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6 Small Business Facebook Posts: Critiqued with Tips for You


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Are you a small business using Facebook? Do you need more engagement on your Facebook Page?

I took a look at Facebook posts from socially savvy small businesses. Each of these small businesses use our Social Marketing Suite. Each post highly-engaging content every day.

In this article, I’ll show you six specific examples of great Facebook posts from these businesses. I’ll give you actionable tips you can use to improve your own engaging Facebook content.

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6 Small Business Facebook Posts: Critiqued with Tips for You

  1. 1. 6 Small Business Facebook Posts: Critiqued with Tips for You
  2. 2. Table of Contents: Brand related showdowns1 2 Make your customers famous Funny, crazy videos3 The customer shout-out4 Practical tips5 Keep it local6
  3. 3. Brand related showdowns 1
  4. 4. Brand Related Showdowns 1 Controversial face offs motivate Fans to engage 2 3 Keep choices brand related, and passionate within your niche market Use a “Like vs. Share” post, to make it easy to engage - and easy to see who’s winning; or even a vote contest to incentivize engagement example from EReader Nation Key takeaways:
  5. 5. Make your customers famous 2
  6. 6. Make your customers famous 1 Give customers 15 minutes of fame - share their photos on your social sites 2 3 Get real photos AND appreciate customers on multiple social platforms Incentivize UGC with Facebook photo contests, and include voting to further engage your market example from Lazy Pants Key takeaways:
  7. 7. Funny, crazy videos3
  8. 8. Funny, crazy videos 1 Funny, short videos connect with people, and get shared 2 3 Embed videos that cleverly (and humorously) promote your product Use Facebook Insights and related hashtags to increase engagement example from Le Cig Key takeaways:
  9. 9. The customer shout- out 4
  10. 10. The customer shout-out 1 Show your business cares, with a personalized customer shout-out 2 3 Use brand monitoring tools to find customers who’ve mentioned you - then mention them Make a summary in your posts, and make them easy to read with short, or no, links in update example from June Designs Key takeaways:
  11. 11. Practical tips5
  12. 12. Practical tips 1 Brand related tips about products, services and lifestyle sell your product, without direct sales 2 3 Be informative, personable, and use other people’s content, too (80/20 rule) Create a community, by asking questions about the tip, and get others to share their tips too example from Beginner's Oil Painting Key takeaways:
  13. 13. Keep it local5
  14. 14. Practical tips 1 Geo-target with Facebook tools, like “Events”; encourage local friends to share 2 3 Use a great image, and link to partner Facebook Pages Make your posts easy to read, with clear CTA’s (Call to Actions) example from Have a SIPP Key takeaways:
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