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5 Best Ways to Announce & Notify Contest Winners (With Examples)


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Have you just wrapped up a contest, or want to make sure you have everything down pat before you start?

Either way, a crucial component is announcing or notifying your winners (and losers).

Doing this wrong results in a lot of wasted time, energy and resources - your whole contest will end on a sour note. And that's not to mention the displeased contest entrants who may otherwise have bought from you down the line.

This article will give you the top 5 ways to announce or notify contest entrants (whether they're winners or losers).

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5 Best Ways to Announce & Notify Contest Winners (With Examples)

  1. 1. 5 Email to Non-Winning Contestants Start by thanking them to take the time to enter Start by thanking them to take the time to enter Give them a small consolation prize, such as a discount coupon, as a thank you 4 Blog Post Announcement A blog post gives you the most room and flexibility of any of your announcement channels. In it, you can include all of the contest details and user-generated content to tell a full, visual story. 3 Twitter Tweet Announcement Thank all of the participants in the contest for entering Mention the winner (if you know their Twitter handle) Include a link back to the contest: In a Tweet, you won’t be able to provide much information about the contest, so this is a must Include a photo of the winning entry (if it was a user-generated content contest) or of the contest prize 2 Facebook Post Announcement Include a link back to the contest: People may not have seen the contest before, so this will let them check it out If the contest asked entrants to submit some user-generated content, such as a photo or video, attach it to the Post Include a short description of the prize (and a photo of it if there is no user-generated content to attach to the Post) Tag the winner Thank all of the entrants for helping make the contest a success Say how the winner was chosen: Such as ‘got the most votes’, ‘chosen by a panel of judges’ or ‘by random selection’ Let people know when your next contest will be (or that one is ‘coming soon’ if you don’t have one scheduled) 1 Email to the Contest Winner Ask them to send a ‘celebration’ photo or video of them celebrating their win: This will provide great user-generated content for you to use in social posts and promotions. Ask them the best address for you to send them their prize. Use friendly and jovial language: This is an incredible moment for the winner. Don’t take away from it by using stuffy ‘legalise’ language like “We’d like to inform you that you have been chosen as…” 5 Best Ways to Announce & Notify Contest Winners wishpond .comwishpond