source: Marketing Land)
  9. 8 $423 was the average/person spend last Thanksgiving weekend - it was $398 in 2011 (source: Money.CNN)
  10. 9 Most popular items purchased last Black Friday? Clothing and Accessories (57%) (source: Nationwide)
  11. 10 Are you reaching your customers? Last year, online ad spend was up 29% from 2011 (source: Marketing Land)
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