6 Facebook Ad Image Best Practices that will Send your Click-Through-Rate to the Moon


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Are your Facebook ads targeted well? Do you have great content but are still struggling to increase your Click-through-Rate?

In this article I’ll explain six best practices for selecting Facebook Ad images. I'll take a look at six examples where these best practices have been utilized, and one where they’ve been ignored entirely. This will give you a clear idea of what works and what you should avoid at all costs.

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6 Facebook Ad Image Best Practices that will Send your Click-Through-Rate to the Moon

  1. 1. 6 Facebook Ad Image Best Practices that will Send your Click-Through- Rate to the Moon
  2. 2. 6 Facebook Ad Image Best Practices that Will Send your CTR to the Moon Happy People Color Logo Value Proposition Children and Pets Funny or Odd 1 3 2 4 5 6
  3. 3. Happy People1
  4. 4. Happy People Retailers can have a happy, average-looking woman modeling their product Non-retailers can show a happy woman who has benefitted from their service (like FortisBC’s image above) 1 2 How you can do it: The image that has proved to convert best on Facebook is of a happy woman looking directly at the camera. FortisBC uses this strategy below:
  5. 5. Color2
  6. 6. Color If your product image, logo or mascot is blue take a page from Koodo’s book above and make a bright background or border. Ensure the background or border you’re choosing contrasts with the image itself 1 2 How you can do it: If you employ the same colors as Facebook (blue and white) your ad will blend into the News Feed and people’s eyes will skip over it. Toys ‘R Us and Koodo below do a great job of making their images stand out:
  7. 7. Logo3
  8. 8. Logo I’d recommend using Facebook Power Editor, creating a campaign, and having one of three Facebook advertisements be your business’ logo. This allows you to combat a low CTR with ad rotation while still increasing brand recognition of your logo If your logo is naturally blue or colorless, be sure to use a colorful background or border 1 2 3 How you can do it: Over time a brand logo will encourage conversion as Facebook users see it consistently and often. TD bank does this below:
  9. 9. Value Proposition4
  10. 10. Value Proposition Run a contest and put the prize within the image: ‘Win a $250 gift card’ Give a valuable takeaway from an ebook or guide: ‘Convert with A/B Testing’ How you can do it: 1 2 A clear and solid value proposition is a great way to attract the eye. This could be the word ‘free’ highlighted within your image, or, like Marin Software’s image below, a feature of the product you’re promoting.
  11. 11. Children and Pets55
  12. 12. Children and Pets Find an image of a baby or pet with your product Come up with an image which works with the title If your product is an A/B testing ebook, how about a picture of twins in different hats? 1 2 3 How you can do it: As two of the top five most-shared images on social media, pets and children are always a safe bet for your Facebook ad image.
  13. 13. Funny or Odd56
  14. 14. Funny or Odd Use a fun image, like a cute pet or baby with your product Use an image that looks slightly off or exaggerated to cause Facebook users to do a double-take and engage 1 2 How you can do it: A funny or odd image can seriously increase your conversion rates. Not only do they attract the eye, they encourage your reputation as a fun, casual brand
  15. 15. Bonus Section: Testing5!
  16. 16. Split Testing your Ad Use Power Editor to create a campaign and, within it, create two advertisements Run the first advertisement for a set period of time, taking note of its metric performance within Facebook Insights After a set period of time, publish the next, subtly different advertisement Watch its metric performance for the same period of time to determine which variation performed the best. 1 2 How you can do it: Knowing the top six image categories for Facebook is extremely valuable, but you should still test your individual images to be sure you’re getting the best response rate. 3 4
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